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Hm, well.

SuperFraz | May 9, 2013 | Review of Napoleon Total War - PC

Napoleon is a tricky beast, The Battle AI got fixed from Empire, then they broke it in a new way. They Improved the Cannons, The Naval battles and the infantry movements altogether. Unfortunately, The cannons now butcher your own men as much as the enemy, the naval battles are scarce due to you probably ripping hostile navies apart in the opening turns, or them hiding out in the med. All in all solid improvements on Empire, just a little rushed.



SuperFraz | May 9, 2013 | Review of Empire Total War - PC

Creative Assembly have come out with some of the best strat games to grace the genre and the platform. This is no different, It's not perfect, but it's essentially Shogun 2 Total War's Alpha model, if you like. But anyway, The Good points i can make about the game are as follows, -Varied campaign map to the borderline monotonous European continent, Although would have liked more of Africa involved. -Engaging sea battles, difficult to master but ultimately worth the split hairs due to outright shit AI -Semi Accurate representation of the period's land battles. The game's battle ai wasn't the sharpest nail in the box, and was sometimes laughably easy. But i found other times that it really hammered me. Now for the ultimately terrible points -The cannons were about as effective as BB guns (at the same range), Luckily they fixed this in Napoleon(sort of) but then went OP in Shogun? -The forts were OP, it took almost all the ammo of 2 sets of Demi guns to knock a wall down, thus eliminating the possibilty of multiple entry ways unless you wanted 4 valuble slots taken up by nearly useless units, by the time your cannons had done the work, they had swarmed the entrance, and what should have been an easy pound and ground turns into a bloodbath at the entrance, more often than not for you. With a lack of "heavy infantry" and decent cavalry to smash down the defenders, it turns into an awkward pokey shooty match between the two of you. -The units were terribly bland, and gave more of an industrial feeling to your armies than you should have got with a game this "advanced", with only one skin for line infantry, it was more than a little disappointing in that respect. -The America's are also a sore point. Some provinces were far too isolated to be of any use, and sometimes you were on the march 3 or 4 turns to reach it (plains nations, im looking at you) and by then you were fed up. Now i'm not saying don't buy this game, I'm just saying buy Napoleon instead. For the simple reason that, they fixed maybe 80% of the crap from Empire in Napoleon, Eg Naval Battles(praise the lord) and land battles(and pass da ammunition). Plus, I spent many an evening chasing down Napoleon himself while waging a costly war against Prussia. Much fun.