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Postal 2: Not for everybody

Smileyfax | July 6, 2014 | Review of POSTAL 2 - PC

Postal 2 is a rather enjoyable 'mayhem simulator', similar to the classic GTA games, allowing you to freely roam about the town of Paradise, AZ whilst accomplishing your daily errands with as much or little violence as possible. This game is notable for its ultraviolence and provocative sense of humor, something definitely not for everybody. In addition to the base game, this includes the Apocalypse Weekend expansion. The levels are considerably more linear, and therefore much less enjoyable, in my opinion. They have a higher emphasis on combat, which I believe is a mistake; in the base game, you always have the choice to avoid violence, no matter how difficult the game makes it for you. This is not true in AW (so far as I can remember, anyway), so it's somewhat jarring if you're playing the 'A Week in Paradise' mode that stitches together the two main campaigns and had been angling for a pacifist run. All in all, if the idea of wreaking tons of havoc (or perhaps avoiding it as much as humanly possible) appeals to you, this game is definitely worth it, especially if it's on sale. If the Apocalypse Weekend stuff isn't your cup of tea, the content is completely optional, and you can restrict yourself to the original five-day campaign. And once again: If you do not care for ultraviolence or shock-content that would make your average South Park or Family Guy fan blush, steer clear of this game.


Civ 5 is good stuff

Smileyfax | May 4, 2014 | Review of Sid Meiers Civilization V - PC

I've been playing the Civ series since the second entry in the franchise. While not my personal favorite (that distinction goes to either 2 or 4, depending on my mood), I still found it to be quite enjoyable, with the same 'one more turn' fugue that the other games inflicts upon you. Definitely worth it, especially if you pick up the expansions.