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Good fun with friends but a little repetitive.

StealthFerret | Nov. 23, 2013 | Review of Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army Overflow 1 - PC

(I'll say that firstly I loved Sniper Elite V2, so I had moderate hopes for this title too!) Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is a gothic/horror spin on Sniper Elite V2, featuring hordes of the undead and supernatural. You'll encounter standard zombies, special zombies (brute, sniper and speedy) and various monsters such as the 'ever-so-annoying fire creatures'. The shooting mechanics are just like Sniper Elite V2's, with the performance being just as good too! Your character is still controlled in exactly the same way, no significant changes have been made. Visual-wise, the characters and world/levels are still highly detailed like Sniper Elite V2's, apart from this time many of the levels have been laid out and altered to appear more Arena-like. This can be a negative at times because the sniping mechanics become less effective at close range. Like the predecessor, the close-range weapons still fail to 'pack a punch' meaning you'll find yourself spraying bullets everywhere every-so-often. Apart from the changes to the lighting, enemies (& AI) and some new weapons added, the game is still very similar to its predecessor. The Slow-motion, X-ray bullet cams are still there but because the zombies are 'rotting', the textures for the organs and bones have been changed to look more rotten and decaying. These new textures unfortunately don't look as great as the originals, which means I found the perfectly shots I'd taken a little less satisfying (This isn't a big issue though). All in all, a solid co-operative game. If you liked Sniper Elite V2, then this game is like a co-op single-player from that game, only with zombies and horror. It hasn't revolutionized the series, but it's a fairly good game nevertheless!


A regular shooter with an amazing setting and art-style.

StealthFerret | Nov. 23, 2013 | Review of Bioshock Infinite Post Overflow - PC

Many people will complain about Bioshock's "generic" first person shooting game-play, and unfortunately, they're right. Most of the game requires you to participate in generic first-person cover and long-distance shoot-outs. The "Sky-hook" adds an interesting mechanic to the game as you're able to bound and leap large distances by using it, hanging from signs and hooks allowing you to sneak by or shoot enemies, but this isn't it's best feature. No, Bioshock Infinite's best feature is it's world... The setting, the art-style, the detail is incredibly immersive. I found myself wandering around open areas wanting to look at every little detail. The level (and lighting) artists have pulled out all the stops to give your eyes a five-star feast. Without spoiling the game/plot, there's a museum section that's beautifully rendered and detailed to the point where it just looks like pure 3D art. Bioshock Infinite's Story is also another interesting point in the game. Elizabeth is very well scripted (voice) and believable as a character. Overall, the game definitely has it's moments. The art and world is what'll stand out more than the game-play, but nevertheless, it's a fantastic game by 2K.