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Not really a good game

Spind426 | July 8, 2013 | Review of FUEL

I really was not expecting much from this game because it was on sale and i had only spent two dollars on it. All i wanted to do was blow off some steam by cruising around the incredibly large map and enjoying the scenery.. After hearing the developers say "hundreds of thousands of miles of open landscape" it made me kind of skeptical because i figured it must pretty plain and empty if its that big.. Boy was i right! The maps are so bland, empty, undetailed, and lackluster that it completely destroys any desire to explore.

Usually with PC games you can turn the screen resolution up high and enjoy much crisper detail than you can with console games, so being able to set screen resolution to a high 1920x1080 i figured it would look crisp no matter what.. But i was wrong, the graphics are not correctly ported to PC, they appear to run at the console resolution just upscaled to be able to run at any resolution you choose. Everything just looks blurry and awful even at the highest of settings. So basically within 1 minute of cruising around i realized enjoying the scenery was out of the question..

Another thing that really took me by surprise was how absolutely awful the vehicles handled, the vehicles have almost no traction against the ground. Your vehicles literally slide around like you are on an ice rink, you can just feel it when you cruise around, it is the worst driving mechanic i have ever felt in any game. Even regular games that are NOT centered around vehicles have better driving mechanics than this.. Either the map is as slippery as ice, or this is the worlds worst attempt at trying to add some type of "drifting" mechanic to a video game.

The levels are extremely boring and do not offer anything memorable in any way, there is nothing to allow you to recognize one part of the map from the next as it is one vast continuation of nothingness. I drove around for about half an hour looking for a moving train, or railroad tracks, or a city, or anything.. and there is nothing. Although the developers claim that the map is unique and generated via satelite technology, trust me, it is not.. If you drive straight for an entire hour you will see the same exact area twice and wonder if you have been driving in circles. And the graphics are just bland, untextured, and blurry...They said they worked on this engine for four years? Wow that must have been a pretty depressing four years.

The only minor thing i give it credit for is image and execution, they do a pretty good job at making you believe it is not a piece of crap.. but after a few minutes its quite apparent that it is.

So yeah the only two things (i thought) this game had going for it was, vast beautiful open world, and driving.. Which they failed miserably at both.