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A trip down memory lane

Shivivivi | Aug. 30, 2013 | Review of Duck Tales Remastered - PC

Duck Tales is a platforming classic, We all know that. So what's a good way to improve the old masterpiece? Bring in beautiful sprites, original voice acting and 'remastered' music. We all want to hear more of the phenomenal Moon Theme, right? Right. Gameplay has received some changes, also. Boss battles are much more exciting and really ramp up a climactic feel to each level, offering a genuine addition to the formula. However some changes aren't necessarily for the best. 'Secrets' are little to none, and have been made somewhat arbitrary in desire for filler. While we're on filler, the game is riddled with MANY cutscenes that tend to interrupt the pogo-hoppin' fun. Luckily they're skippable, so little annoyance is given from it. All in all, DuckTales Remastered is worth checking out, especially if you've never played before. As a homage, it ultimately fails, but standalone it is hours of fun that you'll wish not to end;