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Not an impressive game

StrawberrySilk | Dec. 29, 2013 | Review of To The Moon - PC

Let's be honest. Gameplay - meh. Graphics - meh. So yeah, is it an impressive game in this day and age? Not by any long shot. Still, I'm rating it highly for a few reasons. This is like watching a comic book story that you can "control" certain factors. It's all linear and for good reason. The story and music are key to this. In fact, if this was made into a movie or a TV drama, I would be on the hype train straight away. Take my money, no questions asked. Yes, I stand by what I said, not an impressive game. But don't be fooled, I was BLOWN AWAY by the conversations and the story. It's on sale. Do you have change to spare? Best 4 hours for this year just for $2.50.