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Better than 1 in some ways, worse in others.

Snotnarok | July 23, 2015 | Review of Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth2 Sisters Generation - PC

Just going to say this review is gonna be filled with some mixed messages. I've only recently stumbled into the series after a mishap with gifting gone wrong with ReBirth 1 and I wound up mostly enjoying that game. The combat is fun, I like the game / industry humor but not so much the fan service. It's kinda like Disgaea but with a more ..'kawaii' wrapping and without the large panel based map battles. What I like: It's more of the same but expanded, dungeons are larger to explore, there's more variety to character moves and more characters in general. The game keeps what was good but improves upon the first in terms of gameplay. The new characters reflect the companies they spoof well, Cave being a very amusing one who represents a company who makes bullet hell shooters...and her specials all reflect this. There's also a lot more characters and more focus on the non-CPU (transforming) characters. The combat is fun, more so with a 4th character in battle allowing you to feel less cramped with battle options. Feels like you're more able to dish-out damage while having 1 character handle support. What I don't like: The game takes on a more darker tone from the get go, which loses a lot of impact when you find this is NOT the same universe at all. Shortly after the start a character recounts how she met Neptune and ...that's not how it happened. So this game has absolutely nothing to do with 1 story wise-it's another universe. Yes you still care for the characters but you have to wonder why they'd spin off in a series of games that already has (at the time of writing) 4 spin off titles on the Vita. There's more 'fanservice' which is less appealing because if you happen to look at the screens'll notice there's 2 very young girls and they aren't shy with pushing some really dumb perversion with them. They reuse a lot, I mean a bloody lot. Some music, characters & moves, the animated portraits, some maps are straight up lifted from the first game. I'm currently on chapter 5 and it's been very repetitious, the same Underling character getting in the way and getting away, even when her boss characters are defeated It feels like they dumped their efforts into the new characters vs adding interesting enemies. Maybe this changes later. 3 chapters in and I really feel like I've done nothing because you just don't stop this 1 dumb character, or it's subordinates. Near the end of it someone else FINALLY drops in. Currently the game is bugged too, the world map music is unbearably loud and the rest of the music despite being jacked up well above the other sounds is too low. Which is a shame since the music is fun. There's a mod on the steam community forums to adjust the music till they do something about it. I'm not saying this is a bad game, though I do seem to have more complaints than praise. I do like the first game better in ways...kinda like how Disgaea 1 had better story and characters and Disgaea 2 had superior gameplay, this is a lot like that. But if this game seems a bit wonky and you're interested in the new one coming out, Neptunia Victory...I wouldn't blame you for skipping this one since as I've stated it has nothing to do with the story of 1, maybe not Victory either. You'd honestly have to read what game has to do with what since they decided to not link this game with the first.


Fun parody game.

Snotnarok | July 23, 2015 | Review of Hyperdimension Neptunia ReBirth1 - PC

Welcome to over the top anime wacky nonsense. The game is a massive parody with wacky jokes, parody-pervy stuff and references to other things. I don't really like the whole young girl to woman pervy stuff but I'd like to think they did it again as a parody and knew full well what they were doing. The gameplay is fun and has a fairly deep battle mechanic from building combos, weapon arc differences, transformations, and separate equipment slots for both character and transformed character...along with some crafting it sounds deep but it's honestly eased in a way that you can get your mind around it. There's been some mention of technical issues, these have been fixed as far as I know as they've rolled out numerous patches to fix everything from resolution to other complaints at time of launch. Visually the game is all over the place, character models look great, most of their attacks have flare to them, the maps look PS2 era in both texture and model quality, early PS2 mind you. Cutscenes have animated avatars via emofuri software which adds some nice flow/movement as they talk, mouths move, characters move a bit ...boob jiggle. Regardless they add some depth vs static portraits. . They're not fully animated, so don't expect characters to twirl and slash weapons in dialog cut-scenes but it's a nice feature. Everything is a wink and a joke, enemy characters can just be silly or be cat-PS4's called Purr4. So if you're looking for a complex story that isn't 4th wall breaking self parody that mostly revolves around friendship and cute girls or girls with giant breasts? This isn't the game for you. But if you're okay with that or just feel like trying something new? ...Or got the game for a friend whom declined it like myself...It's worth a shot, good comedy rpg honestly...just turn the game to japanese, then lower the voice volume, Neptune can be quite ...lively. DLC note: The DLC that you buy you can turn off in game, as you can get characters from it that aren't acknowledged but help you greatly in game. How much do they help? Well if you choose to use them, you'll find in some story battles they don't let you transform- this rule does not effect the DLC characters and you can bypass this, helping the battle be easier. That said you can also choose to not transform them as well.


Sim City done right.

Snotnarok | May 13, 2015 | Review of Cities Skyline - PC

Very impressive Sim City clone, so impressive it outdoes the latest one. I say clone because well...that's what it is frankly. You have a R-C-I indicator (residential, commercial, industrial demand) and the simulation is similar. Firstly the basic map is larger than all the areas in the "full map" of Sim City never the less you can expand said map in this game to other areas. There's a nice variety of roads, buildings and it's graphically quite nice. The game even has simulated water...for a reason. You can dam water ways and get power from it, however if you do it wrong can flood your city and it's both sad ...and hilarious. The game is pretty hard to be honest, you have to account for everything expected in a sim game, power, water, garbage, corpses- wait what? Yes corpses, if someone dies and it's not taken care of by the cemetery in time? Well the building will get condemned and then you've now got a fire hazard and higher crime rate in the area. Not so hard right? Well if you didn't plan your roads right the traffic jams might make this very common to the point where your city is in corpse danger hell. (this is as of writing mind you so things may have been patched to make this less difficult). Also, they were apparently listening to complaints on Sim City because power & water are entirely separate from the road system which they crammed together in S.C. for some bloody reason. You need a powerline leading to a grid of any of the R.C.I. squares and that area will be powered, water has to be piped out where it covers the entire grid. But it's FAR more impressive than Sim City, bigger size, more stuff to use and oh, the crowning thing on it's reasons of why it's better than Sim City: MOD SUPPORT VIA STEAM WORKSHOP. Yes, you can put creations other than DLC into the game and this includes stuff from one of the designers from the maker of Sim City- so yes this is impressive and it's only been out for a short while. There's even challenge maps where you'll have to race to get a city built before water goes over a crater and floods your city- making you build highways and bridges to higher spots. The only shortcoming I can think of is there's no multi-player (again as of this writing I'm sure there's a mod in your future space year, along with flying cars) so if you were hoping to have some form of city-cooperation like Sim City or Sim City 4, nope...not yet anyway. But there you have it, it launched cheaper, no always online nonsense, huge maps, more complicated simulations and mod support- everything we wanted from this game. But yes, highly recommended if you had any interest in simulating a city or whatever this is probably the best game next to the classic Sim City games.


Interesting story driven game with very weak gameplay.

Snotnarok | April 24, 2015 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

I know this game is heavily praised for it's story, or at least it's narrative and it does deserve the praise it gets in that department. It does have a story that is told differently from others you've seen in games till this came out. The issue with the game is there's no change in gameplay, or the gameplay is very same-y to be more precise. You run a lot collecting things, encounter plot points or pages that foreshadow these events, all well and good. The combat is nearly identical every time. You aim or focus your flashlight onto an enemy till you break the shadows off them, then shoot them. They're entirely invincible when they have their shadow covering making every encounter shine light till it wears off, shoot till dead, next guy, dodging comes into play a bit also you get a flaregun which is a very nice bit of kit to take 'the taken' out faster. Visually, the game is a bit dated, faces kinda get wonky at times during the many cut-scenes but walking around? Entirely fine. Sound design is really well done too, minus the product placement but games are expensive to make - especially when they take 5 years to make, which this one did. I get it, many people like good story. As do I, but the gameplay is the most important factor to me and if that gameplay isn't strong enough to keep me interested or motivated or where I'm dreading encounters it's not a good thing. The game lacks any replay value because of this, the mystery is solved, encounters aren't memorable. You play, you beat it and that's your lot. Alan Wake is by no means bad, it's a okay game with a really fun narrative and story. If that's something you're okay with, go for it. Personally the only time I'd revisit this game is through a friend playing it or a LP with good commentary.


Best 3D Sonic to date, only made better with mods.

Snotnarok | April 22, 2015 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

Sega got it right finally, after all the crap 3D titles they were kicking out they finally got it. Less focus on story while making it far less serious and putting the focus on gameplay. Let me get this out there, I don't like many of the 3D Sonic games, Adventure 2, Secret Rings, Black Knight, 06, Riders, Boom etc are not games I'd call even decent. So keep that in mind when I'm saying this one nails it. You play through levels inspired by previous games as Classic Sonic (strictly 2D) and Modern Sonic in 2D/3D levels. Classic Sonic sadly doesn't handle like he does in previous ones, he's got less emphases on rolling to gain speed and more CRAZY spindash that will send you flying- this all said the levels are really well made and have memorable events intact. Liked the truck chase in Sonic Adventure 2? They make that really fun in 2D. Modern Sonic is like ...Burnout 2 on crack with platforming in the mix. You go fast, really fast and gotta platform, homing attack across enemies, drift, side step, grind etc making for entertaining gameplay. You'll see the likes of Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary Zone taken into 3D with the care you'd want to see. Really great gameplay here at 60 frames per second even on a Surface Pro 2 *integrated intel 4400HD video. The levels are varied enough, I mean there's a lot of grassy areas and cities but they'll stand out on their own, did I mention chemical plant zone? The music in that stage alone is just awesome. Oh, yes, all of the music is redone, even from the more recent games in this and it's grand. The boss fights aren't what I'd call difficult but they are very much a fun spectacle and nostalgic if you have that going for you. MODDING: There's something called the Unleashed Mod, it takes all of the day levels from Sonic Unleashed (which are exactly like Modern Sonic levels, and only work with Modern Sonic) and puts them into Sonic Generations. They are all amazingly well done and though some of these can be more demanding on your system than the actual base game- they tell you what levels are harder to run in said mod. They perfectly ripped them from the original game and they're a blast to play through. Hey, sick of playing as Sonic? Well you can easily play as another character too with the mod tool. Knuckles? Blaze? Robotnik? Real Hedgehog? Go for it. I tried Blaze and she had unique animations and everything. It was really surprising just how well all these were done.


A really, really good racer

Snotnarok | April 22, 2015 | Review of Sonic and SEGA AllStars Racing Transformed - PC

Mario Kart has been king for ages and I've never really been a fan of it since Nintendo thinks that everyone should have a fair chance at winning even if they've been in last place the entire race. (Blue Shells anyone?) That's where this game really works out in my mind, items are not these godly powerful weapons that can win you the race, instead they help you get further up the ranks and most need you to pay attention to what you're doing. There's 1 super powerful one that lets you jet forward super fast, makes you invincible but it's not a blue shell and I'd say unless you're super skillful won't harm every player on the map. The driving in this relies on drifting, the better you drift the more you build up the coming out of your exhaust and if done properly can give you good boosts. There's a awesome variety of courses, characters, and different set-ups per character. Now when I say there's a good variety to courses, that really opens up when every map changes in some way as you're playing them. Typically very drastically, first lap you may be driving the whole course, the second lap something breaks the road and now your transforming car will be in boat mode, or flight mode on a different route to the finish. Many courses have different routes, hit a transform ring and take to the sky and fly over the cars below, or hit a boat to speed through another area. I said I wasn't a fan of Mario Kart games, and while I stand by that the early games like the SNES, N64 ones stand out to me as better (DS one too infact) but this one? Bests them all. Good balance and overall fun. It's a clone yes but it has enough sense to do things different and it does what it does very well. There's some PC exclusive stuff like TF 2 characters ...who are not voiced by the TF2 crew which makes it weird ..but funny. Has online multiplayer and 4 player split screen for local. Very impressive game visually and runs well on my machine.


It took a while, but it's awesome.

Snotnarok | April 16, 2015 | Review of Grand Theft Auto V Post - PC

I've never played GTA V on other devices, didn't really see much footage of it till the day before the PC release and it was everything from how solid the port was to how much they did right and how great it's gonna be. I'm a fan of GTA though I've avoided it since GTA IV, that was a mixed bag and just didn't give me the same fun 2,3,VC had. I've played a bit and I'll separate them by general and online. So, keep that in mind that I only played a few hours of SA and while I beat 4, I also would happily never play it again. General: This port, unlike GTAIV is amazing, they have a lot of options to tweak and adjust, from very in depth graphical options, sound options, you can use mouse & keboard or switch to a controller- on the fly. So if you like driving/flying with a controller but shooting with a mouse and kb? Easily done! Everyone has always wondered what GTA would be like in first person, obvious from the mods some have made and installed, now it's in the game by default and they went ALL out. Get into a car and you're treated to- not some floating cam on the hood of the car but a fully modeled interior of the car! In first person you can run around and do everything as normal, and there's an option to switch to 3rd person if you use cover. Graphically the game is wildly pretty, as stated car interiors are fully modeled and look great, there's a variety of areas to visit with different areas. The map is huge, it's not Just Cause 2 huge but it's impressively large. Runs at 60fps at 1080p with everything mostly on highest (exceptions being not putting every AA option on, PC specs at end of review) Online: This is hit or miss, you start out making a character with a unique styled character creator which ...while neat, makes the process more complicated than it needs to be. Here's what I hated: I played with some random people for a few hours and I would charitably describe them as lively. Being called several names over voice then attacked, then again more name calling- and you'll be defending yourself too because Rockstar thought it'd be in your best interest to point out all players actively on the mini-map and map. So if you want to just try and do some things and there's 1 jerk? He can hunt all players down. They DO mark people who do this by making their dot more and more red and 'good' players are encouraged to hunt them, but it's not any less annoying. They already have tactics where they will hit you to make you kill them, now they know you killed you once and now they will single you out and chase you down till you move servers. 20 minutes into online while I try and learn the game and 1 jerk decided to do this to me, unknown that I was now marked with a big 1 on my dot telling him where I was at all times. Only made worse by how fast you die, I'm sure this was more geared how it was on console where using sticks was a bit harder to aim but with a mouse you can kill a player in a few bullets, a headshot being instant from what I could tell. So, guy power slides over, stops for just long enough to shoot you in the face, drive to where you spawned and try it again, while each death being followed by some uncreative insult or you blow his face off and blow his tires out. Thankfully you can make private matches with friends or alone, you can even still have players online hop into events such as racing if you let them into the event/not your world. In events they tell what control scheme each player is using mouse/controller and you can limit the game to who can use what or not. To put it simply, you can find a lot in this game because you can do so freaking much. Want to play story missions? Go for it. Death match with friends or randoms? Sure. Play TENNIS with friends? Pool? Race Jets? Arm wrestle? Race? Steal cars, hunt, shoot eachother on the street, hunt bounties, kill innocents, buy property. Yeah, a lot for you to decide, it's a top quality port to boot so I can't say enough about this game. Regardless of where you buy this game you WILL need the Rockstar Social Club, keep that in mind. Intel i7 4770k 3.5ghz 8gb ram Geforce GTX 970 Windows 8.1 64bit


Scott Pilgrim if it were made by Japan...kinda.

Snotnarok | Feb. 20, 2015 | Review of Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds - PC

The game is really good, it's got a lot going for it with really nicely rendered/animated sprites with a lot of character, tons of weird crap and a lot of combos which helps make it more fun. I don't like RPG elements in beat 'em ups as that kinda ruined the Scott Pilgrim game for me. In that they made it needlessly complicated to level. However in Phantom Breaker you level up by playing and you distribute points to whatever you want, damage, speed, defense or skills- they also let you redistribute the points at any time! This really makes it easy for friends to pop in so you can lower your points to make the playing field fair. I didn't pay any attention to the story, it's a beat 'em up so it's more about that than anything else. It does it well too, the moves feel like they got a nice impact to them. My one complaint about the game is the one of the final levels is needlessly wonky, forcing you to run through a part, go through some portals....go back, then do that again to another set. It's not a deal breaker or anything just a bit frustrating. It's not the definitive beat 'em up, I still rank Guardian Heroes & Streets of Rage 2, Bare Knuckle 3 way higher but this is by no means bad. I do think it's far better than Scott Pilgrim for the leveling alone, better than a lot of recent beat 'em ups if I'm going to be honest. Fans of any beat 'em up should like this if they can get past the cutesy look....or KAWAII DESU look.


Short fun.

Snotnarok | Jan. 2, 2015 | Review of Gauntlet - PC

I've not played the original arcade Gaunlet very long, mostly seen youtube videos of it. This game thankfully isn't that level of hard but with varying difficulties you can probably get it right up there. You get 4 characters and they cannot be picked by more than one player (this has some people miffed for some reason). The game is fun, each character feels unique to a degree and you slaughter (or try to) tons of enemies and spawners as you traverse the game. You can unlock useless vanity items as your characters are super tiny when actually playing and you can't zoom in so that hardly has an effect. While it's fun, the game is VERY short, I'm not sure how long 1 playthrough was but I was surprised when it was over. I expected there to be another whole part or something but nope. Maybe that's a good thing to some, swing in for a sort play and back to work or something. That said the $20 dollar price tag is just a bit much to ask for with this, $10? Sure. But it feels like it needs more.


One of the best RPGs of it's generation.

Snotnarok | Nov. 21, 2014 | Review of Phantasy Star IV The End of the Millennium - PC

This game is astounding for many reasons, for one it's the end of the series which is rare to ever see, the story actually ends here. *till SEGA tries to continue or reboot it making this statement moot The game, especially for a console title of the 90's does a superb job of conveying what's going on by using comicbook like cutscenes- allowing you to see what characters are feeling or their actions, tie this in with full sized characters in battles against animated monsters it really immerses you. You won't find sprites bouncing off one-another to convey a fight, or a sprite turning to show death or something, things are shown really telling the events. Battles are quick and can be hard. You start the battle with a flash and you pick what each member does or select a macro you've made before, then the two side sclash and after that turn is done you pick what to do. You have magic like techniques and ability driven skills, some of which you can actually combine into a team attack to deal out more damage or hit more enemies. The game really has a great setting that only gets better as you play, taking you beyond a single world map and cliche airship to get you around (you actually fight IN the vehicles you get- as in you take control of it and fight monsters!) This is a overlooked RPG, simply because of the platform it was released on, for some reason the Genesis/Mega Drive was ignored in terms of RPGs despite having some top notch ones. Which is odd since this game is now so easily found on a variety of platforms and it's simply great. I've never played a 16bit rpg that had such style, way of conveying emotion and what's going on in a scene. Considering this game was over 100 bucks at the time to get (carts were expensive!) at this price it's a steal.


A fun co-op action game, not exactly scary.

Snotnarok | Nov. 20, 2014 | Review of Resident Evil 6 - PC

I like this game- hold it! Hold your tomatoes and hate for a moment! Look I get it, Resident Evil was a fun horror series with a totally different gameplay style and was horror focused and I agree that's how it SHOULD be. However- capcom dun screwed up and this is the result. On it's own the game is fun co-op, I'm sticking to that for this review as I've only ever played it co-op so just keep that in mind, however I'm going to try to limit comparing this to the other games because frankly these may as well be called: Anti-Terrorism Heroes: EXTREME FORCES The story is dumb, incredibly dumb over the top garbage with things that make no sense and are outright impossible. I'm all for silly goofy games like Earth Defense Force but this is TRYING to be serious. So I guess there's some kinda charm in that in itself but, seriously they have a helicopter smash into a building, grind against the side of a train..IN SLOW-MO while another character tries to pull a NPC into the back and they crash into the street and live. Though I don't think any Resident Evil game ever really had a good story, it was more about the atmosphere and survival aspect. The lines are well acted for the most part but some things no matter how well acted if the writing is dumb, it's gonna be dumb. In short: do not buy this for the story. The gameplay is fun and keeps things moving, you have several campaigns to play through with all different characters and even enemies to deal with. Thankfully they even have some new characters so it's not all fanservice....well okay, every campaign has characters from past games but new ones as well. Leon + Helena, Chris + Pierce and Sherry + Jake. So 3 full campaigns with all sorts of different things going on, locals and unique events. There's all different guns and mechanics to how characters attack (with Melees and what not). So there's a lot of effort in the game, as much as the people who hate this want to deny it, they dropped a lot of crap into this game. It's a fun game to play through, the gameplay is solid and with a friend it's just a load of fun. The game really works well co-op, say what you will you actually have to work together at times and it makes it that much more enjoyable. Also, it's co-op online and split screen, that's REALLY uncommon with PC games so this is welcome. This is only enhanced by the Mercenaries mode which is far far, FAR better on PC- how? They have a mode for PC only that has something like 5x the enemies in the game, it's insane how hard it can be to play and it's great for it. Mercs mode is a sort of survival/time trial mode, it ends when: every enemy has been killed, time runs out (extendable by melee kills or time icons). Each character is playable and has their own different equipment, so there's a lot to be played here- again extended by the PC version having Left 4 Dead 2 characters in it <=awesome. Is it a good game? Well gameplay wise yes it's very fun with a friend, the story is dumb as hell but it ...keeps things moving I guess? Look is it as good as the old R.E. games? They're just not comparable, they're different and yes it's a shame they pulled a left turn with the series like this, especially with RE1 having such an truly incredible remake. But I can't deny this game has been a lot of fun. I know the hate is huge but screw it there's new horror games coming out and we'll get to enjoy those, capcom just ...isn't doing what any of their fans want. So, in short: Fun 2 player local/online co-op game, lots of time to put into it, variety of enemies, characters and weapons if this all sounds good? Give it a go, it's good.


Good but beware.

Snotnarok | Nov. 20, 2014 | Review of Dragon Age II NA - PC

I enjoyed the game quite a bit, it gets a lot of flack for ...I don't know 'being less of an RPG" or something. I honestly don't understand what others issues with this game were, maybe because it uses origin. Everyone is fully voiced in this game, including you, the main character which I feel adds to the immersion. The visuals, specifically the art design is much improved and the presentation as far as the moves are better than the first one. The audio is a step above the previous one, making hits feel more powerful. There seems to be many ways to build a character (I'm not sure, I recently lost my save due to a HDD failure) which can add to replayability. There's certainly more than one way to build the main character as he/she can be whatever you want, rogue, warrior, mage. I enjoyed 1 quite a bit but something was more interesting about 2 somehow. The issue that drags this down for me is, the game has some kind of issue with Nvidia cards that makes it run far more poorly than it should be. I have a i7 4770, 8GB of ram, a EVGA Nvidia GTX 560tiDS and without maxing the game I get around 45-55fps. I've turned off AA, depth of field and A.O. to bring it form 25-30fps. It's something you can find replicated online with other Nvidia card owners. I'm currently looking for a mod of somekind to see if someone has sorted out the performance issues, but no luck so far.. I heard ATI users have no issue so, just keep this in mind when buying. It's a shame because the game is really good, it's like they merged a bit of Mass Effect 2/3 into it to get a more immersive experience and I really enjoyed it because of that.


Great co-op game, not so great Resident Evil game.

Snotnarok | Nov. 4, 2014 | Review of Resident Evil 5 - PC

Let's get this out of the way, no it's not a good Resident Evil, yes there's a bit of inventory managing an rationing but by no means like 1-3. Now that that's out of the way, I'm going to talk about the games merits by itself, okay? Okay. Resident Evil 5 is a co-op game, yes you can play it alone but doing that I've heard nothing but anger and frustration- which may have spawned many of the negative reviews out there. You play as Chris & Sheva and you're trying to survive an trip to Infected Africa, where many of the civilians are infected by some parasite that is not zombie related. The theme of the game is being overwhelmed, constantly. You and your partner will be trying to fend off a lot of people trying to club your face in or run a chainsaw across your face. You'll have to fight and manage your resources on the fly as the game does not pause when you bring up your inventory! You can trade items between you and your friend, so there's not too much worry about someone hogging all the ammo. The game varies it up and you'll find yourself doing ...some what silly things, such as riding on the back of a Humvee with a HMG and minigun trying to keep the locals from destroying your truck, while randomly having to hold a button to make sure you don't get whip lash around a corner, or something. There's a variety of locations, the story is not worth mentioning, but the events in the game are fun. I just cannot stress enough that you bring a friend to this game or it could be a lot less amusing. Back is mercenary mode where you and a friend fight against time in maps to survive and get as many points and combos as possible. Though in the PC version you get a unique mode where they spawn FAR more enemies making it even more wild! ...That said, you cannot play that one co-op without a mod for some reason. Yeah, I know it's ...stupid. The only other downside to this game is, it doesn't include the DLC that was on the console, infact you simply cannot get any of it as far as I've seen. On steam, GMG, or that's a bit lame, but the game that is there is fun! ...Just bring a friend :|


Well made but feels unfinished in a way.

Snotnarok | Nov. 4, 2014 | Review of Devil May Cry 4 Overflow - PC

Let me explain the title right away, the game is very well made and has everything you'd expect from a Devil May Cry game. The reason it feels unfinished is you play the first half of the game as Nero (new character)...then you play as Dante ...reverse through what Nero went through. Granted there's new cutscenes and such but you're literally fighting the same bosses and everything just with Dante who does work 100% different than Nero but it still feels hack-y no matter how well made the game is. The only difference is there might be a different puzzle or new enemies which is where the entertainment really comes in. Going through these new enemies in new combinations. Speaking of enemies and combinations- do not play this game on easy mode. They cut down the enemies to, so you'll never see some enemy types simply because you're on easy mode. I never heard of this till my friend was confused when I was talking about some fights in the game that were hard because of a certain enemy that he never saw. Nero...he's hit or miss, he has a new grabby ability with his demonic arm that lets you yank enemies from a distance or throw them about. His sword has a weird motorcycle rev-up sorta thing to increase damage making for some wild combos. Dantae on the other hand is a maniac, if you played 3 this may make more sense to you. You get all his styles and the same time. You can switch through all of them on the fly with no menu usage or whatever. He's got swords, gauntlets, another different sword, pistols, shotgun, Pandoras Box <an explanation in itself. The game is crazy, it looks nice to this day, runs super well and has PC exclusive features like extra enemies...As in go into a room and instead of 5 enemies there's 20 at the same time. The Bloody Palace is back from 3's different. You'd be better off looking at a youtube video to understand what they did to it. It's by no means bad, just different. So all n' all, it's a solid game but with the above mentioned retreading, some may be off put by that. It's a great port with added options that you'd expect but more features that are a nice bonus.


They went all out.

Snotnarok | Nov. 3, 2014 | Review of Sonic 3 and Knuckles Steam - PC

This is my favorite game in the 2D series, they did just about everything right. With the benefit of time, you get to skip where the games were separate due to time, cartridge space limitations and such. That's right this game was 2 separate carts you could slot together for the full on adventure. To start, the game has some really large levels, not really just the length it's also the height granting the player numerous paths to finish the level making replayability really high. Unique for the time, the levels intermix- where you beat the first act and no screen changes you're into the next act. You'll make a transition via a cannon or pit trap to the next level but it makes the game seem like 1 big adventure which is impressive considering. Each stage has a mini-boss and a boss as well to make sure things stay interesting. The music is great, you'd be hard pressed to find tunes that beat this game then. Only made better by every act having it's own variation or entirely separate song. Yes, the game has been confirmed to have had Michael Jackson working on tracks to some extent- but due to reasons (criminal accusations at the time) all credit was removed. You get to play as 3 characters in this game, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles. Each has their own abilities and heck, even unique paths. -Sonic is fastest, jumps highest, can use alt abilities on shields. -Tails can fly and swim -Knuckles jumps the lowest, can glide, climb walls, smash unique paths open. (he's also the hard mode of the game) It's a huge game and considering the cost today vs then? It's a steal. It's a great game(s) and worth playing if you like platformers. You can tell you went all out considering the details they went into and variety of gameplay they have in here.


Maybe the best in the series, not the best port.

Snotnarok | Sept. 30, 2014 | Review of Dead Rising 3 - PC

The Xbone port hits PC, it looks better, runs at higher res buuut it chuggs in odd spots. Hordes of zombies on screen? Runs fine, turn around? It decides to chug then of all times. If you watch Total Biscuits WTF is of the game, you can see where he plays with the settings more in-depth, showing that many settings seem to have absolutely no impact what-so-ever on framerate which is odd. The game is still being updated and Nvidia is still putting out better drivers so- it may get better. With the port quality out of the way, this may be the best Dead Rising yet, it has modes for all kinds of players. Story mode where you have a LOT more time to do things and Nightmare mode where it operates much more like 1 where you are required to basically always be moving and ready to handle anything. They streamlined a lot of things, magazines no longer take up inventory, you have to pick which one is active. Levels are points you distribute to make the game play like you want; melee/guns/agility/health/inventory/etc. You can still craft weapons, maybe more than ever, but you can craft them wherever you want. You can combine anything, anywhere as long as you have the blueprint which are collectables all over the game map. You also feel less clunky when moving and going about and interesting enough: survivors can be far more helpful depending on who you find. Some won't even follow you, they'll thank you give you PP and run away. (Note: This is on Story mode. I haven't played Nightmare so that may be entirely different). The map is larger than Dead Rising 2 and more open thanks to vehicles and combos with them, allowing you to travel great distances easier. It almost feels GTA in scope but most stores are accessible with things inside to help you survive. I've played Dead Rising 1,2(off the record) and now 3 and I can say this is far easier to get into but also has the difficulty of previous if you want to dive into the Nightmare mode which is open at the start. It may also be the best given the options given. Just be sure you have a nice chunky video card because as I said, the game doesn't seem to run super well at times which may be fixed later but at the time of this review with a GeForce 560TiDS, framerate ranges wildly from mostly playable to choppy.


Great game in co-op only.

Snotnarok | Sept. 20, 2014 | Review of Payday 2 - PC

This game is really really fun, it's a co-op shooter with classes that actually feel different. Each level gains you points to spend into class tress that are easy to understand and are helpful along the way. Enforcers can drop ammo bags and dishout more damage with shotguns while masterminds can control the heists with their voice, telling civilians to help them out, reviving allies from a distance and even getting enemies to cuff themselves to use in hostage trades. There's more classes but...I feel that gives a good idea what to expect. Gameplay is varied, it's not just a horde mode or stealth game (though it can be both of those too). You look over a map and jobs appear over it, when you spot one you like on a difficulty you want you grab and go. You can rob a bank, you can make raid a meth house and ..make meth while the house is being assaulted, rob jewelry stores, move drugs. Each person will find roles, you'll need to drill safes, saw or pick locks, or hell use C4 if you're speced to do that. You need to move bags individually which REALLY makes the game get tense as the police are on you if you're under assault and they will try and grab them if they're left unattended. With stealth it makes the missions lengthy as you need to get them out without being noticed. Maps also have a randomized feature, parts of the heists will change, safes and vaults will be in different locations, skylights can be in ceilings, the escape van will show in different spots. So maps have a lot of replayability especially with 5 difficulty settings that come with different levels of enemies. (5th difficulty is unlockable) There's a variety of unlocks you get randomly during missions that allow you to buy them with in game currency (no micro-transactions or whatever). These unlocks range from guns, masks+colors+textures,cash, exp etc. You have a wide range of guns, wider with DLC from shotguns, pistols, SMGs, rifles, assault rifles, grenade launchers(DLC), sniper rifles(DLC), LMGs (DLC). Okay let me go over the DLC right quick here: There's no need to go grab the DLC though as there's quite the variety of weaponry to choose from and the other guns may not suit your playstyle and such. There's a bunch of DLC free and pay but the devs were good with long as the host has a DLC for say a heist DLC thing? You can play even if you don't own it, just the host requires it and that's it. Here's the issue, the game hinges on playing with people. There are bots who will fill in for any missing players, but they do not move bags, fix or place drills. They're durable gunners who'll help you if you're downed and will come if you call them. (they can also be disabled and not used). So, playing alone will be really impossible when all the responsibilities lie on one player to move bags, fix drills. You'll have to do all the technical parts of the game while the bots cover you which will make it dull. There's an active community and you'll never have trouble the time of writing, to get into a match. Though your mileage will vary with randoms as ...well they're random strangers. NOTE: When reading reviews, or looking up youtube vids, this game is ALWAYS changing as they add new stuff and different things both free and pay, so it can be hard to gauge what you're getting into. I played this game for many hours and stopped for a bit to play some other games, I come back and the maps have more random set ups, and there's new enemies I've NEVER seen before that added a lot of new challenge. Honestly? Got some friends, this game is 100% worth it.


Literally hurt my eyes

Snotnarok | Sept. 15, 2014 | Review of Max Payne 3 Steam - PC

This isn't a game, this is a movie with some bits that you shoot in sometimes. There's so many lengthy videos and yes before you note: these videos mask loading times, which is not an excuse for squat. Seriously you'll be sat watching for up to 20 minutes waiting to play the game you bought, all the while the videos are covered with horrible video effects to immerse you in Max Payne's drunk/stoned mind. It wouldn't be so bad if the entire, game's, videos didn't do this. But it does, even does it sometimes in gameplay, I get it, you're telling me I've harped on about it enough. Well considering I've left sessions with burning eyes and a headache, I'm not sure I have- but I'll cut it short. The gameplay was fun, you shot doods, they reacted and you did it in a variety of locals, it's well voice acted and the set pieces are neat. But the problem is, that's all you do. You basically finish watching a cutscene and you shoot, it's nothing like previous Max Payne titles where you're incontrol of the entire level. All the while you're sat there, stunned at how many cutscenes you're forced to watch and you have to watch most of them as said earlier it's masking load times, MASSIVE ones. Sonic 2006 has NOTHING on this game and it's loading, it's just hidden under a movie here. To stack the crap on top, to play this game not only do you need steam but you need a Rockstar Social Club account for ...some reason and I dunno about you but 2 step DRM is not something I'm a fan of. Previous entries had lengthy comic like cutscenes but they were skippable and there was a lot of running around and shooting to do while voice work may play while you're walking about- keeping you in the game. I cannot say avoid this loading screen of a game enough, what good gameplay there is, is buried under bloated cutscenes. Watch a LP if you must or if you're SO set on this game, go look up an LP that hasn't cut this stuff out to see what you're getting into. As for me, this is 30 GB of game I'm happy to spare my poor eyes and headache filled brain of.


Great job on this one.

Snotnarok | Sept. 10, 2014 | Review of Sonic and SEGA AllStars Racing Transformed - PC

Let me sort this, firstly this is a solid port in the regards that it has online, local split-screen multiplayer and works very easily with 360 and other game pads. Right off the bat the one issue with S.A.R.T. is many of the characters and tracks are locked and you have to unlock them in single player. A major gaming sin where you get this game to play with friends and it requires a little bit to unlock tracks, characters. THAT SAID, a hour or two will unlock a lot of it and you'll have plenty of incredibly made tracks, a nice character roster with different options for how they drive. There's a reason Mario Kart 8 has anti-gravity, because this games track design plays out with 3 vehicle modes, car, boat, plane all of them handling well bringing some car physics into each (drifting as a plane/boat, wot?). Speaking of Mario Kart, know what I never liked about those games? The powerful items, the items that will insure you will have a annoying time in any place above last? The items in this game aren't super powerful, meaning there's more focus on driving well and driving fast. Something I'm happy to see as that was something that always drove me mad about Mario Kart. Enough about that game! I can't say how many tracks there are, but there's a good amount with their own themes, layouts and nostalgic nods to other game series ranging from House of the Dead to Golden Axe. Look, ya like kart racers but don't have a nintendo console or Crash CTR? This isn't a crap clone, this is competition, again the anti-gravity in MK8 really aiding to that argument.


Must have

Snotnarok | Sept. 10, 2014 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

Okay let me start by saying if you get this game, you can basically get 'a free ticket' for the awesome levels in Sonic Unleashed. There's a mod that has all of the day/modern Sonic levels that work in this game with a simple to use mod interface called Sonic GMI. Sonic Generations by itself is 2 games in one, play as Classic Sonic then there's Modern Sonic. Each level will let you play as both, that doesn't mean it's the same level, no, not even close. Classic Sonic only moves in 2D and his levels are very much his own, same with Modern Sonic, they're themed the same with the same gimmicks. Down to having the giant truck chase you in that one Sonic Adventure 2 level you all love so much. Classic Sonic does not have the same handling as he did in the 2D games, it's similar at best. Just have one go at the spindash and you'll get what I mean. Modern Sonic handles like a car out of the game Burnout, you got your fast parts where you're literally drifting around corners and darting around the stage. You'll play through levels that may be familiar to you visually but they're all remade from the ground up for each character and their play style. Only negatives I can think of (without the mod) the game is a bit short, maybe 3 hours if you plough through it, the levels are really fun to replay but that's not everyones cup of tea. There's a lot of challenge levels where you'll engage in going through part of a level with the help of another character to get around or whatever. Oh, and they've got bossfights obviously, revamped and crazy from past games and have a good nostalgic feel to them but are fun otherwise. There's also not much in the way of cutscenes, they're just sorta there to say "Here's a new level!", while this is a major complaint to's a Sonic game, your story was summarized on the back of the box till the Dreamcast. With the Unleashed mod you get 6 more levels about, and if you're really feeling like modding the game you can play as anyone from Sonic to Knuckles, Blaze a real hedgehog, Robotnik himself. Bit of a disjointed review but honestly the game is worth it if you like platformers or just going crazy fast.


Solid action RPG

Snotnarok | Sept. 10, 2014 | Review of Beyond Oasis (1) - PC

You play Ali, you find a golden armlet and find that you need to go to dungeons and free spirits who will help you as you find them through said dungeons. It looks like Zelda but plays a bit differently, you have abilities you do by doing fighting game like moves on the Dpad (quarter circle, forward back forward etc) and then your armlets ability to summon spirits from the elements they're in tune with. The game looks great, has a simple story, has a bunch of areas to explore and the spirits you summon offer unique ways to fight/get around that you don't see in other titles. It's one major downfall is the music is just bland, this carried over to it's prequel on the Saturn so I don't know what's up with that. It's a fun game to be sure.


Great game, with more content than you think

Snotnarok | Nov. 4, 2013 | Review of Sonic Generations - PC

Sonic Generations is criminally overlooked because of previous 3D Sonic titles quality being mixed at best. They put a lot of effort into this game and it shows in every level, the PC port is no slouch either. The game is beautiful and the visual style very pleasing, to best explain the game with Modern Sonic you run at speeds that would make Burnout games blush. You are crazy fast, so fast Sonic can drift around tight turns. Classic Sonic plays, as you expect; like his classic counterpart, it's by no means EXACT, he feels different for sure but it's good. There's 2 acts to each level and about 9 levels, several boss fights have been remade, oh er, yes each level's style is taken from a previous Sonic title ranging from Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant, Planet Wisp, Sea Side Hill. To further this game's level of amusement, a great mod out there: Project Unleashed is a very easy to install mod that adds the day levels from Sonic Unleashed, the levels this game's modern Sonic levels were based on. There's ...maybe 7 levels to be had there, all ported over perfectly, and these levels were only previously on Console prior to this so it's just really great to have this option. I'm not one to blindly enjoy games based on maker, or who's in it, I've not liked many of Sonic's 3D outings, but this one really did a great job of bringing both Classic and Modern gameplay into one well made game.


Crackdown and Prototype, eat your heart out

Snotnarok | Aug. 28, 2013 | Review of saints row iv Post - PC

Saints Row has always been a more comical version of GTA with over the top stuff like dildo swords and cesspool trucks that you can use on houses. Saints Row has gone the whole hog and has given you super powers, super sprint, ice blast, fire blast, lift people with your mind, then fire them several blocks away with ease? Or just lift them to drain health. You can leap several stories high and with an unlock system you progressively get stronger. But Snotnarok, aren't cars now useless? To a degree yes, but you can also power them up so Nitrus allows you to plow through traffic. But Snot! Doesn't these powers make the game easy? ..What? No! The aliens are relentless, they teleport in, or take people over Agent Smith style (Matrix), send UFOs, Terminators, and even super powered aliens after you, and it's not easy to shake them. You've been nerfed as well, you don't have regenerating health, to regain health you need to kill enemies and pick up the health bits they drop. The game is solid, funny and considering how poorly Crackdown 2 and Prototype 2 were made this game really stands alone without competition. Infact if you have played Prototype, Hulks Ultimate Destruction or Crackdown a lot of these powers may seem familiar...and that's a good thing in my book. I'm maybe a bit bias as I've fallen in love with the series, but I can assure you it's a great port and just a fun game to play. Saints Row 4 however doesn't replace Saints Row 3 as they're completely different, SR3 is more GTA styled. Avoid Saints Row 2 on PC, it's an amazing game but the port is very lack luster and you'll need a more powerful machine than typically recommended.


A new players perspective

Snotnarok | July 19, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Anniversary Steam - PC

I've only played Tomb Raider 2 back when that was new on the PSOne, while I remember it being good platformy fun I don't have a lot of experience with the TR series. Infact I've avoided it because of a lot of negativity that was around the series after the 3rd game. I decided to pick this up on sale because I'm a huge fan of games like Flashback:Quest for Identity, Uncharted, etc and I was very very pleasantly surprised with this title. As an updated game you expect them to shove in modern mechanics like regenerating health or ammo stock piles. No, the game offers health packs, ammo where you find it as a reward as your pistols are infinite. The game runs smoothly and the mechanics offer more variables in platforming than seen in todays modern games like Uncharted, also routes are not always obvious which is nice instead of everything shining or being highlighted. The game is a splendid port with options varying from widescreen to nicer textures and PC specific visuals. The game is not Uncharted visually but it does look and move very nicely, as someone who's not been with the TR series I recommend this as a new player and fan of the series. Crystal Dynamics did a awesome job from where Core left off.


A fun romp

Snotnarok | July 3, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite v2 DLC Bundle - PC

I'm not all the way through the game, maybe 7 missions+ in, the other reviewers don't seem to enjoy the way the game functions, however the game is fun if you're looking for a fun shooter that does solid sniping with a variety of ways to adjust the difficulty. The difficulty adjustments allow you to change how bullets behave (bullet drop, breathing etc, you can increase how it effects shots or turn these functions off), how smart enemies are and the like. I didn't see a problem with the close range combat as that's something you should be avoiding and are granted the means of keeping distance: a sniper rifle, landmines,trip mines, rocks to distract enemies...if they manage to get past all this you have a SMG and pistol (one of them silenced if you so chose), the handling is only clunky if your heartrate is up. The game is by no means a sim, you will be sniping gas caps on full on tanks and they somehow detonate. If you have an interest in sniping in shooters this really is a good romp, it's not like there's a lot of options for games you are supposed to strictly snipe, but even then this game stands out and does well.


Superior in every way to Borderlands 1

Snotnarok | July 2, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 NA Overflow 1 - PC

Borderlands 1 was a fun game but had some issues this game clears up. Borderlands 2 offers similar gameplay with more gun variety-including ways the guns function, better vehicle handling & more vehicles, a more diverse cast of characters with their own unique abilities, a more present story with more interesting things happening. Better yet the multiplayer is far easier to get into because it's not using the bloody gamespy service! It will tell you which of your friends are playing in the main menu with the lvl and class they're using, and party members can even hop in and out of your game easily.Told you it was better all around! :D Better yet it's no shovelware to PC, you get a wide array of options to adjust to get the game running smoothly on your PC as well as offering options that make it surpass the console version visually. It runs well even on my older 2.66 core 2 duo CPU/Nvidia 560 machine with only a few things on medium settings. The game is certainly best played with friends, so find someone to play with and hop in a match and shoot some jerks!