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Not a huge step up from 4

Shoxy85 | Nov. 23, 2013 | Review of Forza Motorsport 5 - Xbox One

Considering this game is 'next-gen' I was expecting a lot more. Dont get me wrong, Forza 4 was superb and if you liked that and just happen to own an Xbox One then you will like this. But if like me you ordered the console with just this game then don't be expecting anything out of this world. The graphics are fantastic. But then, I've always considered Forza to have great graphics and this is merely an evolution of what we've come to expect from Turn 10. My biggest problem with the Forza series is DLC. A season pass costs £39.99 for the 6 packs that will be released over time. Extortionate. Overall it's a solid game. But as a PC owner thats been blessed with an alternative to consoles and this being something billed as 'next-gen' I couldn't help but be disappointed.


So Addictive!

Shoxy85 | June 15, 2013 | Review of Euro Truck Simulator 2 STEAM - PC

When I first got this game I was expecting ANOTHER boring truck simulator, but this one seemed different. From the outset you can tell a bit more effort has gone into making you feel part of the game. Rather than just a 'player'. The hauling is pretty boring to start with, but once you start to upgrade your trucks and expand your haulage empire the game really gets good. Travelling Europe to different cities and buying new truck yards for your staff becomes an aim in the game rather than something you do if you go to certain cities. There's no better feeling in this game than the moment your hired drivers start to pull in a profit and you can watch your money creep up to the point of buying another truck for your fleet and expanding that little bit more. If you're just starting out you'll be an employee that takes on work from other companies in the quest to save up for a truck of your very own. Thats when you really get into the game. But once you get that first truck it is worth going around the cities (with a load, lets make money first!) if you have the time to, and get those dealers and truck yards available to you. You may not be able to afford them yet but you'll save a LOT of time later on when you can deal with the dealers from the map screen. I'd hate to think how many hours I've spent playing this game. Hours fly by. Great game and better than a lot of the major mainstream stuff that's out at the moment.


Miles better than I was expecting.

Shoxy85 | June 11, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution Limited Edition - PC DVD

I was very skeptical about this game when it came out. I'd been in and out of the Deus Ex series since the very first game and hadn't been paying much attention to the series. So I don't even know what made me even buy this. Maybe it was the fancy front cover or the fact it was a special edition and was relatively inexpensive at the time. Either way it was a great instinct buy! The game opens up and is pretty boring to be honest with you. A little bit of conversation, a little bit of walking around very slowly and then it all kicks off. You end up fighting a battle you cant win. Before coming round to find yourself augmented. All sounds rather boring so far. And to be fair, it was. But after the initial 20 minutes opening play it really get's going. There are so many ways to play this game. You can be aggressive or go stealth and complete most missions without killing a single soul where you can feel all righteous. There are usually many different routes to take through the area in which to complete the mission too. The missions are not repetitive and you really can go about your mission as you wish. All you need to do is complete it. There are repercussions for which ever way you play so there really is some replay value in this. Personally I've been through it around 4 times and the game is that good I really didn't feel like I was getting bored because I made sure to complete each mission via a different route. The upgrade system is absolutely brilliant. It's not over-technical and it's easy to get to grips with. And unlike most upgrade systems in games, I found pretty much every upgrade to be of value to me. The only problem is that you're never going to upgrade them all in one run through. This meant you could really focus on how you wanted to play the game. Like a ninja or like Rambo. There was so much satisfaction from sneaking through areas unnoticed but then there was plenty of satisfaction on offer from completely clearing out an area of enemies. It was a rather strange feeling to know a game really nailed it, whichever way you went with it. My personal favorite part was the hacking. Taking the terminal to a gun turret and configuring it to be one of your allies was particularly fun. And it was a god-send sometimes because there was really moments when you was tested. The worst part has to be the bosses. They were mostly pointless and at times quite difficult for me. The most annoying part of all the bosses for me though was the fact the last boss felt like by far the easiest to defeat? I was not happy. BUT that didn't stop me from easily classing it as one of my favorite games of recent times. It is a far from perfect game and could definitely be improved upon, but I fear for my social life the day they release a game that get's everything right. I cant recommend the game enough. There's so much you can do and so many ways in which to do it that it really can be picked up, played and enjoyed by anybody. Whatever made me pick it up and buy it that day had better start helping me pick girlfriends. Because it nailed it that day!


This jungle was massive

Shoxy85 | June 11, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

Having never played a Far Cry before I didn't have a clue what to expect when I got my hands on this. I was expecting it to be terrible as it was recommended to me by friends who like terrible games that I can't stand. The game opens up with a video to show you the start of the story, about you and your friends being on an adventure holiday before it all went a tiny bit wrong. For a video only, it did have me entertained and really pulled me into the game to come. Which doesn't normally happen with opening videos, for me. The story being that you play Jason Brody and along with 2 of your brothers and a couple of friends you get caught by what I can only presume are pirates. You first get to play the game when you wake up in a cage with your brother in a camp full of all worlds of trouble. The graphics really blew me away! I know I was playing it on the PC and it's a lot to do with my computer but it just looked amazing. So many games try and just fail so badly to look so realistic. Now I'm really into it! You manage to get out of the cage and you get your Solid Snake stealth action on, slowly working your way out of the camp site before you finally escape and the game kicks on. The main objective is to find as many of your friends as possible and along the way tracking down the man (and his boss) who imprisoned you and your friends and generally became quite the inconvenience to you. But there are plenty of side-objectives to do as well. Including hunting and clearing campsites of enemies to give you more and more save locations. Although they got very repetitive after a while and sometimes just plain stupid. Nobody should ever be made to hunt and kill three leopards with a flamethrower! With the game being set on two adjacent dessert islands you will find you have to share it with a whole host of creatures from goats to sharks to tigers! And if you're anything like me and like to take a vantage point before a mission to scout it out, then you'll find yourself jumping an awful lot when you're looking through your binoculars and bears or a tiger decide you look like their tea! One part that really took me by surprise is how well they did with the vehicles (and there are plenty of them!) because they're all so easy to control without being just plain rubbish. Apart from the hand-glider! I found jumping off the cliff and dying to be a more efficient way down a mountain as both methods seemed to have the same end result for me. I just floated to a slower death by taking the hand-glider into a tree or a mast. You meet some absolute gems in the characters as part of the story. My personal favorites being Buck and Dr Earnhardt. I was laughing most times either of these appeared. The game is pretty much set in two halves. Island one and then over to island two. Island one felt very easy and was great at getting you used to the whole game. Where island two seemed to get a lot more serious and you really needed to concentrate on that. But it didn't matter about concentrating because I just wanted to get done to see where the story was going to go next! Almost every part of this game is brilliantly done. I really felt I was part of a story being told. The loading menus have an Alice In Wonderland association and I've never paid so much attention to any loading screens before. So even in those I was still giving the game my full attention. Werdly it kind of reminded me of GTA. In that it's all open world, a million side missions to do and a story you only have to do, when you can be bothered to. And if you dont fancy any of that then you can always go and walk around the jungle stabbing wild boar! (Whatever floats your boat). If you play this game for nothing else, play it for one of the last few missions where you're in a helicopter, manning the machine gun with Rise Of The Valkyries playing in the background! Absolutely amazing!


A great rival to the GTA/Saints Row genre.

Shoxy85 | June 10, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs - PC DVD

When making this game the developers must really have had a wide selection of games in front of them that they wanted to take features from to incorporate into this one. Unfortunately the driving game they must have had in front of them was seemingly an early Ridge Racer title. That said, they did a brilliant job with the rest of the game. The open world is always a winner, the shooting is as you would expect with these kinds of games, not brilliant, but certainly not bad. The fighting is EXCELLENT by taking the Batman series 'counter' system and combining that with interacting with the world around you during fights just sets this game off. As stated, the driving is poor but once you're used to it it's really not that noticeable. The story is fantastic and there's plenty of little side missions to get your teeth into. While not as good as GTA 4 it is as good as Saints Row 3. And that's an achievement for a first attempt because SR3 was not a bad game at all.


Better than expected.

Shoxy85 | June 7, 2013 | Review of GRID 2 POST - PC

Unfortunately for GRID 2, Codemasters did a terrible job in 'selling' this game. All the videos were terrible and none of the PR really did it much justice to me. I was so excited when this game was announced as GRID 1 was one of the best racing games I had ever played. It was so much fun. But all the build up to this game seemed to be too 'solo racer' orientated, where GRID 1 was geared towards building a team. The liveroutes idea is TERRIBLE as it is just impossible in reality. A real let down. But overall the game isnt as bad as it looked like it would be. The handling is much more rewarding than GRID 1 and liveroutes COULD have been worse. If you enjoyed the original it really is worth a punt. I'd rate GRID 1 at around 85/100 and this just isnt as good. Hence the lower rating.