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It's OK

SinisterTwist | June 8, 2014 | Review of High School Dreams - PC

This game has some definite pros and definite cons. In the positive category, players have a relatively wide variety of guys to choose from: nerdy, emo, jock, popular, musical, and prankster. You can juggle multiple guys up until the final prom decision, at which point the other guys aren't available. The story lines for each one aren't bad, for a teen game. In the negative category, the game suffers from a LOT of glitches and I had to abandon one save file because it kept glitching. The character styles also need some work, as the faces often look fairly odd and talking makes them look like incredibly abnormal and even creepy. One thing that may put off some players is that the teen girls are pretty much the epitome of every stereotype you've ever seen, to the point where some will see this as negative. You're given the choice of what to do and wear, but the game throws out some nuggets such as telling you that boys will like you more if you wear what they like. And there's no emphasis on studying, just boys and clothes. I get the impression that this game was supposed to be somewhat different than what it turned out to be and that this was supposed to be played up to be a parody, but was changed to be a straightforward teen game. All in all, this game is oddly addicting and those that do play the game past its glitches will likely try to complete all of the different routes.