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Get ready to be blown away!

Superfab | Nov. 9, 2013 | Review of Battlefield 4 post - PC

"War, son, ain't a pretty sight!"... Well, I beg to differ!! As the title implies, Battlefield 4 is the follow-up to last year's Battlefield 3, and just like its famous predecessor, this new opus brings war in Video Games to a whole new level. Not gameplay wise, mind you, it's still a very "by the number" FPS where you aim, shoot and kill your way through a variety of exotic places around the world. But graphically speaking, this title obliterates everything that has come out up to this point. Even the stunning Crysis 3 gets crushed by this visual behemoth (although Battlefield 4 is more a corridor shooter than Crytek's First Person Shooter). You've guessed it: It's impossible to talk about Battlefield 4 and not mention how beautiful it is. However it's not what this new game's got going for it! Just like a Hollywood blockbuster, the Single Player campaign is a mindless series of set pieces that will leave you in a daze, because it's noisy and it's gorgeous (OK the game is beautiful, we get it) and because the plot is a bit on the dumb side. The characters are on the nose and the dialogues are sometimes (unintentionally) funny... But what do we care? We're here to SHOOOOOT! And we'll shoot left, right and sideways! The numbers of weapons are staggering (players unlock them as they go through the campaign), and each sounds and feels different enough. No need to talk about the multiplayer, it's every bit as awesome as Battlefield 3, and then some! The much-touted Levolution is quite impressive: the map will change through the course of the match (buildings will fall, dams will break...). PC Specs (on a 60Hz screen): for gamers that are obsessed with frame rates - with all settings maxed out, you'll get 60fps with drops to 35-40 during big explosions or on large maps (on a mid-range gaming rig (i5 + 660ti/760)). On high-end PC's, the game is locked at 60 and very rarely drops). The game scales nicely to less powerful machines thanks to the numerous settings. In a nutshell: Short Single Player campaign that is fun but a bit dumb Visually impressive Great Multiplayer THE game to show off your PC