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A 3D - Gorgeous Remake of Heroes III

Smashbuttons | Feb. 21, 2014 | Review of Heroes of Might and Magic V NA - PC

This Heroes, was one of the best heroes in the saga, only bested by Heroes III, but this one has a lot of similar and advantages that the other one didn't have. Story: The campaign follows the fall of a Human Realm, because of the deamons, and the Main Character is the queen Isabela. It's a thrilling and exciting story, brilliantly told for an TBS. Every single race in this Magic World becomes engaged in this conflict Gameplay: It takes a step back in the addition of heroes to the battlefield as playable units, but the creatures are perfectly balanced and you can master each race with different battle strategies. It's very different to the aggresive and less static combat of Heroes IV, retaining a similar Battle gameplay to Heroes III. Even though, the World Map and the Castle management are inherited from Heroes IV directly. Graphics: The graphics are STUNNING for a Heroes game, and specially a game from 2006. Guess that year was a great year for gaming, and even better with 2007. The level of detail is amazing both on units and landscapes, and the effects seem like a 2010 or more game. Music and Sound: The music they've composed and arranged for this game sticks in your mind forever. Sometimes, 8 years before it's launch, I still sing the Main Menu music! The sound of the creatures, though, lacks of grace and falls behind. The Sound effects per se, are great. Multiplayer: As always, the best way to play heroes on MP is through it's unique "Hot-seat" option, and it's, as always AWESOME! Difficulty: The campaign is MOTHER*****hard. The Inferno campaign, it's the most difficult of them all. It's a great challenge to strategy fans. Multiplayer, on the other hand, is far much more easier than the SP. Overall: It's a must have for any gamer and specially any Strategy fan. Totally Worth it.


Great TBS Game

Smashbuttons | Feb. 17, 2014 | Review of Heroes of Might Magic IV Complete NA - PC

A mighty and magical experience from a turn based strategy game. Story: Following the universe of Might and Magic, this game takes you to a fantasy world that lives in conflict and it's inhabitated with all the creatures of the human mithology, the hellenics, the nordics, the egiptians, and many more, in a coherent world. There are many stories, each one from each faction and it has nothing to do with one another. All of them are complex, and really interesting, specially the humans and berserker factions. Gameplay: The game it's extremely well polished, the campaigns are hard, but not at the point that make you not want to play it, and you can also play skirmishes that are fun as hell. The World map is the economic and movement part, wich is the funnier and better, the battle part it's pretty much who has the biggest or better armies, and it can become routine. Graphics: For a 2-d Game, it's graphics are great. And the level of detail it's amazing. Music and Sounds: The music is pretty good, medieval style, with folk and gregorian heart. It's inmmersive, but the tribal music on the battefields it's really boring, you will have to turn it off and listen to your own music. The Multiplayer: It's enormously fun when you play it on "hot seat" with friends in one pc. The magic is that in a single PC, 4 gamers can be enjoying this thanks to the turns dynamic system. Really, it's like a whole new game, and can make you cry from laughter. Innovation: Organinzes much better each race, each allegiance. The best thing ever it's that lets you play and command your heroes ON the battlefield, a thing that no other "Heroes" had, nor before or after this one. Difficulty: Indeed, it's a really hard game, the campaign itself it's an enormous challenge, and it takes a long time to master the game itself. Overall: Amazing game. If you're a Strategy fan, this HAS to be on your games library. Specially if you love the M&M universe!


A standalone game that's not up to its Franchise.

Smashbuttons | Feb. 16, 2014 | Review of Men of War Condemned Heroes Steam - PC

As a MoW Franchise fan, I can't believe how BAD this game is. Story: It's an RTS that narrates a lot of the stories (most of them exaggerated) of the infamous penal platoons that served in the eastern front on WWII. It's not dramatic, and the stories that could've been told with this jewel were thrown to waste. Maybe because Russia now tries to "forget and erase" the mistakes that the Soviet Union did, but who knows... Gameplay: It's the easiest of the MoW franchise, the level design is LAME, because of it's a linear map in most if not all cases. It doesn't give you strategic options, you have to go in a straight line killing everything til you reach the end of the map. I can't believe this are the same guys that made the First MoW, that is a Jewel on WWII RTS games. Music and Sound: The music it's one of the best things of this game, because it manages to transmit the heroic feeling of being on one of those death squads, but the sound, perhaps the biggest MoW flaw, it's still unpolished. The studio should've learnt by now that they need to recreate a battlefield sound, not a peaceful and quiet landscape if "nothing is happening". Multiplayer: It's the SAME multiplayer that's been going since MoW 1, which it's really good, but we have to criticize the lack of innovation. Innovation: No one. Difficulty: It's really easy. I should recommend to you this game if you're new to strategy and even more if you haven't played a MoW game before, or any RTS. But if you're not a noob, this game it's not a challenge, it's almost a 2D - Scroller. Overall: YOU DON'T WANT TO BUY THIS GAME. This could've been perfectly a DLC for MoW 1 or MoW: RT, not a standalone game. This one in particular is a way to steal money.


The most intense RTS ever.

Smashbuttons | Feb. 11, 2014 | Review of World in Conflict Complete Edition NA - PC

As an RTS enthusiast, fan, and experienced gamer, I can choose this game over all the ones I've played (pretty much all of the main titles and quite some of the not-so-much known). Story: It's an RTS set in a "What if?" context. The story develops on Europe and America, when in 1989, the Soviet Union decides to launch an attack on Germany, and Europe, and after months of conflict, invades Seattle and Northwestern US. It has an amazing production, with voices such as Alec Baldwin, and it's not a mainstream "Bad guys vs good guys" story. It's amazingly human, very touching, and it shows what war really is, a tragedy. Gameplay: It is an Action-RTS, probably the first one to exist, and it's a masterpiece. It's a fast paced game, and it really needs every bit of your concentration on it, because not giving orders for 8 or 9 seconds can cost you your whole company. It doesn't have micromanagement of resources as other games do, but instead it has Reinforcement Points that are awarded over time passively, and Action Points that are rewarded for making your units do positive stuff during the game. The first ones give you the possibility to call in reinforcements, and the second one to use tactical aid such as Artillery or Airstrikes. Graphics: For an 2007 game, it has mind-blowing graphics, superior to a lot of strategy games of today (2014), and excellent destruction system, terrific effects and beautiful maps and landscape, wich, I may say, are HUGE maps. Music and Sountracks: The music is sublime, the theme "Bannon's Sacrifice" it's gorgeous, and the rest of the tracks make you feel the action of battle or the waiting times, depending on the situation. The sound it's really good, specially the jet blast sound of Airplanes entering and exiting the battlefield, the explosions and the demolitions. Multiplayer: The multiplayer system has the ability to enter on a fray that has already started and it may even be close to end. It's really hard to master and you have to pay attention really good and always be ready to help the team. You can never win a battle on your own, the restriction that is having to choose between air, infantry, support or armored makes you to focus on your role and always depend and relay on your teammates. Innovation: It shows a fictional war, but in a way that COULD really have occured, with terrible things going on, and inmersed on a world in conflict and tragedy. The option to drop in in the middle of a Match on multiplayer it is amazing on an RTS, and the exclusion of micromanagement but giving you both Action and Reinforcements points instead, it's simply brilliant. Difficulty: The single player campaign it's a tough one, getting tougher every time, with an aggresive and unforgiving AI, making it always a challenge, specially if you want to do the secondary objectives as well. Overall: It's a MUST BUY for everyone, because it's noob-friendly, and hardcore RTS player as well. It's a masterpiece of the gaming industry, a jewel indeed.