Reviews by Ssnowy


The best stealth game I have played

Ssnowy | Oct. 31, 2014 | Review of Dishonored Steam - PC

Dishonored mixes very intricate stealth with parkour and magic, one would think that this would be quite hard to pull off right? NO, these magnificent people that made the game perfectly used all of the aforementioned traits and executed them in a manner that simply blew me away. The DLC is just as good as the base game, and isn't a chunk of the original game that you simply have to buy to finish the game, like many games tend to go towards nowadays. All in all, that game was perfect in the way that I personally can not find any flaws in it.


Fine. As in "Fine dining".

Ssnowy | Jan. 15, 2014 | Review of Borderlands 2 Overflow 1 - PC

The game is pretty damn good I would say. It really has a "Next-gen" format. It sells you a broken, but playable game and then forces you to buy a bunch of DLC just to fill out the game enough. If you play it with friends, it's a brilliant game. If you play it alone, not so much. But one thing is for sure, everything but maybe the gameplay itself is absolutely fantastic. The cell-shaded graphics are just beautiful and the dialogue is wonderfully stupid and hilarious. It IS a great game, but it has flaws.


"I am manly, I swear!"

Ssnowy | Jan. 14, 2014 | Review of Reus - PC

A simple, yet fun and creative god game where you control the landscape and let your people flourish. You have a set of giants that can control the environment and by doing so you will help people of small different tribes ascend into greatness. Even though the cuteness and general atmosphere of the whole game makes me question my masculinity, it is a very well though out game and I like it very much.


A very enjoyable and re-playable game.

Ssnowy | Jan. 14, 2014 | Review of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Nexway (1) - PC

Bottom line, it is a very good game, in-fact one of the best games I have played. I think that the gameplay is fantastic, the world looks absolutely epic with a simple couple of mods from the steam workshop and the fact you get to choose what "Class" you want to be in every way, shape and form. The class system enables you to be whatever you feel like, I.E. a heavy weapons warrior that conjures his weapons out of thin air or a sneaky wizard. All in all a very good game.


MOBA, check. Fun, check.

Ssnowy | Oct. 27, 2013 | Review of Awesomenauts - PC

This game is a brilliantly made. The graphics of this game are not very intensive but look amazing. The gameplay is brilliantly engineered, the heroes are well balanced and the actual players themselves are very friendly. If you like MOBAs get it, if you don't like MOBAs get it anyway. To finish things off, you can basically play this game anywhere, ping basically doesn't mean anything!