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Got it's problems, But worth the look...

Sivisx | June 20, 2013 | Review of Clive Barkers Jericho - PC

Like Tom Clancy, Clive Barker loves the sound of his own name. But while Clancy has the war genre Barker is the master of Horror... and leather. This game really sucks for the first hour but when the Main Character dies, spoiler alert, the game becomes a mixture of RTS and FPS. While he doesn't 'Die' he becomes a ghost possessing the other members of the team at any time, whom all have their own talents and guns. I found myself jumping from person to person taking out waves of enemies. The combat seems stale at times, only serving to stall the story. But the story, being written by a Horror God, is fantastic. The dialogues between characters later on is believable and well spoken. The gold, however, is the soundtrack.. A gothic gregorian choir and orchestra makes the environment all the better. This title is incredibly unique and I have never seen something so interesting, even with it's flaws. For only $5 it's hard to not buy, there are flaws but the gold is in the details. Pick this up if you are a fan of HellRaiser, i.e. the Hell Bound Heart.


Copy and Paste, Done.

Sivisx | June 20, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution The Missing Link - PC

When Adam Jensen decides to take a nap in a little box near the end of the main game and wakes up days later on Panchea you are left to assume that he had been napping easy inside his stasis box while in truth he was discovered and had to fight his way off of a Belltower operative base with sly immoral testing was taking place. This four hour plus add on has you take control of the recently stripped of augmentation and left helpless Jensen during his escape from the Belltower operatives and his journey back to get on track to finding Megan Reed. With that being said, this is basically a carbon copy. There isn't much new to be seen, besides the environment. You do the same as in the regular game, but since it decides to take you hard long work from the main game and throw it away it makes this gameplay harder. Since I enjoyed Human Revolution so much I was pleased to find out there was a DLC further detailing Jensen's struggle. While this was short the story was fairly well told and a must play for fans of the main game. It follows the same gameplay so isn't anything much new to be shown, but if you got the extra cash consider picking this up.


A Game Based on your Intelligence

Sivisx | June 20, 2013 | Review of LA Noire (1) - PC

Oh look a open sandbox game with a male protagonist that drives cars and shoots people made by Rockstar, well that's not new. But wait what's this, you are behind the badge..? Surely you must... no, you're not corrupt. Well butter my balls, R* went in a new direction and they surely did go into it deep because it took me thirty hours or so to finish the story. You take the role of an LAPD Detective solving crimes in the 1940's.. some so detailed you'd not be shocked to find they are based on real events, heavily based. A few in fact are the actual cases, where you find the actual guy. But don't let that think its not hard, by golly it is, unless you have a PhD in Forensics you will fail a lot, and you get penalties for blowing a case. The game is well known for it life-like faces and details, which are extremely creepy how realistic they are, and so the game is a difficult thing to run so if you have a really powerful computer by this gem at full price. (I will add that I am only putting this as a 90 and not higher, that's because this is just very demanding on your computer. I have by no means a low end PC, and found this game difficult to render inside the city because of the high number of NPCs. Whether this is a port issue or my own issue is hard to say.)


"If it bleeds, we can kill it."

Sivisx | June 20, 2013 | Review of Aliens vs Predator Requiem - PC

Aliens vs Predator, poop on a cracker.. You all know the concept that has been hack-murdered and overly used a million times for almost three decades now. Well here's one more for the money hungry industry, set like the last AVP game from 99' in where you play as both and the humans. Ironic I think that the human's campaign is the longest even though their name isn't in the title. Speaking of the title, aren't they both predatory alien species.. thats a bit of a mess. Either way, the Human Campaign is the longest and after the first 25 minutes nothing more than a generic FPS. The Predator campaign had me squee'ing like a japanese school girl as I lept from tree to tree cloaked using the prey I hunted ex-comrade's dying screams to lure them out into the clearing. And finally the Alien mission was the shortest, simplest and well, most disoriented. I found it annoying going from floor to ceiling constantly in the dark to the point I was motion sick and confused. The only part of this game I really enjoyed was the Predator campaign, which is why I even say this should be played. It's as if this was made only for that campaign but the developers were required by law to add the other two. Buy this but play the better story first, and avoid the Alien one.. All it did for me was make me sick.


Nostalgia can only blind for so long..

Sivisx | June 20, 2013 | Review of Jet Set Radio - PC

The formally known Jet Grind Radio was released way back when on the system that never was. Shadowed by the glory of its' nearly flawless ball of nostalgia that is its' sequel it is hard to want to say anything bad about the series in the whole. That being said I'd rather put this in a hole. Jet Set Radio Future had some iffs about it, but it was fun and left a deep fissure in your memory with its' upbeat soundtrack and colourful scenarios. This has that as well but where this fell flat on its' cel shaded face its' sequel stood proudly with it's inline skate upon the back of the head of this atrocity. I won't talk about how great JSRF is anymore, only say that I paid $86.45 for it used at a pawn shop. Instead I will give you my impression of picking this up after so many years. Gleed was I when I saw this on Android, buying it up mere seconds after it hit the Play store only to find that to this day it is broken and SEGA gives no cares if I can ever play it. Instead I noticed this priced at the same and bought it, now paying for the same game twice. After changing the game files in order for it to run, and downloading a program to slow the fps to a normal speed I jumped right into misery. Only in the second-ish level I am faced with the worst gut wrenching jump to be made in all of creation. Even with all the not-so-generous time given to complete all tags I fail more times worth mentioning before embarrassment settles in. Frustrated but propelled by nostalgia I continue and eventually get passed the jump and complete the stage only to have the game crash without saving making my entire struggle null and pointless. With all this said the only feeling I get while playing this is the urge to shut it off and play it's much more rounded sequel. Forever may this lay casted in it's shadow like the shadow of a fly on a piece of dung. ...Til SEGA ultimately releases JSRF for PC and everything else because they are a money hungry monster with dead eyes that failed at everything before and suckel at the on the little success they once had.


Full Game, For real cheap..

Sivisx | June 20, 2013 | Review of FEAR Overflow 1 - PC

I went into FEAR knowing two things: 1. There is a super creepy child and 2. You shoot stuff. I must say that the game takes a 'Condemned-Esque' creepy atmosphere, but where that game was unsettling from not knowing where anyone was and the chance of being slapped in the face with a bowling pin by a meth addict was heart throbbing this game takes that and says NO, heres a gun instead. The levels breeze by like a fart in the wind, though I believe the Developers masked this by making the difficulty so steep that you have to literally wall climb it. So difficult at times, I say, that it pushes me to the point that I keep going because I don't want the game to win.. which is good on their part I suppose. Either way the 'scary' parts are just that, scary. It's as if the game knows that you are going to turn in just enough time to see something go around a corner and induce a degree of paranoia into your concentration that should be dealing with the bullet arced at your face... ...Moving on I'd like to say I couldn't really distinguish this from any of the other games, so it gave it a feel of finishing a 19 hour game but.. BUT, I hardly remember where is what and who did when. It all mashed together.. which in a sense, I kind of like. However this is the eh of the game, it seemed a smidget childish that this finale of a pack came out and said, "You fought mercenaries huh.. here's bigger and harder ones. You've had battles huh.. here's bigger and longer ones." Right down to the Agent Smith like enemies that dodge your bullets and mess your day up countless times til you stop playing. Speaking of Agent Smith, there is no real explanation why you can slow time in this, apart from a vague explanation towards the end from Fettel's 'Ghost.' Come to think of it this came out in '07, the Matrix was still popular then wasn't it? FEAR: EXTRACTION POINT... It took me about five hours to complete the first of the two DLC packs released for F.E.A.R. and although FEAR 2 disregards both as non-cannon I must admit I enjoyed this more than the actual game it was an add-on for. The battles were more intense and most importantly the 'HORROR' aspect of the term 'Horror genre' is more prevalent. The 'scary' moments are more frequent and more disturbing. Towards the end of the game when you make it to the Hospital, everything gets seriously real. As if the developers said, "This is it, let's scare the hell out of this poor sod at every turn." My only complaint is the game seems very repetitive of the original, going to very similiar places and the amount of blood in it is just silly.. like the whole city got a nosebleed right as the alarms sounded. FEAR: PERSEUS MANDATE Perseus Mandate is the ODST to Halo 2, and if you don't understand that here comes the explanation.. Interesting enough you return to 'some' previous locations from the other DLC and original game and the story takes place starting before the end of FEAR and.. well I've no fucking clue. It kinda just stops giving details after that moment. All I know is a few bulletin points of time frame. But in the universe where Helicopters are made from bombs and other misc explosives you find yourself playing not as the FEAR protagonist but as some new random mute time-manipulative FEAR agent. So basically the last mute time-manipulative FEAR agent but less of a personality. ...->


Horror Game.. But with No Horror

Sivisx | June 20, 2013 | Review of FEAR 3 - PC

Call of Duty: Psychic Warfare gets a lot of bad rep that I feel it doesn't fully deserve. Sure the game feels like a giant CoD rip-off but it's not just that. It also rips off Condemned, right down to the anorexic faceless knife-bearing nutjobs. Can you blame them from taking popular successful things and wanting to make it like that? It feels so very modern compared to the first, and yes I am ignoring the second for this because you go back to the city from the first and play as the protagonist of the first, this time tagging along is the fratricides baddie himself Paxton lending a helping hand which I can't deny that I love the love/hate chemistry between the two since they are co-oped. By the way, I never felt that FEAR had it fully right, how can a game be scary when you have a ton of guns.. this time they threw in Co-op.. Be mildly startled with a friend Worth the buy, but play the FEAR first.



Sivisx | June 20, 2013 | Review of Dead Space 2 NA Origin - PC

Dead Space 2 picks up several years after the events of the original, taking control of a plot convenient amnesiac Issac Clarke on Saturn's Moon Titan during a plot convenient Necromorph outbreak. The game's beginning has a very 'Bioshock' feel, taking place inside a massive city.. unlike it's predecessor.. and I really enjoyed that.. it felt different, though I was annoyed with what seemed like always passing through either a nursery, child's bedroom or a school for most of the city sections. The rest of the game has an amazing atmosphere and knows how to kick you down and make you strive for each save point. The end literally blew my mind, finally bringing all questions to an end, definitely worth the cheap price and extremely long game storyline. Though I recommend playing the original first.. for story purposes.



Sivisx | June 19, 2013 | Review of BioShock NA Overflow 1 - PC

Upon returning to this game after several years I was really amazed by how much it still holds up. I had played this back when it was exclusive to XBox and the Elite was a brand new whose who club. So after playing the Sequel ten times over I decided to return to the original and had completely forgotten just how morbid this was. I mean fuckin dark, the second was gory and all but this was a serious snuff film compared to it. I'm not even going to do my usually complaining because this beauty holds a place in my heart full of nostalgia. Good story, great gameplay and creepy blood drenched atmosphere. However this game has a third installment now, so the price that 2K is asking for is outrageous. If you are a fan of the second or just looking for a game.. this is one to set aside some cash for, unless it is on sale which you need to get it then.


Overwhelmingly Empty.. Except for threes...

Sivisx | June 19, 2013 | Review of Darksiders II - PC

Upon finishing the first darksiders I was pumped to play this games, it captivated me with it's long complex and well thought story. Once I got my knubby little hands on this I was confused. For starters the first thing I noticed is in Darksiders was War looked like the designer for him was a group of thirty men that conflicted against each other so the developers decided to use everyone's ideas. In here it was as if they were aware of the fact how bullshit he looked because you first see Death half naked, and after killing your first THREE enemies you pick up clothes. How childish is that, "Oh you don't like our design, then do it yourself." This game world was way more open than it's prequel, to the point that I was overwhelmed at times unsure where to go. I decided to ignore all of the side quests cause Death's blind devotion to his brother must go unhindered. And this world we embark on in set in THREES. One part you need to speak with a shadowy figure, in order to do that you must go fight in an arena.. To fight in the arena you need THREE crystals. After finishing the arena and going back to him you must find THREE of his servants and return them to him, which he kills. THREE hours wasted right there. While this game took me about 20 hours, a little longer than it's predecessor, it was so padded with irrelevant side quests that it felt like forty. I was enthralled with the world of the first game, it was linear enough that the game continues forward constantly keeping the player's interest, but game enough freedom to allow an aspect of fun. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed this game but would not pay full price for this. It is fun but I had such high hopes that I would rather sit down and replay War's story.


A game that tries to be too many others, and succeeds...

Sivisx | June 19, 2013 | Review of Darksiders (1) - PC

In the end of days the Horsemen will ride unto the earth and punish all. Only problem is the horsemen you take control of gets mixed up in some unrelated end of the world scheme and gets punished, being forced to return to earth a century later to undo his stupidity. Taking control of War, that's right not the one you initially think of when it comes to the horsemen, you must wage war on the armies of both Heaven and Hell in order to kill the one responsible for the fall of the Third Kingdom in the likes of Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden. While on the subject of other games, this one has a massive erection for them.. You solve puzzles in the likes of Twilight Princess while sometimes even using a 'Gun' that shoots orange and blue portals on selected walls, you even half way through the game you get a pistol that Dante would scoff at. These combinations of things deemed good enough to 'Copy' over onto here does make this well written and very well voice-acted interactive video experience worth the effort and hardship. I recommend the game if you are a fan of fast-paced rage fests that sometimes leave you screaming obscenities at the screen. Even though the game is 14+ hours long it lacks a New Game + so be prepared for one playthrough or starting from scratch. (My only other complaint is a sometimes delay in controls resulting in falls and deaths, I was using a controller however when I had these issues).


A Smart game you won't want to stop playing

Sivisx | June 19, 2013 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

When mankind comes to the brink of self-evolution, is it right for them to play God. Is it moral to give a wounded veteran his arm back, to give sight to a blind child. What about equipping criminals with the power to overthrow police or giving mercenaries the ability to slaughter innocents without effort. In the near future this is the judgement that has torn the world in two, is it moral to induce humanity with self-made evolution, to augment the body to become what time has not yet produced or is it a corruption of nature to conceive what 'God' has not allowed. When Security chief of the largest body-augmentation corporation in the world is attacked by heavily altered mercenaries and wounded beyond natural repair he is rebuilt into what no other human has been able to become so far. It is his DNA that will unlock the true potential of Humanity. How apt is his name Adam, so original. You are placed in this world as the newly, and not necessarily chosen to be changed, Adam Jensen on a mission to uncover the truth of the attacks on Serif Industries. The game itself is very well made giving the player choices of how to unfold the story, to a reasonable point. The game is linear but has enough freedom that it doesn't suffocate you. Start at point A, make it to point B. Since you upgrade your body with new abilities you have the choice of how to play, whether a sneaky hacking assassin or a full-auto death machine. Because of this there are several branching pathways to make it to your goal which would be a guarantee buy and play if it had a New Game+ sadly it does not. This fantastic adventure with incredible music and dystopian ambience will have you hooked from start to the incredible let down of an ending. If you are a fan of Deus Ex or just need a cheap title to enjoy I recommend trying this out, if you do though play it on a hard difficulty. This makes every situation a lot more heavy and meaningful.


Fun, but to rushed.

Sivisx | June 19, 2013 | Review of Brutal Legend - PC

Taking the role of not Jack Black you enter the world of Meat Loaf's album art where everything is heavy metal and pyrotechnics. I'm gonna go ahead and skip trying to explain the story further apart from saying that this brilliantly devised adventure is full of incredible visuals that perfectly marry the most in-depth and amazing hundred-seven plus sized soundtrack of the Heavy Metal Gods. The sad thing is I beat this game with all the upgrades I wanted/cared about in just under seven hours, this includes the several Real-Time Strategy concert battles I failed. So all-in-all I probably could have beaten this in under five. This is really really undesirable, cause I didn't want it to end... Especially since the 'main' antagonist of the game is voiced by a Pennywise cackling Tim Curry. Sadly, all good things come to an end.. and boy did this fuckin' thing come to an end. I felt as if I was rushing through when I generally took my time to do side missions and explore the land. If you are a huge fan of Metal bands such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, etc etc.. then this gem is for you. Unless you have a unhealthy dislike of Jack Black, whom vocies the main antagonist that you'll soon fall in love with regardless.. *And make sure you don't have a problem with RTS battles cause this is full of them* Since this is so short I cannot reccommend paying whatever the full price is and rather find this on sale.