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SnowQueen | Nov. 13, 2014 | Review of Middleearth Shadow of Mordor - PC

The game really is, You can spend hours just running around hunting down the urks you want to kill. Run into new ones along the way, or old ones trying to hunt you down. The story is inviting with an old face tossed into the mix, it will have LOTR fans having ohh moments and maybe bring in new fans just from the game itself. Plenty to do, plenty to see and you can even have fun in other ways too! (Like leading urks into the path of a monster and watching the show, providing you don't become the show your self) Worth the buy.


Nice and slow

SnowQueen | Nov. 13, 2014 | Review of Alien Isolation (1) - PC

Running around like a gun crazy fanatic will get you no where in this game. It's all about the stealth and I loved every heart pounding moment of it. You really do need to take your time, have a headset and the lights off to really feel the tension this game can bring you. It will get slightly frustrating at times but this isn't meant to be a game you can just sit down and play all the way through, your going to need to take brakes. Well worth the money, I really can't fault it, the crafting system is neat, the equipment you pick up all has its uses, the Alien is terrifying and unpredictable at times. You are going to die, a lot...... like a lot. Fan or not, if you like horror, get it.


You're a Croft.

SnowQueen | May 24, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Steam Overflow 2 - PC

Get use to that saying because you'll be hearing it a lot. Lara has a firm place in my gaming heart, she's someone I always wanted to be when I was a little girl. Big boobies and all. So I was very excited when I heard they were making a new game. Was I disappointed like some fans were, no, I can't say I was at all. Strait from the get go poor Lara is put through the ringer, We already seen from the trailer that lovely moment she falls and gets a re-barb through the side for her trouble. Is that the worst of it, 'fraid not. The poor girl gets battered and bruised through the entire game. we see a insecure girl with a golden heart become the Lara croft we all love and admire albeit with a few scratches to go. The games view over all is stunning, the lighting in points of the game is very well done showing the love the creators put into the island. Lara herself is a stunning creature we see slowly change through the entire game (Her looks that is). As for her hair, well if you have a PC that can handle it you can for sure see the difference with the option on and I would strongly recommend it. Game play wise the bow is you're friend if you want to play through without getting caught, but otherwise the range of weapons is good, on the harder difficulty ammo is a bit harder to come by but that's to be expected. The story flows well, bringing you and Lara into a world you never thought existed and forcing Lara to think back and see things in a different light. I would whole heartedly recommend this game if you're a fan of the old/young Lady and would recommend the game to people who like exploration puzzles and story oriantainted game play. It took me about 12hs to complete but that was with a 70-80% complete ratio. I do hope we see you again Miss Croft, a spot of tea would be lovely with you.