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Great ambition, but plagued by long periods of boredom.

Snuggle | June 20, 2012 | Review of Anno 2070 - PC

I love the premise of ANNO 2070, mainly because it completely changed the ANNO series, taking it from centuries gone by to a grand vision of the future, where global warming has escalated, and water levels risen dramatically. The player has to secure basic amenities, like food and power, for his/her citizens, whilst trying to expand technologically and economically. Unfortunately, there a long periods of boredom and idleness involved, as you often have to sit and wait for certain things to complete, without anything else to do.


The same high standard you'd expect

Snuggle | June 20, 2012 | Review of Fifa 12 - PC

Having not played a new FIFA game in years, I can't really comment on the specific changes from this version to the previous versions, so all I can say is that everything is the way you'd expect it to me...and for FIFA, that's quite alright. There's a vast number of leagues to start playing in, and especially manager mode is fun, especially when starting with a low-league team and slowly leading them to the top (admittedly, the longest I've lasted is four seasons). Like the above user, I recommend I gamepad too, as the keyboard controls are slightly unresponsive at times.