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Good Game almost Great

Soured | Oct. 17, 2013 | Review of Fallout New Vegas Bethesda - PC

The game is both a setback and an improvement on Fallout 3. The story line is much better with less plot holes than the last one. You get a great immersion in the game too since you want to succeed against the antagonist so much (no spoilers). The game has many different factions each with their own quest line so there's a lot of room for choices. The game has a lot of cut content however and is definitely not stable. World design is lacking since so much was cut, many large settlements aren't as large and extensive as they were back in Fallout 3. The graphics are kind of lacking but many mods have been made to improve it. The game crashes ALL THE TIME. Probably about once an hour depending on how good your comp is. It has a lot of random lag spikes and your patience runs thin quickly. There's a large mod community including some that almost double the content in the game for FREE. It's a great game and you'll enjoy it if you enjoyed Fallout 3. Behind how badly it runs is a game you can spend 100 hours on easily and still not discover everything.