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A very good sandbox game

ShrubChicken | July 13, 2013 | Review of Sleeping Dogs Pack - PC

I initially bought this game on the xbox 360 -- when it first came out. It started off pretty awesome, and it never let it's foot off the pedal. This game offers a lot of gameplay -- quite a bit of bang for the buck. I think I put in 20 hours into the xbox 360 edition, while getting every achievement. I then saw it on sale here and I find myself playing through it again, with DLC I didn't purchase and some that I did. Still, this game holds up just as well as it did the first time I played. Aside from wonky controls -- there's a lot of fun to be had here. The progression and change in characters as the story progresses is one of the most interesting and entertaining parts of the story, itself, I think. Though it's hardly a bad story. There aren't really any plot twists to be found -- and you won't question everything you thought you knew. If you're looking for some really riveting game that'll make you change how you live. You won't find it here. But you'll find a really enjoyable game if you can put that aside, enjoy the story for what it is -- and want a solid, fun sandbox game with a lot to offer. I'm rating this a 95, but that's only because I don't want to give a game 100. The only place I think it could improve is that movement is a little imprecise. I think this is partially on purpose, but some of the jumping/climbing can be a bit tough. So can chasing enemies. But it's not really enough to ruin the experience. Just something I'd like to see improved in Sleeping Dogs 2, should it ever come. But that aside, I had more fun here than I did with GTA IV. The story is a little more lighthearted, the characters a bit more entertaining and doing the mini-games don't feel like such a chore.