Reviews by ShiroYasha


Good, but repetitive.

ShiroYasha | March 5, 2012 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition - PC

For the most part, the game is very fun, it's quite good really. But unfortunately in total it gets very repetitive. It mainly consists of just going in and killing enemies throughout all the missions, maybe a fetch quest here and there, but unlike other RPGs, you don't get as much excitement from this, to be honest. The FPS-RPG element is quite good. It works very well despite being two very different genres. As you rack up kills and complete missions, you get more exp which in total, levels you up so you can upgrade different powers, by branching into 3 different categories, varying for each character. The gun system is also a good element. Weapons are randomized which can be frustrating, but in total it makes it more fun to experiment with different weapons and test them out on enemies. Multiplayer in this game is a great experience. It mainly consists of just doing the host's storyline, but despite that, it still provides a lot of fun, as you can explore however you want, fight stronger enemies and help each other out. The graphics are awesome. You wouldn't typically use Cel-Shaded for a FPS but it just fits this game so well. Which leads me to the point of how the personality of this game is awesome. It's light-hearted and carefree, really.


Quite generic, but with a bit of a twist

ShiroYasha | March 5, 2012 | Review of Gotham City Imposters - PC

The premise of the game itself is quite good. Set in a Gotham where wannabe Batmans and Jokers are everywhere, it's got quite a nice ring to it. However, the gameplay itself is a bit.. regular. Weapons are the regular deal: Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles and such. This isn't major but I feel like they could've been a bit more creative and wacky with the weapons, especially with the Jokers. Gameplay-wise, this game plays like a normal shooter (say, Call of Duty) mixed in with something like Team Fortress 2. It has a class system with customization, which means you are able to choose which weapons you want for which class. There are also different types of items different classes can use, such as an invisibility bomb or a cape which grants gliding. This is kind of a bad thing. Players are able to equip items and such to classes such as a heavy, which makes it hard to kill them in itself, but with their own additions they can easily move around the field without worrying about how their weight should affect movement speed. Other than that complaint, the game itself is still quite fun. If players aren't necessarily abusing the class system, you can easily get quite a fun experience out of this game. The graphics are also quite nice. While not amazing they are still easy on the eyes and they definitely fit the game's mood and style itself.


Fun for a while

ShiroYasha | March 5, 2012 | Review of Killing Floor - PC

As the title says, the game can be fun for a while, but as all it is is survival, there isn't much else to go on with gameplay. As with normal survival games, difficulty ramps up on later waves in the game, and depending on the difficulty setting itself, it can get quite ridiculous. The class system is also a nice touch. Each class has their own special abilities and such, which gives them the edge over some, but still disadvantages. Think of it as Rock-Paper-Scissors. The game also has a nice leveling system, where for doing certain actions for certain classes (such as healing teammates, will get you medic exp) will level you up. A nice addition is the fact that you don't need to play as a certain class specifically to level it up. Headshots level up a class called 'Sharpshooter' and any headshots with any class will count towards that class. Enemies are diverse. Each enemy has different abilities, which different classes can counter. Which makes teamwork a good call, but not completely necessary. Graphics-wise, it's quite average for a 2009 game, but it makes it easier for those with low-end PCs. All in all it's a very fun game, and it's worth the money you get from it.