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Great with friends

ShadowViper0010 | Oct. 25, 2014 | Review of Damned - PC

Several friends and I bought this game on a whim, and have had a blast! This game is genuinely fun, and actually has some pretty decent horror elements, even while being multiplayer. The sound design, while not the best, gives the game a genuinely spooky feeling as you and your friends run around the map collecting keys, and various objects that allow you to move to the next area. The lighting is simple, but effective. Each player starts with a flashlight that's battery slowly drains while it's turned on, and when it turns off, the game gets VERY dark (As it should). You can collect batteries to refill your flashlight, but they can sometimes be hard to find. Now, one of the five players plays as the monster, there are three different monsters that each have drastically different play styles, and each promote their own unique sense of fear for the other four players. The game is very fun, but it has it's issues. The game tends to freeze as you join a server, which can sometimes get you killed if you stay frozen too long. There are times when you can get stuck in certain doors, this is rare but can still be annoying. While on the topic of doors, this is both something I like and dislike; Doors can be VERY hard to open at times. The way it works is you hold left click on a door, and move it with the mouse, similar to Amnesia, but very clunky and not near as refined. I dislike it because it can be a pain just to open a door, but it also raises the tension if you know the monster is nearby and can make for some intense moments. So while it can be annoying, I was actually pretty okay with it. The graphics in the game are simple, and not very attractive, but they get the job done and when you're playing with friends, you probably won't even care. The game seems very unoptimized. There are many times when your frame rate will dip quite low for no apparent reason. And before you ask - No. It's not simply my computer, it was happening to each of my friends while playing and most of us have very high end rigs. The frame rate issues can be helped quite a bit by just turning down graphics settings, though. So really, it's not that big of an issue. Is this game worth your money? Depends. If you have friends to play with, then yes. It's a lot of fun, and really is a fairly unique experience. It's cluttered down a bit by performance issues and lack of optimization, but makes for some great nights playing with friends.


While very good, it's over rated.

ShadowViper0010 | Sept. 9, 2013 | Review of BioShock Infinite NA Post - PC

Let me start off by saying I really enjoyed this game. But, as good as it was, I do not feel it is worthy of a '10/10' that most give it. The beginning of the game is fantastic. It's gripping, immersive, it's all around expertly done and I applaud the developers. The world that they created, while it doesn't have the creepy atmosphere that the previous games had, it creates an entirely different feeling that still perhaps creates the same feeling of unease. I'm going to go ahead and get my main gripe out of the way: Elizabeth. While I will say that she is a good companion and she does add to the game, she is over rated. Everyone is making her out to be some amazing accomplishment in game design. She isn't. I honestly enjoyed Ellie from The Last of Us a lot more than I enjoyed Elizabeth. GAMEPLAY! The gunplay is nice and feels punchy but gets repetitive somewhat quickly, especially if you have played the previous games. Most, if not all of your battles will consist of: Get behind cover, Shoot, Use Vigor, Shoot, Use Vigor, Shoot. Now occasionally you'll get low on health and you will perhaps run from the enemies using the very neat Skyhook. There is honestly very little skill when it comes to the gunplay in this game. Now before you ask, yes, I played it on the hardest difficulty, NOT 1999 mode that just turns everyone into bullet sponges. The only part I had any problems on was the very last fight in the game. The gameplay consisted of the above strategy, using maybe two different Vigors through out a majority of the game. Story! (No Spoilers!) While the story was well done and was interesting to go through, if you have any knowledge of basic story telling, the game is pretty well predictable. Without throwing out any major spoilers, there is a big plot twist that had a little bit too much M. Night Shamalama for my tastes. All around it was a fun and enjoyable game to play through, but it runs a little short and offers little to no replay value.


A fun and enjoyable experience.

ShadowViper0010 | Sept. 9, 2013 | Review of Mafia II Overflow - PC

While I have not yet beaten the game, I feel I have played it enough to give it a review. The game's firefights and all around gunplay is satisfying, the characters are enjoyable, the story has been good and fun to go through. All around it has been a great game. It goes on sale very frequently so I wouldn't recommend paying full price for it, but it really is a fantastic game.


A bit over priced.

ShadowViper0010 | Aug. 17, 2013 | Review of Xcom Enemy Unknown Elite Soldier Pack - PC

While it is over priced and doesn't actually effect gameplay, if you enjoy the game and get that weird attachment to certain soldiers, and want to support the developers, it's worth it. You get to add that little bit of awesome to the way a soldier looks and get that much more attached to him/her, and be that little bit more sad when he/she dies. Sure, the $5 price tag is a little expensive for something like this. But, if you still enjoy playing the game, and you want to throw the devs some cash, then this is the way to go.