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Solid singleplayer but great multiplayer game.

Strale | May 27, 2012 | Review of Medal of Honor - PC

When you hear Medal of Honor, first association will be on legendary Allied Assault with WWII theme. But this time, the new Medal of Honor is set on modern warfare and it is trying to be as successful as the Call of Duty MW series. Firstly, singleplayer is short and with solid gameplay. Unfortunately, it is copying Call of Duty in every aspect (with slow-motions, cut scenes, all time action). Some missions are interesting but later it is becoming boring. Only positive thing is that it relies on real war that is happening in Afganistan. Graphic isnt that great but it solid like sound in game. Secondly, multiplayer is big plus to this game. It is fun, interesting and initially hard. It is more like Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer except that, in Medal of Honor you cant drive anything (helicopters,tanks etc.). This game is worth to play only if you will play multiplayer.In that case I recommend it to all.