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Why aren't there more games like these?

Sinum | May 5, 2014 | Review of Guns of Icarus Online - PC

Guns of Icarus Online is...well, pure awesomeness! In GOIO, you can choose to take the wheel as the pilot (and more often than not commander), engineer or gunner. Due to the nature of GOIO, teamwork is important, and this is where the game devs got you covered! First off, they have a built in voice chat function, you press X to chat to your crew (4 people including you), and if you are a captain, press C to chat to your fellow captains. The devs are friendly and the playerbase will generally help you out! Adding onto that, graphics-wise it is made well too. This being a steampunk game, you get a nice filter in the gameplay (as if though it was filmed with an old-fashioned camera) this filter however, is barely noticeable. Sound design is fantastic and fits right in, and last but not least, EVERYONE IS FRIENDLY (almost)! The devs and community ambassadors will gladly assist you in-game and some players will even stick with you for a while. GOIO has a form of microtransactions, however these are entirely cosmetic and give no benefits to the game other than you looking like a bad-ass. Last thing I felt like I had to add, was that in GOIO, your ships are entirely customisable and range from a bunch of classes (my personal favorite being the pyramidion). Additionally, you can customize guns on your ship in the form of loadouts while customization for your character ranges from changing colors with dye you can either buy or gain by leveling up classes to gender, name and class (which you can switch between). I think that ought to be all, this is my first review, so please do not slaughter me over it (also English isn't my first language) All-in-all, the game is amazing, get it, play it, and last but not least: WATCH OUT FOR THAT PYRAMIDION, IT'S RAMMING US!