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Nostalgia is great

Shepcon | April 19, 2013 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000 - PC

This game was revolutionary when it first came out, and it still has a uniquely balanced combat system to this day. There are tense moments when you play as a marine, hearing the tone of Aliens swarming in on you or the distant roar of a Predator. As the Alien, it's a fantastic feeling to crawl along the ceiling of a dark hallway while you stalk your prey. Or to strategically rush in and out of combat with a Predator, using your intelligence as much as your tail and claws. My personal favourite was the Predator though, with multiple vision modes specialised for the different species you were hunting. Sending a spear through a marines skull and pinning it to the wall was repeatedly my favourite moment in this game. And if you play with friends, all the species are balanced and stand a chance against each other in combat.