Reviews by Sharkiller


The worst of the 3 batman games

Sharkiller | July 23, 2014 | Review of Batman Arkham Origins - PC

To begin describing this game I start saying it's the one I liked less of the three instalments of Batman. It has not come to meet my expectations. The game is fine, it's exactly like the second instalment, innovation almost nil. The duration is around 10 hours without side quests. Dubbing is the best of the game and say the actions of some characters like the Joker or Bane. What I liked least was the duration of the game. Best fighting game are against bosses, much better than the first and second delivery, the fight against Deathstroke and Bane are simply spectacular. Therefore totally recommend the game. This is the only Batman game I couldn't finish the game 100% because the Anarchy tags was really boring and you can only find all using a guide. The same for the Riddler quest. They are everywhere and super repetitive and boring, nothing like the previous ones.


Not for cowards

Sharkiller | July 21, 2014 | Review of Real Boxing - PC

Very good game, we can make strategies and tactics, the only bad thing about it is that is all too common what is going on in Real Boxing. You're winning the adversary disconnect, so if they start winning stay connected sometimes and very happy because they are winning, but we turned the match and began to win and bum disconnect. A cowardly practice because I think you need to have honor in combat and know how to lose. and that prevents us mark our progress in the rankings.


Bad port

Sharkiller | July 19, 2014 | Review of State of Decay Pack - PC

One of the worst port I ever played. The render quality is really bad, the black are really crushed. All is really black. There are some mods thats try to fix it but is still awful. I dont recommend this game, is very frustrated but the kind of bugs and glitches. Menus are not even ported properly to another resolution than 1280x720. If i could i requested a refund.


Good proposal

Sharkiller | July 18, 2014 | Review of Cold Fear NA - PC

This game really fascinated me. Once you start playing you can not stop until you're done!. The story is great. I liked the details such as the movement of the ship that will difficult aim and even walk. I like that the enemies are fast and aggressive, also that will make you jump of the seat on more than one occasion since they appear randomly and without warning. I wonder if will come out a sequel. Overall an amazing game that will grab you. Also is not needed a very powerful pc to play but the graphics are similar to those in Resident Evil 4 although asks far fewer requirements than Resident Evil 4.


Funny and classic

Sharkiller | July 15, 2014 | Review of Deponia The Complete Journey - PC

Deponia is a adventure game that oozes classicism from every pore. The gameplay is a point-and-click like always, and it works as it always has. The script has the relaxed and humorous style popularized by Lucas Arts in all this years. Jokes occur, though less absurd in most cases seen in the past, pulling more of a laugh. However, that also means that there are more puzzles and two have some pretty illogical solutions, luckily the areas through which we operate are relatively small at a time, so you can test everything with everything. Graphically it is very nice, with a casual style that fits well to the ambience and history. The voices are well folded and kept the atmosphere very well, especially the main character and it fits like a glove. It would have been good some more music.


A bit disappointed

Sharkiller | July 7, 2014 | Review of GRID Autosport NA Post - PC

In short, driving a little loose but much better than the second instalment. The damage is fairly achieved with infinity of dents and scratches and is acceptable for not be a nextgen game. Everything else leaves much to be desired, very limited choice of vehicle, no vehicle customisation, dreadful cockpit, horrible designs for vehicles and menus. Ultimately the Grid dynamic has become very small and limited to what is currently offered by the driving genre, honestly for me this is the straw that broke the camel's back to say bye bye to this saga. GAMEPLAY: 7 GRAPHICS: 8 SOUND: 9 INNOVATION: 5


A great and emotional game

Sharkiller | July 7, 2014 | Review of Valiant Hearts The Great War NA - PC

This game is just perfect in its kind. Since you start the game you feel the atmosphere of World War. When a sequence starts the game gives you genuine information about the war, you learn fun facts while you play, important dates, important events, and so on, by playing what is done is revive a parallel step, ie, relive the story from everyday life, which is extremely interesting. That's why the game is perfect ... more than graphics and gameplay, you give a general sweep accompanied by fun facts for the Great War, obviously not replace the book but I think everyone would have actual notion of what was the great war. GAMEPLAY: 8 For the first time I see a game in my life about war that is not based on fire bullets and thats nice. Maybe there is more, but this game have something special. Not a 10 because have some stucks here and there. GRAPHICS: 8 In its class is a real gem, how drawings are managed are fantastic in its simplicity, and animations you always immersed in the middle of a life-style comics. Not a 10 because could be more differences between characters. SOUND 10 The music is great. Some levels you have to play to the beat of the music, great music, and is fantastic. The voices that narrates the story are great too. INNOVATION 10 The game is unique on his kind. Is very immersive and addictive. 100% recommended to play.