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Awesome game, MUST BUY!

Shady15 | July 4, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

I heard so many people talking positive about The Walking Dead that I had to try it out. So I bought it with a nice discount at Greenmangaming. The install worked great, just add the key to Steam and install the game. The graphics look pretty good and are in a comic style. The voice acting in this game is also amazing and in combination with the excellent story telling, this game really sucks you in to The Walking Dead. Since the game is all about story, I won't talk about it, since I don't want to spoil. When I played I just want to keep playing to see what would happen in the next episode. The story adjust itself by the choices you make, though some events will always happen, no matter what choice you make. That is the reason I dont give the game the full 100 points. The game contains the entire first season with all 5 episodes. If you like a good story, The Walking Dead, poin and click adventures, comics, then this is the game for you!