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Not really my thing but still good.

SinisterDragon | March 16, 2014 | Review of Shaun White Snowboarding - PC

I bought this game back after playing SSX at a friends house thinking it was the snow boarding that I enjoyed so I would definitely like this game. Turns out I'm not really that fond of this game. Its a well made game that ticks all the right boxes. The tricks are cool and the maps are fun. The controls are good too. Also if you have friends who also own the game or know how to play then it would be great fun playing with or against them as things can get pretty competitive. I didn't have any problems with it so I would recommend it to any hardcore snow boarding fans out there looking for a fun, authentic experience.


Shooter of the year

SinisterDragon | March 16, 2014 | Review of Titanfall Origin - PC

This game will win shooter of the year. I'm just saying. Its intense and fast paced gameplay is super addictive and make some truly movie worthy moments. The Titans themselves add a lot to the standard FPS gameplay (which is exciting enough as it is will all the wall running and futuristic weapons). When you're in a Titan you feel like a god and you just wipe the floor with your opponents. A multiplayer mode is all you need as it is good enough to keep you playing for months and months and months. Go buy it now. Stop reading and just buy it. You will not be disappointed.


Even better than the first!

SinisterDragon | March 16, 2014 | Review of Dead Space 2 - PC

I thought DS1 was an incredible game but then DS2 came along and improved on everything. The combat, the enemies, the areas, the atmosphere, everything has been improved. The graphics have also received a nice upgrade too. They also found a believable way to put you in the same situation as the first game and included a new story element of having to fight against your own mind. It is a little more action orientated than the first but it does allow for some intense OH GOD moments. If you liked the first Dead Space then you are going to love this even more.


A must buy

SinisterDragon | March 16, 2014 | Review of Fable The Lost Chapters - PC

I started my journey in the world of Fable with Fable 2 but after I was finished with that I decided to buy this to see where it started and this game was truly ahead of its time. This game is a classic and a game that every RPG fan should play. The gameplay is simple enough but still enjoyable as you get to choose what skills to invest in. The world itself is really imaginative and a great place to be and the dry british humour is hilarious not something you come across often in games. Unfortunately the game is showing its age and while it is still enjoyable some people might be put off by it. This game is brilliant fun and is improved upon in every way in Fable 2 so theres two games you need to check out.


Not as good as the other games in the series

SinisterDragon | March 16, 2014 | Review of Ace Combat Assault Horizon Enhanced Edition EU - PC

I used to play the older Ace Combat games when I was younger and I really enjoyed them. This was an instant buy for me when it came on sale and even though I enjoyed it, I didn't get the same enjoyment that I got from the older games in the series. I felt like it was almost simplified for a wider audience which I'm sure wouldn't be interested regardless. I also didn't really enjoy the helicopter missions. I like the speed and dogfights in the jets so the helicopter was just a little boring. Don't get me wrong it is a good game. Its just as a long time fan of the series I was a little let down by this game. Regardless I still had fun when I got into it and I would definitely buy their next game (after a little research into it first).


The best co-op game in town

SinisterDragon | March 15, 2014 | Review of Left 4 Dead 2 - PC

Me and a few friends bought this game to play together a little while after it came out and we all still play it together to this day. It is the most fun I've had from a co-op game. The gameplay is frantic and scary but has also given us all huge laughs and memories. Nothing feels more satisfying than shooting down a friend and using him to distract the zombies while you keep running for safety. I would recommend this game 100% due to its endless replay value and massive support and updates from both Valve themselves and the amazing community.


If you have a guitar you NEED this.

SinisterDragon | March 15, 2014 | Review of Rocksmith - PC

Rocksmith is one of those games that comes along once every few years that completely changes the idea of what a video game be. I had wanted to learn guitar for a long time but didn't want to pay for and go to a tutor and the internet can only teach you so much so when this game was announced I followed every piece of news about it I could find. It teaches you step by step everything you need to know about your guitar and then teaches you Guitar Hero style how to play a number of famous songs and slowly increases the difficulty as you begin to score higher points in each mode. I still have a lot to learn before I can join a band but Rocksmith has thought me so much and I am having a lot of fun learning through it and would recommend it not just to people looking to learn guitar for the first time but also to those who just want to improve.


Disappointing but has such potential

SinisterDragon | March 15, 2014 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Collection - PC

I would consider myself a massive fan of both the Alien and Predator franchises so obviously I was majorly excited when this game was announced. Unfortunately it did not live up to my expectations. As great as the game looks it is poorly made and kind of buggy. To list a few problems I thought that the Predator is really over-powered making the human faction useless, the assassination animations last for too long leaving you open to being killed while your character is taking his time, the loading time to find other players is ridiculously long as I would sometimes go to make myself a sandwich or something only to come back to it still searching for players, the single player campaign is also only thrown in for the sake of having one and doesn't really add anything to the game and might actually be better off without it as this would lower the required memory needed to install. This game has so much potential but just doesn't reach the mark. It is fun when it works but there are many, many times when it just doesn't.


In space, no one can hear you crying in the corner

SinisterDragon | March 15, 2014 | Review of Dead Space - PC

Never have I been so terrified yet so entertained at the same time. The atmosphere in this game is very well made. As you wander around the ship you never feel safe. Not even for a moment. The sound design has done a great job of constantly making you feel like you are being followed and that death is just behind you. Many people say that Dead Space isn't TRULY scary because its just jump scares. Well believe me when I say that they do jump scares right. The game will make you walk past a vent once or twice and have an enemy jump out but the third time nothing will happen, or the fourth time but as soon as you feel safe the fifth one reminds you to always be on your guard. This game keeps you on your toes and tries to make you feel safe before tearing that feeling away from you. You never have enough ammo and the save stations are always just too far away and causes you to dread every encounter and every time you survive the feeling of accomplishment grows bigger (as do the enemies) As someone who is too scared to play horror games normally, I will say that the sheer amount of fun I had playing this game was enough for me to fight through the fear as I never wanted to stop playing.


Fun as always with great multiplayer

SinisterDragon | March 15, 2014 | Review of Mass Effect 3 - PC

Mass Effect 3 is a very well made game. It takes the story telling from ME1 and the gameplay from ME2 and creates an experience that is hard to come by. The ending is disappointing for series fans but I'm just going to focus on gameplay. The fighting in this game has been perfected since the original game. Its fast paced and exciting. It can also be quite challenging, but in a good way. Every fight feels like you are fighting for your life and makes you feel like a real hero. The writing is also great too. The second game featured a lot of missions where you help your squad mates with their problems while holding their hands, but ME3 puts you back on front of the Reapers in an attempt to save the galaxy. It also comes with multiplayer that I was totally against when I first heard of it but after I gave it a go I became hooked. The multiplayer mode is so well made that it could be a stand alone game all by itself. You have the choice of multiple versions of the standard classes as well as the chance to play as multiple races which hasn't been done in a Mass Effect game before. You play with 3 other players in a survival mode with side missions included and then if every one survives you must fight and defend yourselves until your ship arrives for extraction. This is a very well made and exciting game and in all honesty I would buy it for the multiplayer alone.


Perfect destruction

SinisterDragon | March 15, 2014 | Review of Red Faction Guerilla - PC

The destruction engine in this game is second to none. Literally everything can be destroyed and always in spectacular ways. It is so much fun to sneak in and carefully place explosives on an enemy building's supports and then detonate and watch the it all collapse very realistically in my opinion. Its just as much fun to jump inside a mech (think power loader from Aliens) and run through buildings, vehicles and enemies. It also features multiplayer which can be good at times. Its the frantic madness that makes it fun rather than the tactical shooting. There is also a mode where you try to beat others scores by causing as much destruction as possible in a given time limit. This is a very fun game that you could easy sink hours into just blowing things up and watching the pieces fly.


So damn fun!

SinisterDragon | March 15, 2014 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

This was the first Deus Ex game I ever played so I didn't know what to expect. But upon playing for about 10 minutes I was hooked. While this looks like a standard 'run and gun' action game I assure that its not. Instead of fighting you can sneak past everyone or hack into their cameras and turrets or, in some cases, even just talk the enemy down and of course you could also shoot everyone if you wanted to. This is one of my favourite games and I would recommend it to anyone who's even slightly interested. Such an amazing game.