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Fun little 3rd person 4v4 Arena Game

Spaceship | June 6, 2014 | Review of Nosgoth Veteran Pack - PC

I'm actually really enjoying this game more than I thought I would. While it borrows from a lot of games, it doesn't really play like anything else. If I have to compare it, it's like a combination of Savage 2 without the strategy elements, Left For Dead 2's multiplayer and Smite without the levelling or purchasing during the game. The refreshing parts about the game is the fact that it is not ever a mirror match of classes and abilities. As a human player, you are pretty much going to be playing the game like a 3rd person shooter and fighting re-actively and trying to focus fire and cc the vampires. As a vampire, you're working with your team to set up the perfect ambush and combination of abilities to break apart the humans in order to turn the inevitable battle into a series of 1v1's. Because you're constantly swapping between the two sides of gameplay and because there is some customization of abilities, weapons, perks, and class, it makes for a multiplayer game that hasn't stagnated in my first 30 hours. That's certainly more than what can be said about some AAA multiplayer only titles, isn't it? There is another mode of gameplay available, but I don't think there are going to be enough people to play it until the game is open beta... so there may be even more game-life through that en route.