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My Game of the Year of 2011 was not Skyrim.

SnarfDash | Nov. 4, 2013 | Review of Portal 2 - PC DVD

"You may have a minor case of severe brain damage".My game of the year was what appealed to me the most, and seemed like a polished gem which I could not find any faults with whatsoever. Skyrim to me was nothing special, although loved by many, I just couldn't enjoy it, although the hype may be well deserved, I had my expectations high, and was dissapointed. First off, I'll say that it's recommended that you play through the first game (Portal:Still Alive) before playing this. But does it live up to it's predecessor ? Comparing the two, you will clearly see that Portal 2's predecessor is initially a demo compared to this. Portal: Still Alive showed us the basics of Aperture, yet Portal 2 throws in some new puzzle mechanics (Light Bridges, Alternate Weighted Cubes, etc.) to give you some harder and different puzzles. The atmosphere in the game is simply put, fantastic. The soundtrack suits the game well, and is also available for free download. But where the game really shines, is it's wonderful and humorous writing and dialogue. Without this, Portal 2 would not be the same experience, it'd just be boring. With the voice talents of Steven Merchant and Ellen McLain, you will find yourself laughing in the direst of situations. You're accompanied by a witty core, named Wheatley (Steven Merchant), as you are awoken to find Aperture in shambles, and discover the odd history behind Aperture Science and it's characters whom don't even make any appearances, yet you feel their presence through the intercoms. The initial approach of solving puzzles with portals is genius, and works very well for it's genre. The graphics, I do not have a problem with, as they are nice to look at and suit the atmosphere. It's a damn near perfect game, shame there's not much replayability... unless you wish to hear more of the dialogue you may have missed out on. There is also a co-operative feature for the game, which is plenty of fun as well. It's time you start thinking with Portals if you already aren't.


A FPS with a Top Notch story

SnarfDash | Aug. 24, 2013 | Review of BioShock Overflow 1 - PC

Bored of generic FPS' with boring and unsatisfactory stories? Then welcome to Rapture! Rapture is home to one man's beliefs and it's deadly inhabitants. You are offered Plasmids, which are initially super-human abilities controlled through the tip of your fingers, for example, you gain the ability the shock enemies with "Electro-Bolt", ignite them with "Incinerate" and many more. You must take notice of the surrounding and atmosphere in the game, as the posters and advertisements in the game are often amusing/interesting. The story of Rapture's inhabitants is told through Audio Diaries which I recommend looking out for in the game, as the more you venture through, the more your curiosity will peak. The gameplay is essentially a generic FPS but the plasmids can be used to make it more interesting. The soundtrack provides a solid, horror-like atmosphere. A nice touch in the game is that you get to keep all the weapons you pick up, giving you plenty of ways to defeat enemies, as enemies can have weaknesses. The storytelling is brilliant. The gameplay is fulfilling. You must persevere to the end to appreciate the story to it's fullest. I highly recommend this if you wish to enter the awesome franchise that is; Bioshock. Play this before Infinite and get a grasp of what was, and prepare for Bioshock Infinite's DLC where you'll return to Rapture! Prepare for one hell of an intense ride.