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Great Deal

Solictice | Sept. 13, 2012 | Review of THQ 5Pack - PC

Bought this pack while it was 50% cheaper, and then added the 25% coupon. So only €9 for 5 great games! Metro 2033 has been on my want to play list for ages. The graphics and atmosphere are amazing. 8/10 Saints Row 2 was one of my favourite xbox360 games, and felt much more like San Andreas then GTAIV did. Want to run around in a mankini while causing total mayhem? Go ahead, you can do it. 8/10 Company Of Heroes has to be my favourite RTS ever. Great graphics when it was released, and up to today it's still pretty good for a RTS. Gameplay wise it's stunning, it's not a nobrain farming RTS. You have to capture points to increase the unit cap, and defend these points. 9.5/10