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Worthy sequel to 2033

SunFlowerSeeds | July 4, 2013 | Review of Metro Last Light Overflow - PC

Though not a direct adaptation of the novel sequel to Metro 2033, Last Light delivers a promising story through its continuation of the the last game. The atmosphere of the game has been greatly improved through graphical enhancements. This is depicted through levels where you go above the metro as the textures really shine beyond the tunnels of the subway stations. The audio in the game greatly contributes to the overall immersion as sounds echo throughout the tunnels while maintaining the authenticity of gun shots. The voice acting is above average throughout the game though I wished they had included a Russian option. Gameplay-wise, the stealth section remains lacking as the AI of human combatants seem pretty wonky in certain areas but the monster AI is pretty good. Just like the first Metro, linearity is to be expected within Last Light. Though the freedoms of exploration is nonexistent, the game executes it pretty well through its pacing and action. Overall, the game is very well done with an exception to AI in certain situations. If you're a fan of the novels or the first game, this is a must buy!