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Rome 2 first impressions

Silverance | Sept. 4, 2013 | Review of Total War Rome II Post - PC

If you enjoy a grand strategy with turn-based campaign and massive real-time battles, with amazing graphics then Total War: Rome II might be something for you. The game have a prologue campaign where most of the games new features and mechanics get shown off and explained. Pros: - Amazing graphics, looks pretty sweet on normal and stunningly good on extreme graphic settings. - New features and mechanics which have not been in other Total War games. - New camera angles which lets you to literally walk with your troop in battle. - Bigger and somewhat more complex than previous Total War games. - Unit animations and speech, gives a more immersion during battles. Cons: - Long loading times, should hopefully be fixed shortly after launch. - The game is graphics and processor intense, will most likely be more optimized post launch. - Need more optimization so the game can run more smoothly. Now keep in mind, I am just pointing out some flaws, most of which will probably be fixed by the end of the week.


A game where you can create your own story!

Silverance | July 2, 2013 | Review of Eve Online 30 Day Starter Pack Amarr Bounty Hunter - PC

Eve Online is a game where you can truly create your own "content", if you like the idea of piracy well you can try to infiltrate a corporation, kill innocent pilots, roam around in space and try to find a prey to kill. You might find people that are like minded. You want to fly a small and fast ship for your roam? Why not choose a frigate or a cruiser. You might like to fly the biggest and meanest ship out there, with a support fleet of hundreds of pilot well then choose a capital ship. Combat might not be your style, well you can devote your time to create items, mine resources from asteroids or setup a base on a planet to create or mine resources from it. You might like the idea of being a lone wolf, roaming space alone or you might like the idea of of helping out a bigger cause. Join a existing corporation or create your own, ally with corporations that are fighting for the same cause and create an alliance. Expand and become a empire. Your story waits for you in Eve Online