Reviews by Stefann


Rochard Rocks

Stefann | Oct. 4, 2012 | Review of Rochard - PC

Amazingly good and a brilliant Indie game. The game feels very fresh and new and performs like a modern game (shooter) with that something extra (puzzles). Modern 3D-graphics and wonderful color combinations with and interesting game story. Most levels look like a piece of art rather that just a background to the game. The quality poor out and is easily recognized by anyone who plays this game. The sound effects could be a little better, but in general with the well composed background music, you probably won't even notice it You get to toy with gravity, shoot, trow crates, play with electricity, take an elevator run around in a casino, what can one want more. When gravity is lowered - yes yo can lower it - elements in the room become lighter. A transporter, suddenly lifts higher, you stay longer in the air and even airborne robots are affected. The puzzles are challenging, but doable, it's always a pleasure to find out how to go from point A to B. The game is never boring and very addictive, so be adviced. Once you start up your first level you know you won't stop playing. This is one of the best INDIE games I've had the pleasure of playing, it surpassed every expectation I had when I bought Rochard.


mediocre RTS game

Stefann | Oct. 3, 2012 | Review of APOX Steam - PC

A RTS game that does not stand out from the rest. This game has a boring game play and is very repetitive. It looks more like a FPS game but the shooting is done by game characters.The AI is overpowered you will certainly loose against it, the background is just a boring yellowish-brown-grey landscape. Don't expect to much from this game. I've seen better balanced games AI <-> main characters. It is very frustrating that you get killed over and over and have to repeate the same boring mission. The game lacks of details, characters are drawn a little bit to simple.and game(-play) needs polishing. This game is for the really experienced RTS gamer. If you don't want an expensive RTS have the gaming, and are exited about the new setting, maybe then you will like this game.


Decent Multiplayer Shooter military style

Stefann | Oct. 3, 2012 | Review of Battlefield 3 - PC

Battlefield 3 dies live up to its expectation of a good shooter continuing where battlefield 2 left of. Currently there is no better FPS available, look at the graphics and hear that sound it will overwhelm and amaze you. Game consist of a single- and multi player In the single player mode you get to kill in the subway, drive a tank, run around and fly. You get a lot of different weapons and nice cut scenes and a lot of interaction. Although this sounds promising the single player is just to short and your mission is to "stop that nuke" (where have I heard this before?). Everyone just bought the game for multi player, why not I did too . A lot of maps and modes you can run around with almost every weapon available, tanks, airplanes, boats,... This game needs teamwork, without teamwork, the map can get a little boring, 'cos you get shot a lot of times without someone watching your back. Its a fun experience to kill the other guys. After countless hours in multilayer you get to asked myself was it worth it ? Yes I think it was, killing and unlocking everything. I must say I expected even a little bit more. You will enjoy this game for a long time (countless hours!) unlocking everything working in team, but after a while you get the feeling time to move on. If you buy this game because you want to shoot 'em up military style, go ahead others did (as I) and where not disappointed.


High quality FPS

Stefann | Oct. 2, 2012 | Review of Metro 2033 (1) - PC

From a game that is called Metro 2033 you know that the game is gonna take you to many places. You get to travel around in the subway system of Moscow meeting people on the way sometimes you get the chance to help people at a location, who are dire need of help. I must say this is a very dark game not only because its dark in the metro but also a dark atmosphere. No bright colors and unkind figures (Nazi's, communists) who try to kill you. You get an First Person Shooter who not only lets you shoot about, but makes you feel you spent your time well. No dumb let's shoot every guy/monster that you come across. This is why I suggest everyone to buy this game. You will have fun in the constantly changing locations, f.e.: tunnel, subway stations, houses,... What makes this game so great ? - Variation in gameplay : you can play a level in stealth mode or shoot 'en all up - Different weaponry: AK47, handguns, grenades. - Realistic projection of the world, even the gas mask filters needs to replaced, and radiation on the surface. You can ascend from to subway you get to see some light. - Frightening sounds, monsters bad illuminated subway tunnels. - You can you a compass to guide you so you don't have to run around like crazy, hoping to find the right switch. - You are accompanied during your quest in the metro system. - High quality graphics even DirectX11. - The game keeps you going - Never boring For what I payed for €1.5, this game was a real steel. My advice buy because you cant go wrong !