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If only all IP's got such a revitalizing return to gaming

Steelskull399 | Aug. 23, 2011 | Review of Deus Ex Human Revolution (1) - PC

Starting up Deus Ex: HR, I expected Eidos Montreal to continue the trend of turning old action/shooter titles into horrible abominations of what they once were to appeal to a "broader audience". That notion didn't last long. My game unlocked at 3 in the morning, and here I am, 7 at night writing a review before I get some much needed rest. If you enjoyed any of the Metal Gear Solid titles, this is for you. This game might not advertise it, but it's easily the best stealth game to come out this year, if not the past few years. Dragging bodies, avoiding and hacking cameras, even setting off an alarm at a lower level, then taking the elevator up past the guys looking for you. If you enjoyed the dialogue and immersion of the Mass Effect games, you need to play this. In my personal opinion, this game got what Mass Effect seems to be lacking on in the dialogue system, and that's moral ambiguity. There is no "Good" choice, there is no "Bad" choice and you don't get forced to turn your character into a walking sterotype just to unlock all the conversation options. Evaluating the conversation target so you can decide what personality type he is, and what sort of conversational tactics will work. Does he confront you immediately, toss threats every other sentence? Most likely he's an omega, and a threat from someone like you will open him up. Most of all, if you've enjoyed the prior Deus Ex (not invisible war) then you'll enjoy this. The gameplay is just as intricate, the upgrades are detailed, unique and a great asset to gameplay. This is just one of those games that you get totally immersed in. So spend some cash, and lose yourself in a dyspepsia cyberpunk world where everything is a lie and nothing is what it seems.