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Wonderfull adventure

Strugackij | May 22, 2013 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

This is really story-telling gem, with suited graphic, interesting characters and good dabing. Once you start this game, you really want to know what is next. It´s like great interactive TV series. And maybe it's main weakness. When you look away all it's attractivity you realize that no matter what you choose, what decision you made, there is only one ending and only one main story line, which is shame. This great game has even much more potential. It's not a perfect game (no game is), there is only little replayability when you know how this game end, but still you'll fall in love with this gem. You still don't own coppy of this - than go and buy it, it definitely worth every cents. There are also some sound issues, run in compatibility mod (win 98), and maybe too much quick events for me. But all of this doesn't matter, there is wonderful and amazing story line, super characters - you'll hate them or love them, and you'll take care of them, or want them to kill. So yeah, I recomend this game soo much through all of it's weaknesses. And sorry for my english.