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In the name of myself!

Stoltverd | Jan. 18, 2014 | Review of Mount and Blade Collection - PC

Ever wanted to be a king? But not the kind of king that sits on his thore and fattens up? Do you want to be a warrior king? How about a mercenary? Or a thief in medieval society? Or a peasant that becomes king? Or play as a lesser noble that is so neglected by his king that decides to start a rebellion? Or help a claimant to usurp the throne? Marry into a noble house? Participate in a tournament? You can do this and a lot more in any of the mount and blade games! And even more if you install mods! (My personal favorites being Brytenwalda, A clash of Kings and Freelancer) This is a medieval battle simulation, you control your character, a custom made one, you personalize his/her face, its story etc. You can do almost whatever you want to do, you can recruit peasants and train them into killing machines. You could be a bandit hunted by everyone, you can be a warlord with land but no right to rule (in the eyes of those weak kings). Charge into battle on your horse or by foot, maybe your horse was killed but do not despair, kill a raider and hop on his horse. He is dead anyway! Fight for a princes, learn poems to gain her heart. Ask her hand to his father and marry her. This is YOUR tale. RIDE INTO BATTLE!


Being evil is good

Stoltverd | Jan. 18, 2014 | Review of Overlord Complete Pack (1) - PC

A very small number of games makes me want to play them until i finish them. Overlord is one of those. You have 2 paths to complete the game: Be very evil (my favorite) or just. What would you prefer? Be feared? Or loved? Have a complete domain in which the peasants give their virgins as slaves (a thing in the game actually) or a group of people that like you but nothing else? If you ever dreamed of playing an evil overlord controlling hordes of goblins like Sauron, this is the game for you. Burn houses, murder peasants, make them starve by stealing their food, exterminate the elven people, kidnap virgins, enslave people. This and more offers Overlord. You play the role of a powerful overlord, you can hack and slash either with a sword an axe or a mace and you can cast spells to incinerate or slow your enemies, but you also control an horde of goblins that can reach places you can't and are the ones that will pillage. The goblins are controlled directly by you and there are 4 tribes of them, each of the tribe have different strengths and weaknesses, giving the game strategic depth. The game also takes you to the old days of gaming with its big bosses that you have to defeat using some kind of strategy. No more berserking towards the boss... Unless you want your evil domain to end rather quickly. You can also customize your Overlord with banners, customize his dark tower etc. Evil have never been so good.