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Was worried this was going to be another Invisible War

Suienreizo | July 7, 2012 | Review of Deus Ex HR Augmented Edition - PC

Could not be more happy with how this game, in my eyes, redeemed the Deus Ex series after the horror that was the sequel. The art style is quite pleasing, music plays well into the setting, the overall story enjoyable if not a bit transparent in some ways, the augmentation system felt right, cut scenes look excellent, and the voice acting wasn't cringe inducing. The multiple methods of working your way towards objectives with suited more towards certain styles of play reminded me fondly of the original title. No need to be the terminator and slay everything in sight. Currency in the game was far too easy to come by which made acquiring equipment fairly brainless and the boss battles could completely throw off the pace of the game if you made more of a spy/sneaky character than an outright bruiser. Even with the minor flaws, that the developers owned up to I might add, this game shines as an example of what I hope future titles attempt to achieve.


Holds a special place for this zombie lover

Suienreizo | July 7, 2012 | Review of Dead Island - PC

Not a bad game but not the greatest. To me this title will always been remembered as that game where me and my friends beat the undead back to death with boat oars, monkey wrenches, and machetes while attempting not to lose our best weapons by accidentally throwing them into terrain we couldn't explore. The game has its problems. Some bugs, like mentioned above, can make playing as a throwing weapon focused character absolutely rage inducing others while others bugs, many of the physics based ones for example, make for laughable evenings with your friends. This is really a title best enjoyed with your friends over voip, possibly while taking a drink every time a zombie is sent sailing by a seemingly normal blow.


That was it?

Suienreizo | July 7, 2012 | Review of Mass Effect 3 RoW - PC

Don't get me wrong on my impression of ME3 first off, it was fun. It was enjoyable and it gave me some closure on a series I'd played since I'd left high school. The writing was well down, Garrus is still a bro, and non-party members from previous installments make cameo appearances. There are several of moments where I got to think 'Wow, so that is the kind of impact that choice from 1 had'. The game has been made far more action focused and lost many of the rpg elements that originally snared me into purchasing bioware products. You might view this as a plus if you wanted the Gears of War style of running to cover then shoot model, but it felt to me like an attempt to draw people who enjoy other styles of play rather than an actual improvement on the previous systems. Just about anyone who purchased 1 and 2 was going to buy it anyway so it must have been a decision to try cashing out on the third installment by marketing more towards shooter oriented players. The gameplay is smooth for the most part, some of the 'special' weapons seem to be poorly balanced in that there is little reason to utilize them over others. Multiplayer is enjoyable for a time as it offers a means to pace the story that feels rather short, and necessary for your readiness rating towards the 'best' ending. My guess is that this was their form of DRM on pirates but really it made me feel as though my character wasn't actually making that big of difference when I needed to play as a random N7 agent class to go product some way points or kill certain targets in order to be 'ready enough' for the finale. Ultimately I can't give it higher than a 7 out 10 due to what feels like limited replay value after experiencing the ending. I played ME1 at least 6 times through on my 360, ME2 perhaps 3 or 4, but this particular title I can't help but not want to go through it again. Even with the addition of the more clarified endings, this for me was a one and done to complete the story.