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Solosmoke | Sept. 16, 2013 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Legendary Edition - PC

I don't even know where to start with this game... Originally I bought it on PS3 and loved every minute of it. My son say watching like he was watching a film he loved it that much. But such an amazing game, visually and gameplay wise, comes with a terrible price... your life! Any spare time you had, will vanish. Any plans you had for that coming weekend, cancelled. Wife wants you to come to bed early for some "cuddling"? Well, maybe it can wait an hour or so... This game is incredible and the expansions just increase the multitude of possibilities within the game. As standard, the game is beautiful to look at and with the addition of various mods available, it can be made to look pretty much perfect, with water effects and tree foliage to buildings, armour and animal skins. The leveling system was different to other RPG's I'd played which was worrying at first but then I came to love it and find myself wishing other games would adopt it... because I might /might/ be tempted to play them when taking a break from this. I did manage to stop once... then one day I got a little bored and thought I'd check in and do a quest or two, 3 weeks later and a full beard equipped, I turned the computer off and ventured outside to see if the world had ended. The only criticism I can think of present is the lack of "character" the characters have. The famous (or infamous?) line "I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow...ARGH!" (SHUT UP!! Whoops, now the guards are after me!) is said by every guard in every outpost and town! There are few towns where your allegiance has an impact on how you are greeted and treated but despite that, the story is pretty impressive and would, in my opinion, make for an interesting film if not series. Dungeons & Dragons had some pretty awful films made but it hasn't done the franchise any harm (no more so than the players themselves anyway) so why not? The warring factions and the warrior chosen by fate destined to save the land from a greater threat isn't a new plot by any means but with the fanbase? It'd be well received... Anyway... (sorry, tangient)... Incredible story, amazing visuals, awesome gameplay, annoying npcs, interesting interactions great development throughout the game and brilliant DLCs (Definitely worth getting legendary version, it's worth the extra!). So stop wasting valuable time, buy it, download it, mod it, love it and LIVE IT! Might want to hand in holiday request forms at work now too, just in case. Add a little more variety to the npcs and their interactions and increase the effects of the players choices and it would be 100 rating, until then, it receives a still incredible score of 98


Pretty average game. Entertaining but not brilliant.

Solosmoke | Sept. 16, 2013 | Review of Empire Earth 3 - PC

As the title says, the game is a good game. Visually it looks good, gameplay is pretty standard; not too simple or over complicated. It's a step up from previous titles. I enjoyed the mix of Risk like strategy along with the typical RTS gameplay and found myself losing hours at a time playing each scenario without noticing, only coming up for air when I needed a drink etc. The factions, each having their own units and abilities are interesting and the effects of researching and special buildings make a noticeable difference on the units. Resources has been simplified and I don't really like the way it has gone, only needing wealth and "natural resource" now, makes the play focused more on combat and land acquisition which I guess some would like but personally, I'm not a fan of it.I like more depth than that. But as I said, overall it was a good game but nothing to set it apart from all other RTS games. Fans of the series wouldn't be disappointed and new comers will enjoy it as well but it's nothing to write home about, as they say.


A rival for Sim City!

Solosmoke | Sept. 16, 2013 | Review of Cities XL Platinum - PC

I held off getting this game because in the past, most city sim games have proven to be lacking, the latest installment by Maxis included, but after the let down with the latest Sim City I thought I'd give this a go and wow! I haven't regretted it yet. Does it have bugs? Yes, but so does Sim City 4 and Sim City 2012 and are easily overlooked. The detailing is incredible, the dynamics are immense, the replayability is definitely there! And another great part is that it has tons of mods available on various sites which increase the games beauty and variety.