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As good as the first one

StrikerGER | May 1, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 ROW - PC

Length: The game is as long as you play it. Can be from atleast 10/12 hours up to 30-40 hours (1st walkthrough) Classes: Pretty similar to the classes in the first one, but not that specialized on specific weapons, which makes them more like you want to play them. I like them more than the classes in the first one Mission: Pretty much the same like in the first one. Kill that, get this, go there etc. normal RPG stuff Gameplay: Typical Borderlands. Many enemies, much ammo and many explosions. I like it very much, even though it feels a bit "slow" (I prefer slow games like ArmA 2 etc but this feels sluggish or how you say it in english). Multiple Playthroughs higher the chance of legendary weapons and other stuff and the Coop is a must! DLCs/Addons: For the Season Pass you get 4 Campaign DLCs, a new Playthrough mode, and (as far) 2 new classes which are totally different from the other ones. So over all, a decent second game of a great first game. Would buy again