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Interesting reboot

Speed4Runs | Feb. 2, 2014 | Review of Tomb Raider overflow 4 - PC

Tomb Raider is the reboot of one of the best series in video gaming: Tomb Raider. The question is... "is it worth its title"? The answer is yes, partially. First off, if I should consider all elements in common with all other Tomb Raiders, I would rate this 2/10 as a TR game. BUT it's still a great game in which you spend a lot of time having fun. You shouldn't consider it a real TR, but play it as a survival/action-adventure game. The gameplay has been greatly improved, considered the one featured in Underworld, but it's also a lot easier. WAY too easy! The tombs are pretty funny to play, though. Graphics are impressive, really detailed, but also a bit bugged, probably caused by low detail distance. Performance is ok/good, but you will encounter some problems with old PCs. Graphics + performance: 6.5 I really LOVE the fact that they chose not to use godrays for the sun. They used it instead for the sky, for the fog etc., which is a really impressive and brave choice. It looks way better and realistic imo. Textures are just amazing as well as all other effects. Shadows are truly awesome. There's a problem with the landscapes after the beginning of the game, because they look... fake, not realistic. They look more PS2-like. There are also some (mostly shadows) problems which are probably caused by a limited details distance. The performance is pretty good generally, but if you enable TressFX, it can slow down significantly if there are visuals near to Lara's hair. Plot: 6.75 Very interesting plot. There are some cool twists, at the right time, but they didn't "hit" me that much, since most of the characters aren't developed and you hardly see them during the game. But while they're neglected, I really enjoyed Lara's transformation, her development during the game, which is really well done. The base plot will always make you want to hear more, and it has a lot of questions. Longevity: 6.5 Big enough world, above average base-champaign, and good replayability. Finding all secrets will take you up some time, if you won't use any guide, although the instinct really helps you too much. Gameplay: 6.63 Too easy gameplay, (also thanks to the instinct...) yet very funny and cool. I liked a lot all new survival aspects of the game, which were well combined with the adventure/action part of the game. I hardly ever felt bored while playing this. Sound: 7.5 The best thing is that you can hear Lara breathing. This makes the game so realistic. All Lara's monologues are really cool too, as well as the dubbing. Soundtracks are good, but they're not a too high level. The sounds in general are mind blowing. Final score: 67/100 Unbelievably well done, amazing game. Recommended to everyone!


Weird videogame

Speed4Runs | Feb. 2, 2014 | Review of Anna Extended Edition - PC

Anna is a really weird videogame which combines the point and click genre with horror. Throughout Anna you will witness many weird and paranormal events which, some of them, will leave you breathless. It's very funny as well as interesting, but it lacks a good longevity and gameplay innovations, although it's somehow advanced considering the average point and click games. The plot is deep and really interesting. Graphics + performance: 5.75 Very enjoyable graphics, clean, and rich of post processing effects; yet, they're also simple, especially the shadows, which lack of any kind of newly-discovered effects (soft shadows etc.) Light effects are really cool, which are sometimes even artistic and they make a really good looking, colorful, atmosphere. The performance is pretty good generally, but when you're too close to a wall/object, the game starts to lag with big fps drops (probably caused by high poly models?) Plot: 6.5 Very good plot which makes you want to hear more and more throughout the game. There are many endings, all of which are really interesting. Longevity: 4.5 If you feel you're stuck in the game, it may takes you a while to know what you should do next, but once you discover it, you will most probably finish the game with the "Truth" ending, the longest one, in a not so long time. It doesn't really last long enough. Gameplay: 5.5 Advanced version of most point & click gameplays. It doesn't have anything innovative, though. Having a full 3D-world, instead of playing with photos, in this game genre it's really cool. Even though it's funny to play, after a while you may find it boring because it's repetitive and it's very basic (you can't run, you can't jump, you can just walk and use your inventory). Sound: 6.75 Awesome soundtracks and excellent background sounds. Voice acting is ok, but it could be improved. Final score: 58/100 Really good game. Recommended to those who like paranormal things...


The darkest Hitman

Speed4Runs | Jan. 21, 2014 | Review of Hitman Contracts - PC

Hitman: Contracts is a very dark and "sad" Hitman game which features a gameplay similar to Hitman 2: Silent Assassin's, but improved. You can use a sedative syringe which works just like the one in Blood Money, so it's a replacement of the anaesthetic in H2: Silent Assassin. Like in Hitman 2, after finishing a mission you won't get any money reward, but you will get special weapons instead (for SA ranking). Graphics are the ones featured in Hitman 2 but updated, although they look "dirtier". The plot is nice, but not deep or with many twists. There are some cool easter eggs. Many missions are just Hitman: Codename 47 missions revisited, in a darker way, and some are totally new. It's really cool to replay older Hitman missions with new graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and totally remade maps. Graphics/performance: 6.5 Graphics are improved from Hitman 2, and they're pretty good, although they're not impressive. HL2 surely has way better graphics, but these are still nice. The best thing about Hitman Contracts is its dark atmosphere, which is really amazingly done even graphically. Performance is very good, I remember I could play it without any problems in a VERY old computer. Gameplay: 5.75 The gameplay is very good, but it doesn't have any particularly impressive innovation than the older Hitman. It just feels like Hitman 2, even the gameplay mechanics. Plot: 5.25 Basic but nice plot. You will enjoy it throughout the game asking yourself what is actually going on in the game. Longevity: 5 It's a bit under the average. For some people it can be short to complete and for others it can be a long game, but it has anyway not too many missions and there's no possibility to play any custom missions or something like Contracts mode in Absolution. Yet, you can make the game last longer by recompleting it trying to score SA on all missions (this can make it last a lot). Sound: 7.25 Awesome sound which really fits the gloomy game atmosphere and very good voice acting. Final score: 60/100 Definitely a must have for Hitman and stealth fans. Really good and fun (to play) game. Given the (very low) price, I would recommend this game to anyone.


Amazing bundle

Speed4Runs | Nov. 29, 2013 | Review of Portal Bundle - PC

Portal is a very innovative game, and Portal 2 is an advanced version of the first one. The major difference between Portal (1) and Portal 2 is that the first one has an amazing performance and graphics ratio, while Portal 2 has some kind of poor performance and somehow improved graphics from the first one. The innovation is the portal gun which is very funny and can blow your mind. Portal 1 has very easy puzzles and ends soon, while Portal 2 has harder puzzles (yet not too hard) and it lasts longer. Graphics + performance: 6.25/10 Portal 1 has very good graphics which are very clean and an amazing performance; Portal 2 has improved graphics (though not so much) and poor performance. Gameplay: 7/10 Amazing and innovative gameplay for both games. Longevity: 5.75/10 Portal 1 ends too soon, while Portal 2 lasts way more (although it's still not a so long game). Sound: 7.5/10 They both have some amazing soundtracks and dubbing, and the radio "easter egg" simply blows your mind. Awesome. Plot: 6/10 Very good plot with some twists. It's very enjoyable and intriguing. Final score: 65/100 Very good bundle. I recommend this to everyone.


Back to basics

Speed4Runs | Sept. 20, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Anniversary Steam - PC

Tomb Raider Anniversary finally brings back all the best classic Tomb Raider elements and combines them with the new gameplay style featured in Legend. This is the best "new Tomb Raider" game. Why? Well, first of all, there are many levels, if compared to Legend and Underworld (although they're less if compared to the first Tomb Raider). Also, you have multiple weapons and you have big and small medkits. You can take a lot of them, and, of course, all ammos for all weapons. Although it's a remake of the first TR and as so it should feature very realistic, next-gen graphics, developers didn't care very much about them, infact this is still an old-gen game. Instead, they tried to focus more on abient and on gameplay, which makes of Anniversary an amazing game. There are still some critics about some gameplay elements which were present in Legend too, but this time they're not invasive at all. They just make the game better and funnier. You can find some secrets which can be medkits or ammo (although they're not listed as secrets) or they can be artifacts and relics. Graphics + performance: 6 *Graphics: 6. If we look at them with an old-gen eye, then they're amazing. Some cool effects were introduced such as real DoF. Textures are AMAZING, really excellent quality, but shadows aren't many and their quality isn't that good. The problem with the graphics is that, since it's a 2007 game, I have to look at it as a next-gen game, or better, compare it with some 2007 next-gen game like Crysis. Well, then there's no comparision, because TRA graphics, in this case, are very bad. *Performance: 6.25. Surprisingly, I found this game, which has better graphics, way smoother than old-gen Legend, with a lot of different computers. Very good. Plot: 6.25 Very enjoyable and very interesting. Deep sometimes. Gameplay: 6.5 VERY funny and nice. This is, after Angel of Darkness, the perfect combination between old style and new style. Sound: 6.75 Very good and sometimes amazing soundtracks and dubbing. Longevity: 6 It's way more longer than Legend and Underworld. Levels are long enough, and there are many of them. Final score: 63 Very good. I recommend this to anyone.


A new route for Tomb Raider series

Speed4Runs | Sept. 20, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider Legend Steam - PC

This is what we can define a "modern Tomb Raider". The gameplay has been totally renewed and it has been both simplified and made more advanced. You can do many more actions, in comparision with older Tomb Raiders, especially a lot of kind of very nice jumps and "sommersaults". It's easier than older Tomb Raiders, though. For example, when you are just about to falling down, you will NOT fall down, because you will automatically "climb" the wall and stay hung instead of falling down and dying. The graphics engine of the game is totally new and divided in two major categories: next-gen version and old-gen. Next gen contents enable various effects which will change drastically the graphics and sometimes change totally the textures (for example, when you enable next gen contents in Bolivia, the landscape seems to be way more arid and dry). Premising that this is a 2006 game, next gen contents are very advanced and innovative, especially if we compare them to other 2006 games such as Hitman: Blood Money, which has better shadows, but less effects. The plot is pretty good, it has some twists and it's very interesting. This means that you will really enjoy it. Longevity is very bad. I mean, missions aren't short at all, but they aren't MANY like the other Tomb Raiders. In fact, this is the first Tomb Raider that can be completed in a little time. There aren't many weapons and only two weapons (pistols included) can be carried (this is sad). Maximum number of medkits is ridiculous. That's because they may wanted to make Tomb Raider a more "real" game, but it has no sense, since it has always been a fanstastic game. Have you ever seen dinosaurs, monsters who are like the loch ness one, giant statues that come alive, etc.? So what's the point on making it just more frustrating with a total weapons number which most probably isn't more than 4-5, MP5 and M4 included(!!!)!? Shadows quality is mediocre, although, sometimes, you find them more often than in Underworld. Soundtracks and dubbing are very good. Graphics + performance: 4.75 *Graphics: 5.5: -Old-gen: 4.75. Half-Life 2 has better graphics than old-gen Tomb Raider Legend. Water is nice, but not real. Shadows are almost missing, and textures are ok. Very good reflections and "wet" effects. -New-gen: 6.25. Very good. Water simulation is very good and I love it, but reflections and Water quality aren't great. Sometimes, you won't even be able to see the sea floor, just as if it was mud... Shadows are ok, and textures are pretty good. *Performance: 4.25 : -Old-gen: 4.5. It's very heavy for older computers; it's very smooth for newer computers, though. But if we take a look at the graphics, the performance is pretty bad. New-gen: 4.25: you'll get about the same performance as Underworld, with the difference that Underworld has better graphics in many other aspects. Plot: 6.25 Very good, enjoyable and interesting plot. Gameplay: 6 Innovative for Lara, although it's a gameplay that has been used in many other games. It's basically jump, cling to a handhold, shoot, jump, etc. The "cling to a handhold" is especially used in many other games, and in a mainstream, non-innovative way. Sound: 6.75 Very good and sometimes amazing soundtracks and dubbing. Longevity: 4.5 It's ok for most games, since many can even be completed in a few hours, but it's very bad for Tomb Raider. Final score: 57 Pretty good. I recommend it to all players who like adventure games and love jumping around all time.


An unfinished modern classic

Speed4Runs | Aug. 11, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider VI The Angel of Darkness - PC

TR: AoD is an AMAZING game, but it could be a real masterpiece, if it didn't get rushed up (it got released too much early and it wasn't finished). I'm amazed to see how developers kept all classic and fantastic "items" of classic Tomb Raiders and blend them with some modern gameplay. All crazy Lara's jumps and movements which made older games fun (because they were DIFFERENT from reality, instead of newer Tomb Raiders which are just too much realistic, and that's how games should be: fantastic and different from reality) got improved and they're now more realistic and natural. So, you can still do all cool huge jumps and you can still be a really strong woman, but more "naturally" and you will have to improve your strength, stamina, etc. during the game. The Angel of Darknes represents the classic Tomb Raider games in a complete version (in terms of gameplay). The bad point is that it was released too early and some cool parts were cut, so that, sometimes, you will feel just as there is something missing. The plot is amazing, deep and has some twists. Graphics are AWESOME, it's unbelievable how a 2003 game can be that good looking. Amazing reflections, DoF, good textures, effects, good shadows, and a lot of things... ... but it's also unbelievable how a 2003 game can lag on a 2010 computer. In fact, it's poorly optimized. Oh, and soundtracks are mind blowing, probably the best featured on all Tomb Raider games! Graphics + performance: 6 *Graphics: 7.75 - unbelievable *Performance: 3.75 - very bad Plot: 6 It's very good and deep. I really enjoyed it. Gameplay: 7 It's somehow innovative, because it merges classic gameplay with a modern and a more realistic one. Longevity: 5 It's long enough, but it could've been even more, if it didn't get rushed up. Sound: 7.5 AMAZING soundtracks, or better, mind-blowing! Dubbing is very good. Final score: 63 Very good game, I recommend it to anyone!


It's okay

Speed4Runs | Aug. 11, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider V Chronicles - PC

Yeah, it's just okay, and it's NOT good for a Tomb Raider game. This, somehow, became a "sold-out" game. Every feeling that was present on other Tomb Raider games doesn't exist here. Oh, and it's a short game. We went from about 20-35 long levels to 13 short ones. Actually, third, eighth, ninth, and tenth levels DID have the old Tomb Raider feelings, but the rest is easy and without many traps. Graphics are very good, if we consider it a <2000 game, but it isn't, since we're on (or maybe almost) next gen era. Gameplay is still good and sounds too. Graphics + performance: 6.5 *Graphics: 6 - Not much innovation, if we compare it to The Last Revelation, and it deserves it only if we think about it as a "classic" Tomb Raider. *Performance: 7 - Same as The Last Revelation: very good on most PCs. Gameplay: 6 Basically, it's the same as The Last Revelation, with some additions. The major difference between these two games is that on TLR it was used in an amazing way, while here, it's just very easy. Plot: 5.75 Well, you can't tell many things about the story, since they're all "fragmented" memories from some Lara adventures. You can say that it's a nice plot because it follows the amazing one that comes before it. Sound: 6.5 Very good soundtracks and dubbing. Longevity: 4.75 Very disappointing. This is a very short game (although I wouldn't say that it's as short as Underworld). Final score: 59 Good/okay. I would recommend it only to those who like very much its adventure genre and don't care about its longevity.


Another classic Tomb Raider, another masterpiece

Speed4Runs | Aug. 10, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider III - PC

Same story as Tomb Raider II: TR III Adventures of Lara Croft brings out all goodies of older Tomb Raiders and improves them. Now, we will be able to do even more moves, such as sprint, and crouch. Lara moves more "naturally" and graphics improved very much (in fact, it's a bit more laggy than TR2). There are really good light effects and water colors, related to the zone which you are playing. Yeah, there are different zones, and this time, they're many: antarctica, jungle, temples, London, cathedrals, South Pacific, and many others. This is a very long and hard game. I suggest you to buy it immediately! Graphics + performance: 6.75 *Graphics: 7.5 - Simply amazing! Light effects are VERY good, as well as water, and textures improved drastically! *Performance: 5.75 - It's not as good as graphics, since it may lag on older PCs, but it's still good and enough to enjoy this amazing game. Plot: 6.75 It's very good and it features some twists. Sometimes, you will remain without words! Longevity: 7.5 VERY long game, which features a lot of missions which are VERY long. And since it's fun, you will hardly ever stop playing it. Gameplay: 7.5 It is various, since you can even drive vehicles, and you even have some new moves to discover. You have many other weapons, and this is a hard game. Awesome gameplay. Sound: 7 Same as TR2: amazing soundtracks and excellent dubbing (both Italian and English). Avg. score: 7.1 I'll give it a bonus because it actually, thanks to its success and its awesomeness, revolutioned adventure games (+0.5) FINAL SCORE: 76 Again, 100% recommended to anyone! It's a mind-blowing game!


A proper successor to the masterpiece

Speed4Runs | Aug. 10, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider II - PC

Tomb Raider II brings out all awesomeness of Tomb Raider (I) and improves them all, making an amazing and hard game. This is probably the hardest Tomb Raider, and it's just very fun. You will have tons of weapons, including all those which were featured in the first game, you will have some innovations such as flares and new costumes, areas and traps. Sounds are classic, and graphics are very good. Graphics + performance: 6.75 *Graphics: 6.5 - Amazingly good, they feature good polygons and effects. Texutres aren't the best. *Performance: 7 - This game will be playable (stable and locked 30FPS) on most computers (even old ones). Plot: 6.75 It's very good and it contains some twists. A pure fantastic plot which will make you want to know how will it "end" Gameplay: 7.5 Amazing. It's just almost perfect. There are only some missing movements (which got added on TR3 & TR4), but it's near perfection. Very funny and competitive! Longevity: 7 This game features MANY missions which are VERY long! It just lasts very much! Sound: 7 Dubbing is amazing and soundtracks are unforgettable. I love it! Final score: 70 AWESOME GAME! I recommend it to anyone!


A game made by stereotypes

Speed4Runs | Aug. 10, 2013 | Review of POSTAL 2 - PC

This is a truly amazing game which will bring you in a really sad "city". You'll be able to kill anyone, animals included, in a lot of violent ways. It's just amazing. The plot is full of stereotypes and puns. Graphics aren't great, but still, they're enough to be acceptable. The game is very funny and we can call it an open world/FPS game. There are tons of weapons which are really innovative. Sounds are meh, but the voice acting of Dude is amazing (it fully fills his personality). Graphics + performance: 3.5 *Graphics: 4 - They're very primitive, although textures aren't that bad. *Performance: 3 - Sometimes it's laggy even on newer computers Plot: 6.5 It's very basic, but it's also deep, thanks to all its stereotypes and puns. It's somehow a serious and deep plot. Gameplay: 6 The fact that his "running" is very slow is annoying, but overall it's a very good gameplay, since you can do a lot of things (even piss!) Longevity: 4 Single player doesn't last much (you will play a mission for one day, so seven missions) and the multiplayer is laggy and annoying (you will stop playing it quickly) Sound: 5 As I wrote before, the sounds aren't good, although the dubbing of the main character is good, since it fits his style. Final score: 50 Good. I recommend it to those who like some crazy and violent kind of games.


A "modern" FPS arena

Speed4Runs | Aug. 9, 2013 | Review of Quake IV - PC

Don't buy this if you're a classic-arena-only-oriented gamer; buy it if you like some innovative items, instead. Quake IV is based on id Tech 4 engine, which could be amazing, if used correctly. As a Quake fan, I like Quake games to be very fast and competitive. I'm not saying that this isn't, but... some gameplay features make it a less "slower", such as the rifle sight, reload, etc. This could be a nice addon, and if we think about it, even a bit innovative. It will bring some more new players into arena genre, without making them leave some of (for most of them) their favourite tactic FPS features, bringing in a bigger player base. But it didn't, since the multiplayer is almost dead. Oh, by the way, the multiplayer isn't as open as on games such as Quake III Arena. If you're looking for some classic old school and competitive arena FPS, don't choose this one, or at least don't take this as a Quake. Vehicle moments can be funny for those who like to change a bit during the story mode. As a Quake game, I have to rate it badly; as a "shooting" game, I have to say that it's good or even very good. Graphics + performance: 6.6 *Graphics: 6.75 - Amazingly good. A 2005 game which features very good shadows and and effects. Textures are pretty good. *Performance: 6.5 - Very good. You will run it fine with a low-medium PC. Gameplay: 6 I'll give it a 6 just because it can be, somehow, innovative. It's not that great, though. Longevity: 5 It's good, since you have a multiplayer which can be funny, although it's not very open; the singleplayer doesn't last very much. Plot: 5.5 It's on average. Sound: 6 It's good, but it's by far inferior to the soundtracks featured in Quake III Arena. Score: 58 It's good, I would recommend this to any player who accepts innovation and to those who'd like to get into arena genre for the first time.


Fully recommended.

Speed4Runs | Aug. 9, 2013 | Review of Max Payne II The Fall of Max Payne Steam - PC

Have you ever wanted a game made by a mix of very good gameplay, plot and graphics? Well, this is for you. Max Payne II follows the same (very good) game style introduced in Max Payne and improves it in a very good way. You will be able to play different characters, you will have to protect characters, and you will be able to use the classic bullet time, with new and improved moves. You will have a lot of weapons and an amazing plot, merged with really good graphics, improved very much from Max Payne. Oh, and even older computers can run this VERY EASILY (that's also why I recommend this to anyone). Graphics + performance: 7 *Graphics: 6.5 - Very good: nice reflections and light effects; amazing textures and good shadows. *Performance: 7.5 - ALMOST PERFECT: even my old single core with 512MB of ram can run this game easily at maximum settings and antialiasing enabled, all with 30-60+ FPS. Plot: 6.9 The plot featured in this game is really amazing, it's "told" in an innovative way and it's full of twists. Also, the atmosphere is just amazing and dark. Gameplay: 6.75 Very good and innovative gameplay, and it's also "expanded" by the custom mods and missions feature. Longevity: 6.5 Ok, the game doesn't last VERY much, but it's enough, and the ability to play always new custom missions is amazing. You will start getting bored of it only after playing for a long time. Sound: 7.5 AWESOME soundtracks and dubbing! They improve the atmosphere of the game even more. Avg.: 6.93 FINAL SCORE: 70 Amazing game, 100% recommended!


After Quake and DooM, here's another MASTERPIECE

Speed4Runs | Aug. 2, 2013 | Review of Quake III Pack - PC

Fast, hard, funny and competitive. This is Quake III Arena, one of the best FPS arena of all time. Get ready to equip a lot of weapons and fight with all of them, in a competitive fast and competitive duel, CA, TDM, FFA, whatever you want, since you can even make your mods/gamemodes. One of the funniest is probably the defrag, which allows you to race competitively with other players. The movements are very advanced, since you can rocketjump, use plasma to "climb" walls, use strafejump to gain speed, as well as bunnyhope (when turning...) + you have to use a lot of logic. This is very and funny, with a lot of cool "heavy" soundtracks and maps. Oh, and you can create your own maps and use them. Unlike other Quakes, even the singleplayer seems to be like a multiplayer, just with bots, so it doesn't contain a real plot. Anyway, it's amazing, and you can choose among five difficulty levels. "Hardcore" and "Nightmare" are really hard, and very funny! Graphics are just amazing, as well as the performance, it's fully PC-optimized! Graphics + performance: 7.25 *Graphics: 7 - Purely amazing. There are some reflections on metals, very good textures and effects. (especially the light ones!) *Performance: 7.5 - You'll get very high FPS on even very old computers. Amazing. Gameplay: 7.5 Awesome, complete on everything. Movement, difficulty, weapons... Longevity: 7 This game will last forever, if you want, since you can make new maps and mods, and the multiplayer is awesome (too bad that it's getting close to "death"). Sound: 7.5 Every player model has different sounds and the soundtracks are amazing. Annunciator's voice fits perfectly its role into the style of the game. Plot: null It just doesn't exist (I can't consider the intro, the mini-movies between a tier and another, and the ending as plot). Looking on some websites such as Wikipedia, there's a small plot described, but I can't find it in the game, so it actually doesn't exist. Avg. scores: 7.3 AMAZING game bonus score: +0.7 FINAL SCORE: 80 I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes hard, fast and competitive games.


(almost) Perfect, classic and epic game

Speed4Runs | Aug. 1, 2013 | Review of DOOM Classic Complete - PC

I was amazed by knowning how advanced is this game. A 1993 game which allows you to rocket jump, play multiplayer and do many other things, all with really cool 3D graphics and amazing soundtracks. The only thing that is missing is a very good plot, but, through messages, it's still good/ok. It's very cool how you can load your maps and "missions". It's purely amazing. Gameplay: 8.5 Simply amazing! Fast, a lot of weapons, rocket jumping, hard, and old-school! I can't believe that it can be so good! Graphics: 8 Classic old games graphics, but very good! I've even seen some good shadows, and this is a 1993 game, probably one of the first 3D games (Wolf3D went before)! Soundtrack: 8 Amazing music. I will never forget "At Doom's Gate"! Longevity: 7.75 Long enough, but you can make it last forever, since you can play multiplayer and play downloaded maps. Plot: 5.75 It's okay/good... on average. Avg.: 7.6 Innovative classic game bonus: +0.5 FINAL SCORE: 81 100000% recommended to EVERYONE! EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD MUST TRY THIS EPIC GAME!


Different from other hitmans, but still good

Speed4Runs | July 27, 2013 | Review of Hitman Absolution NA - PC

Hitman: Absolution prefers making you "hide", instead of having some kind of stealth-action like old Hitman games. The gameplay is better on older games, but it's still good. It may makes you a bit rage (because, without instinct, you will most probably get noticed), but it is still nice. I dislike the instinct because it helps the player too much and it makes Hitman: Absolution a game which is made for kids who like easy things. Graphics are good, but there's WAY TOO BLOOM! Sometimes you can't even see 47 because the lights go beyond his body. Performance sucks, although it should get "fixed" with some drivers update (I didn't get it fixed, though). The plot is good, and it has some twists. AI isn't very good. Graphics + performance: 4 *Graphics: 4.75 - Good, but, sometimes, you can't see anything. *Performance: 3 - Very bad. The game is very laggy (especially on open areas). Plot: 5.75 Nice. Nothing over the average, though. Longevity: 5.75 It's just average, not a long lasting game. Gameplay: 6 Very nice, although it's really disappointing, if you're an hitman fan. Sound: 6.25 Very good soundtracks and dubbing. Overall score: 56 Good. I recommend it to those who have a good PC and aren't too "attached" to the gameplay featured in older Hitman games.


Very funny action game

Speed4Runs | July 26, 2013 | Review of Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days - PC

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days can easily be an amazing action game for most people. Its performance is good (even my poor PC can run it without problems, at full settings), as well as the graphics. The only problem that I had with it (and it's a personal problem) is that the graphics weren't "clear" and "clean" enough, and I don't really enjoy it. Anyway, for the rest, it has a great gameplay and plot (with a lot of twists). Nice sounds, but mediocre longevity, because it isn't a "long" game. Graphics + performance: 6.5 *Graphics: 6.25 - very good. There are a bit disturbing effects, but it is a part of the game. *Performance: 6.5 - very good, too. All mid-powered computers should run it easily. Gameplay: 6 Very enjoyable gameplay which can offer you very intense moments and even funny ones. Sounds: 6 Good sounds, on average. Plot: 6.5 Very good plot with some twists. Intense and somehow deep. Longevity: 4.8 Longevity isn't good because the game doesn't last much and it is even limited. Final score: 60 Good game, I recommend it.



Speed4Runs | July 26, 2013 | Review of Tomb Raider I - PC

Technically almost perfect, Tomb Raider brings out a gameplay that people has never seen: competitive, funny, hard, and various. You will need to get medkits to get some health, you will need to manage your weapons ammos and kill a lot of enemies. It features a great plot that will not make you get bored. Great longevity, a thing that is really good, because a lot of games have the problem of being very short. Graphically, it's mind blowing: it has light effects and very good textures. (and it's a 1996 game!) The only (little) problem is the performance, which, sometimes, is a little bad: sometimes, the game reaches low FPS, but it's still playable (of course, I'm talking about old computers). Graphics and performance: 7.75 Simply amazing. Longevity: 6.75 This is a very long game! It features a lot of levels which are even LONG! Gameplay: 7.5 Innovative and very funny/hard. Plot: 7 VERY nice plot, with some twists. Sound: 8 Bear's sound always scared me. And the soundtracks will always be in my mind! AVG. SCORE: 7.4; I'll give it a bonus to be an innovative piece of art (+0.6) OVERALL SCORE: 80. Perfect. 100% recommended!


Unbelievable freedom!

Speed4Runs | July 21, 2013 | Review of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Steam - PC

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas represents the "absolute monarch" of open world. On GTA:SA, you can do basically anything: eat, swim, drive cars, have a job (secondary missions), drive elicopters, planes, get a flight license, a driving license, and a boating one, you can get fat, or you can slim, you can also play some mini-games, go on swim, play on casinos, go from a city to another (all the territory is surrended by some cool landscapes, such as countries and deserts, and also some villages), you can get a girlfriend, change your hair cut, and do many other crazy things. That's unbelievable (and it's a 2004 game)! The graphics aren't that great, but they contain some cool effects (such as the motion blur or the "heat" effect). Performance isn't good. Graphics + performance: 5 *Graphics: 5.5 - They're not the best graphics that could be featured in a 2004 game, but they're not too bad. Some effects make them good, but they get "ruined" by some really bad models and textures (and the missing of reflections and realistic water (take a look at Half-Life 2 or Silent Hill 3 and you'll understand me)). The quality of the shadows and their amount is low. *Performance: 4.5 - The performance is mediocre. You won't get very high FPS with an average PC of its times (especially if you enable anti-aliasing). Plot: 7.25 Full of twists, the plot featured in GTA:SA is a pasterpiece. It is deep and mature (it features some real events and/or life problems), and will make you ALWAYS want to go ahead, because it's very intriguing. Gameplay: 6.75 Amazing gameplay, either because it featuers A LOT of things to do, and because it's really funny and well done. The shootings aren't so great, though. Sound: 7.25 GTA:SA features really AMAZING sounds: starting by music, it's perfect because it features different kind of music for every taste; the dubbing is just awesome (CJ's one will remain in the heart of a lot of people). Longevity: 7.75 Three full cities, along with countries, desert, forests, and villages, almost two hundred missions, ability to do almost everything... isn't this awesome? Avg. score: 6.8 I'll give an extra 0.5 score to this game because it's AMAZING and it deserves it. Final score: 73 - Superb, I recommend it to anyone who likes violence and who likes open world games.


Amazing "exploring" "game"

Speed4Runs | July 19, 2013 | Review of Dear Esther Steam - PC

Dear Esther is an amazing video/game which has to be explored and understood in order to like it. It features a pure realistic and fantastic world with unbelievable graphics and performances, all combined with a great plot. It is a very short game, but really exciting, which can give you a lot of feelings. -Technique- Dear Esther featuers the best graphics that have ever been in videogames of these last years; they're very clear and very advanced, as well as very clever (there are some "sprites" that are even featured in old games like the first Tomb Raider, but they're put so well in the environment that they look like 3D objects which even make animations when you walk near them, but actually are always in the same position, they just "turn" in your looking direction, which makes great graphics and very high framerate savings). All this must be mixed with, thanks to Source Engine and some great tweaks, a very good/excellent performance, which is really amazing. Light effects and textures are really impressive in this game. -Plot and sounds- What makes Dear Esther so great is also the plot, which is really intriguing and deep. It seems to contain a lot of metaphors, and what actually happens is relative to player's interpretation. Now, combine all this with some great soundtracks and really creepy sounds, which will make of Dear Esther an excellent video adventure, which will bring you into its finest, melancholic and deepest experience. -Longevity and gameplay- Unfortunately, the game lasts for a very short time, because you can complete it in no more than two hours (even exaggerating; actually, you can complete it in a hour). Basically, all you do is explore an island and follow some monologues. Technique: 7.75: ▪Graphics: 8; ▪Performance: 7½ [7.5]; Gameplay: 7½; Plot: 7½; Longevity: 3; Sound: 8; Videogame avg. scores: 6.75 I'll give a bonus of 0.25 to this amazing game because it really deserves it.


Very nice open world, but not perfect

Speed4Runs | July 7, 2013 | Review of Just Cause Steam - PC

Just Cause is a very good game which will give you a lot of fun. You can drive cars, pilot helicopters, jump off from them, and do many other things, while you admire the - amazing - big world and its stunning visuals. It runs pretty well even on not so powerful new computers, and it has some nice effects such as sun rays, bloom, shadows and motion blur. Too bad that this game also features some problems: you can't choose your custom resolution, you should change some registry keys in order to change language, there are some graphical bug (such as random shadows on the ground), the grappling hook wasn't developed that good (the one featured in JC2 is WAY better) and the shooting isn't the best. It seems to be a bit more limited than Just Cause 2, but still, it's a good open world game. The story mode doesn't last very much. **Graphics + performance: 6.5** *Graphics: 6.5 Although it features some not-so-good graphical items, such as (sometimes) too much bloom and some graphical bugs, it has very nice graphics; shadows are good, but, depending, on your current visual, they tend to "change" their quality and become pixelated. Water is very good, I prefer it to the one featured in JC2 (especially when you are underwater). *Performance: 6.25 The performance is good, but there are, sometimes, big framerate drops (when you reach very big areas or there are many enemies). **Plot: 6** The plot is ok, but not so great; very nice ending. **Gameplay: 6.25** Very nice gameplay regarding the open world "part" of the game, but not so good for the action part. Vehicle handling is ok, but it could be improved. You can use parachute to jump off from your car/helicopter/boat, use a grappling hook (this feature isn't so good, infact it got improved in Just Cause 2), go underwater, and do many other things. It's very nice, but it lacks some cool things that could be introduced in an open world game. Although the shooting isn't so good, the gameplay is still very funny and nice. **Sound: 5.5** Average sound (but not good Italian dubbing). **Longevity: 6.25** Very big world with many open areas, seas, and cool places to find... ... but the story is a bit short. Final score: 61 Very good game, I recommend it to anyone (especially to open world fans)!