Reviews by SonicusZ


One of the best lego games.

SonicusZ | April 6, 2014 | Review of LEGO Marvel Superheroes NA - PC

If you've played and enjoyed the other lego games you'll love this. It's more of the same type great gameplay that all the lego games have. It includes a huge open world to explore, tons of unlockables, Many characters to play as and a fun story to play through. And of course it's a blast to play through with a friend. The pacing on this game seemed to be improved over previous lego games as well! So overall this is a very fun lego game!


Fun but lacking

SonicusZ | April 6, 2014 | Review of Titanfall - PC

This is a really fun game however I got bored with it after about 10 hours. This game is a fast paced multiplayer only shooter somewhat similar to the call of duty series. Pros: The movement is really faced with the ability to wall run and double jump which kind of reminds me of the unreal tournament games and it makes moving around much more fun compared to other shooters. The game of course includes titans which are very easy to control and can mix up the gameplay a bit. The servers are actually very stable and the game also controls very well! Cons: This game didn't do all that much unique stuff with the weapons, with only a handful of weapons to unlock and most of them are your standard military type gun. Also the campaign was nothing more than a few multiplayer matches thrown together which takes about 2 hours to complete and is only worth playing to unlock the other 2 titans. The game also only has 5 game modes and 15 maps so once you get used to the new running mechanics and the titans there really isn't all that much left to the game. Also the graphics while not bad isn't anything special and considering how this game is the first big xbox one game I was expecting a bit more than something that looks like a 360 game running in HD. The performance is also kind of odd. The game runs very well on everything I've tested it on except I have to drop the textures down quite a bit which I find rather odd since they don't even look that good maxed out and my gaming rig has no problem maxing out bf4 along with pretty much every other game. In conclusion this is a decent game with lots of potential but feels like it is lacking a lot of stuff. I personally feel like it wasn't worth full price but if you are the type of person that loves the multiplayer portion of CoD and is fine with not having a campaign along side it you'll probably love this as well.


This game is EPIC!

SonicusZ | Feb. 4, 2014 | Review of Brutal Legend - PC

If you enjoy metal music and hack and slash games Get This!!! This is an awesome hack and slash type of game with RTS elements! It has a great story! It can be quite funny at times and is simply a blast to play! I'm on my second playthrough of this game right now and it still makes me smile! The humor throughout is very nice and I feel like I keep learning new strategies with the gameplay! It has an amazing world to explore and a lot to do! Check it out!


Best graphics yet. Okay gameplay!

SonicusZ | Feb. 4, 2014 | Review of Crysis 3 NA - PC

Okay this game looks amazing. I have actually stopped playing and just admired the graphics at a few spots and there have even been a couple situations that the graphics helped me. Like in multiplayer when I'm hiding next to a tunnel filled with water and I can tell if someone is going through the tunnel based off the light reflecting off the water! So if you got a nice PC this is the game to show it off! Now on to gameplay. The multiplayer is fun for a little while but not all that original. The hunter mode is probably the most unique and my favorite. The single player is fun and offers great combat and lets you explore here and there. It is still nothing compared to what the first crysis was and the game is also really short. I really wish this game was longer since I did enjoy playing it but because of it's length I'd recommend buying this only if it's really cheap!


My favorite tower defense

SonicusZ | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate - PC

This is a very fun tower defense game. Unlike most tower defense games in this one you actually control a character. You move the character over to trees that you can then turn into towers. You also have to move your character over to collect the coins and gems to get more and better towers. Just don't touch the enemies! There are a bunch of unique towers to buy/unlock along with the ability to upgrade them. The difficulty progresses very well. It slowly introduces you to new enemies giving you plenty of time to learn a good way to take them out! This game also supports local and online co-op play! With a good amount of maps to play on, co-op support and simply good tower defense gameplay this is my favorite tower defense game!


Lots of online fun!

SonicusZ | Dec. 31, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 NA (1) - PC

Battlefield 4 is a very fun game. The single player is quite exciting. The areas switch up quite a bit from more open areas and into small close quarters areas as well. The game looks fantastic! Some areas in the single player just blew me away! The multiplayer is where this game really shines though. It's basically the same as BF3 but with improved destruction and I found all the maps to be very well made! Also I found that if you want to play something other than conquest the other gametypes are actually set up well unlike in BF3. Even TDM which I hated in the 3rd one is actually decent this time around! This game did have some major issues for the first few weeks but as of right now the game seems to be very stable!