Reviews by Sneaktastic


Way To Hyped For The Product We Got.

Sneaktastic | Sept. 13, 2013 | Review of Rage Bethesda - PC

Rage is an average game and average at best. It tries its hardest to copy borderlands. That does not mean that there is no originality in the game there is each weapon can use multiple types of ammo but the downside to that is the game tries its hardest yet again to ruin that. With way to easy combat on normal difficulty, the only enemy i encountered on the game that decided to actually give me a challenge were last enemies you encounter in the game making the most fun parts come near that point. The game does two things very well though one of them being an awesome story, and another was an awesome co op experience. But once you beat the co op with a buddy there is no point to do it again. Do not even attempt the multiplayer it is not anything to be awed at kind of dull it feels as though they decided last minute to add it to the game.


Best Turn Based Strategy Ever?

Sneaktastic | Sept. 12, 2013 | Review of XCOM Enemy Unknown NA Overflow 1 - PC

Xcom Enemy Unknown is a remake of the classic Xcom. While i never got the opportunity to play the classic version, I did get a chance to play the remake Xcom Enemy Unknown and let me tell you it is AMAZING. With all of the game developers out there now copying call of duty, making their games fast paced, and easy. Xcom defies recent game development and returns us to a state where losing is fun, and it really is. If you want to be treated like an adult and experience a fun tough game play this.


This Game is AMAZING

Sneaktastic | Sept. 10, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA Overflow 1 - PC

If you have never played the borderlands franchise before YOU NEED TO. Both games are full of hilarious and intense pulse pounding action. Borderlands has a unique weapon generating system that makes every gun you pick up a different one from anything else. As well the game has a sense of humor that tops off any game ever. Borderlands 2 in particular is a funny humorous relief from the serious games, but as well has it own seriousness to keep the story strong. If you have never played this game PLAY IT NOW!