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Good puzzle co-op game.

Suppression555 | March 9, 2015 | Review of Lara Croft And The Guardian of Light - PC

+ Action packed game. + Simple enough for the casual player, but the achievements are challenging to cater hardcore players. + Beautiful setting and presentation. + Interesting mechanics, such as jumping on spears and using grapples. - Ammo consumption is generally high, so I used the default but powerful spear 90% of the time, therefore limiting variety. - Annoying time trial challenges near the end. - "Snapping" jumps that can get in the way during said time trial challenges.


Very good open world PRG Game.

Suppression555 | Dec. 15, 2014 | Review of ArcaniA Steam - PC

As a Gothic fan, I hear so many people say this was the death of the Gothic series, yet I feel this was more closer to look and feel of the Gothic 1 & 2 then 3 was. Yes, there are some short commings as the game is pretty linear and the ending is quite abrupt without the expansion. Yet the graphics are fantastic the story gets better as the game goes on. Gameplay is simplistic, but still retains fun in battle and exploration keeps things fresh. I do recommend if you're a fan of open world rpg's giving it a shot.



Suppression555 | Nov. 6, 2014 | Review of The Lord of the Rings War in the North - PC

This is a fairly decent action rpg experience, set in the world of Middle Earth. The environments and characters are what makes this game worth playing in my opinion. There are some locales that will be very familiar to LOTR fans as well as completely new areas, all of which are done fantastically. There are a ton of familiar faces to see and converse with such as Aragorn or Gandalf, and quite a few new characters to get involved with. Other than that it's a pretty generic experience. Pick your class, fight through a level full of continuous bad guys (orcs, goblins, Uruk Hai, etc.), then a big boss battle at the end of the level. Rinse and repeat. This game should definately be played in co op with some friends to make a far better experience.


Sorcerer King review

Suppression555 | Oct. 31, 2014 | Review of Sorcerer King - PC

Sorcerer King is unique take on 4X turn-based strategy game. It takes all the good things you've seen in Fallen Enchantress and adds some new and very interesting mechanics. One greater evil to defeat, while every other large faction is neutral and can be your allies (or enemies if you don't like them). RPG-like dialogues that can help you evade combat, gain new friends, or discover new items. And RPG-like progression for your hero characters and your sovereign. All of this adds up to a pretty cool and unique experience.


Could be better.

Suppression555 | Oct. 27, 2014 | Review of Painkiller Redemption (1) - PC

Still not as terrible as Resurrection, but still not much fun. Cramped levels (all of them based on multiplayer maps from older Painkiller games) with waves after waves of monsters spawning in slowly - this just gets old really fast. Still very evocative of Doom or Quake (and, indeed, the original Painkiller), but that's all it's got going for it. Play those other games instead.


Beautyful horror game.

Suppression555 | Oct. 27, 2014 | Review of Anna Extended Edition - PC

Anna is the game which gives you much more than a standart horror game. First thing if you like Dear Esther than you'll like this game too. Anna's story reminded me usually Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly because of twin sacrifices and the mask puzzles from the first Fatal Frame. Soundtrack is great but it's too soft for the horror game or mystery game. one of the main soundtrack is very similar with first Risen game. It makes me feel like wandering around and cutting chickens in the Risen. I seriously recommend this game. I'm sure it's story will catch you.


Just a game for some hours.

Suppression555 | Oct. 27, 2014 | Review of Impire - PC

I think this game is enjoyable, if even just to waste time. There are certainly better games out there, and this is not one of those eye-popping good games. However its a good game to play when your bored or just want to be evil. I am dissapointed with the lack of a good skirmish game. If your looking for a game you can easilly spend 100+ hours on, dont buy this game. If your not strapped for cash and you just wanna experiment and dabble around with different types of games this is a good one to check out.


Oldschool FPS

Suppression555 | Oct. 27, 2014 | Review of Necrovision - PC

First game made by Farm 51, not so old, not so young at all. But its for all oldschool FPS players almost legend. It is bug, its looking good (this what Farm made with old Painengine is just ridiculus, that game was looks nice and get nice carnage elements shooting out limbs from screaming people). Nice mix of storyline, that at end become clear. Game is a bit to simple in all mechanics (animations etc), but its fun. First War + Vampires + Hell and Demons = good idea, but not all can made it good like Farm 51. This game for me is still a small legend of good carnage FPS with nice storyline and big, darkly locations. 8/10 from me for this game. 2 points was lost for bad animations and old Pain engine that for 2008 was allredy to weak... but that makeup was briliant and ragdoll with tottal max carnage andloots of phisical elements... Perfect.


You wont sleep anymore.

Suppression555 | Oct. 15, 2014 | Review of The Evil Within and Season Pass - PC

About 4 years ago, I first learned about the new Developments Shinji Mikami (creator of the game series Resident Evil), while called Projects (PsychoBreak), and here At last it came. Shinji Mikami, very much immersed in this Projects and tried to make it not look like the other games in many criteria, and he did it just awesome. So we face a very interesting psychological Action Horror, which draws from the first minutes of the game, is very steep, intricate and fascinating storyline, level design are staggering variety (no graphics at all, and special effects, with the disappearance of walls, doors, all sorts of hallucinations) as shadows, and others. As for the sound, there is also all at altitude, awesome sound in the most relevant points. Monsters, huge variety of them out there, and they are not so simple, if we admit the slightest mistake can be very much regret, they have their own history, their habits and it needs a special approach. System improvements rather interesting, though only superficially, are all the exact same, save points (banks with the brain) and improve, hp, weapons and other equipment. Bosses, I'm still not all of them know, but I can say with certainty is full plate, as they are very strong and really look and feel awesome. Pitfalls in design and construction as a whole like from the movie Saw, they can be as visible, and in the most unexpected places, the main characters (Sebastian Castellanos) break just stuffing. Solve all sorts of puzzles that would open the door, or cache, very hard, scary and damn interesting. Weapons and other equipment, essentially unremarkable, revolver, rifle, shotgun, crossbow. From an aesthetic point of view, The Evil Within gorgeous - amazing lighting and special effects make the world a very compelling and ominous.


A great continuation of a great game.

Suppression555 | Oct. 10, 2014 | Review of Age of Empires III Complete Collection - PC

Age of Empires makes a comeback by jumping forward to the Imperial Era. Cannons, muskets, armed cavalries, large vessels and more cannons present a change of pace from the old sword-and-shield Age of Empires II. The third instalment of the franchise also introduces trading routes, a set of locations that you have to capture and control by building trading posts on it, reinforcing your income and XP gain. You can order shipments of goods from your mainland at intervals of time and befriend local indigenous tribes. In a sense, there are plenty of new features to keep long time fans of Age of Empires interested, while retaining the same core gameplay. Build stuff, gather stuff, advance Ages, kill baddies. Only this time, with more cannons.


Would you please sign my petition?

Suppression555 | Oct. 8, 2014 | Review of POSTAL 2 - PC

Postal 2 is exactly what you make of it. Yes, it can be a gruesome, unsavory, albeit cartoony, experience, and the game does push you to that end most of the time, but it can also be a open world game that allows you to explore a satirical world filled with both hilarious situations and expectations that speak volumes about paranoid, and in many ways complacent, mid-2000s America. In many ways, it shows how trivial the concerns of the time actually were in the grand scheme of things. Postal 2 needs to be given more credit for pushing the envelope for games; what was once considered taboo was torn apart and amplified in this game. Wholly recommended as an experience.


"Has anyone seen my ear...?"

Suppression555 | Oct. 8, 2014 | Review of POSTAL - PC

It is the unlimited action, where you can just wantonly kill everyone. Postal is an isometric 3D-shooter, though some levels are represented by the top view. The game had a fairly simple point - in the head of the protagonist of the game, the voice begins to speak. The guy is crazy, and one fine winter day goes out and starts to cut forbidding neighbors left on the porch for some fresh air, wipers, clears snow in the courts, the police, happily greets all the counter - in general, all that he can walk and talk . If the situation hopeless, the main character has the ability to shoot yourself in the head. So if you have nothing to do and need to kill time, this game is the best help you.


So cute panda

Suppression555 | Oct. 7, 2014 | Review of Super Panda Adventures Steam - PC

Super Panda Adventures is a polished RPG/adventure platforming game that I really enjoyed playing through. The combat/levelling system is fun and the game is challenging at times. There is some replayability if you want to get everything maxed and the game is about 6-10 hours long depending how much you attack monsters. The music is pretty good as well - If you like platformers and RPGs, this is a must have!


Nice puzzle game

Suppression555 | Oct. 7, 2014 | Review of Mousecraft - PC

Mousecraft is very similar to Tetris puzzle's, using the same style block's, only with a twist. You get a set amount of different blocks to use and you must place them in a way so the mice can get to the cheese with out killing them. You also must try and collect the crystals as well. As you progress through the puzzles, you earn more blocks, being different types, jelly blocks for the softer landing's and bomb block's to blow stuff up and many more.There is also Achievements to be earned as well.The game has just been updated and finished so this is very good news. I have enjoyed playing Mousecraft and the little mice are very cute, if you like puzzle type games, I'm sure you'll like this little gem. :)


Not bad time killer.

Suppression555 | Oct. 5, 2014 | Review of Kung Fu Strike and Kung Fu Strike The Warriors Rise Master Level Bundle - PC

Artistic 2d style fighting game. Pure fun, button-smashing madness. It mixes Street Fighter with other genre to give some good entertainment.


Really good adventure

Suppression555 | Oct. 5, 2014 | Review of The Journey Down Chapter 1 - PC

Small, indie point-and-click game. I'm a huge fan of adventure games and just had to try it. Like all other adventure games, it's too short. But this is shorter than most. It just doesn't feel quite finished yet. Not just due to the "Chapter One" status, but many of the events and even main characters are presented without any sort of backstory or explanation. The team obviously spent a lot of time on doing animations and the graphical art is great. The dialogue is humorous and who doesn't like a noir setting? If they patch up some of the plotholes in time for a release of Chapter Two, this could become a great game.


Fun game

Suppression555 | Sept. 25, 2014 | Review of Gun Monkeys - PC

Gun Monkeys is a 2D deathmatch game, though a rather uniquely designed one. Rather than just killing eachother, it's a battle to drop your enemy's energy to 0 while keeping yours above that. In addition to combat, you can collect energy to deposit into your generator and collecting enough will drop your opponent's energy as well. All of this takes place in randomly generated levels which unfortunately aren't always balanced, often only spawning energy on one side of the map or placing one player's generator in a very difficult to use location. Unfortunately the problems don't end there. For a multiplayer-only game the netcode is terrible with frequent hit detection problems, disappearing energy, and being hit by explosions by entering the area several seconds after it happened. The platforming is well designed, but is often clumsy in practice due to the random generation. Despite these problems, the game is quite fun. It looks great, has great music, and plenty of player customization to work with. It unfortunately never took off and has very few active players but if you have some friends to play with, it's well worth your time.


Awesome and fun game.

Suppression555 | Sept. 23, 2014 | Review of Knights of Pen Paper 1 Edition - PC

I really loved the game. It took me 20 hours to complete, which includes a restart after some hours when I had unlocked more interesting characters than the starting lineup. I'll have to go back and finish it with the ones I missed in the future. The game was a lot of fun, and definitely worth the asking price. It made me smile many times, what with all those wacky references to other games and developers. I bought the Deluxe edition to support the developers as much as I could, as I had researched the game prior to buying it, and I'm glad I did. The extra gold you start with is nice (but doesn't provide any sort of advantage other than when you get a full lineup but let's face it, it doesn't matter). If you're on the fence, then just go ahead and spend the 10 euro or whatever the price is in your region. It's a fun throwback to the golden ages of gaming, and it's just well done through and through. I doubt very much you'll regret it. Don't worry about the ingame cash shop. I never used it, and NEVER had a reason to. You earn redicilous amounts of gold in this game just doing the main quest line, and the extra gold you can buy for real money is so useless, I'm puzzled why they added it at all.



Suppression555 | Sept. 23, 2014 | Review of Pirates of Black Cove Steam - PC

This game like a torchlight II + a ship battle game, nice but without the complex of equipment, it just about hiring crew, upgrade your boat/buy a new boat, captain's skill lack of hotkey, what you will do is just click and clicking fun enough, not too challenging Pros : casual rpg, nice graphic, nice sounds, good storyline, large free roam Cons : lack hotkey, no equipment for heroes, overprice ships


- You tried to kill me! - You're alive, so do not complain.

Suppression555 | Sept. 13, 2014 | Review of Hitman Absolution Elite Edition (1) - PC

Hitman: Absolution - the game is not for the faint of heart, made in the genre of stealth-action, the fifth part of the series «Hitman». You play as all known from previous instalments, Agent 47 - clone "Hitman." In this game, you decide how the murder will be done, or you will kill secretly and try not to catch the eye of the enemy, or you kill without extra effort and go straight (not at all difficulty levels, it is possible.) Throughout the game, you'll try to pass challenging levels where you will not be a break not for a moment, the slightest wrong move and you have already been discovered. Very exciting passage in stealth, makes you think how to kill so as not to be noticed. Earn achievements pleasure. You are given the task to take certain girl Victoria, which is necessary to the agency. 47th agrees to contract, although at heart and does not want to kill Diana. It was a new project that is very necessary to bring back all the efforts and he will protect her. This game is designed primarily for the passage of stealth. Large selection of weapons, do not give time to think, what and how to kill. A powerful game engine gives a very nice picture. You can create your contracts and play already created by someone else. For the execution of contracts players get the money, which will be able to modify the weapons or buy costumes. In the main game is the so-called mini game «Hitman: Sniper Challenge». To the players it was not boring, the developers made a special table that displays the progress of other players. Who thinks to take for the first time and do not like games where you have to hide and disguise themselves, then I do not advise you to take it. Worthy of the fifth part of the series.


Very good indie project.

Suppression555 | Aug. 26, 2014 | Review of Zeno Clash - PC

Zeno Clash can hardly be attributed to the indie projects - a complete "big" game with a first-person and the campaign of approximately 5 hours. Makes the game studio is not rich, but even with this in mind, Zeno Clash play interesting. After the first few minutes of the game, when you see the world, its inhabitants, once it becomes clear - the authors of the fantasy is all right. The visual part of the game can be described in one word - originality. Originality of everything. Here, even the gangsters are not what we are used to seeing them in other games. The graphics are not on top, but due to the work of designers and artists of the game looks great. The combat system is quite simple: a weak punch, strong impact, a series of strikes, blocks, evasion, hit a running counter-attack - nothing more. There are melee and ranged attacks, grenades - all couched in the style of the game. On the attacked enemy switched focus - you need to watch out for his actions, for example, to hold a block, followed by a counterattack. Also, enemies are trying to bluff, making false swing - a trifle, but nice. The plot is simple, but at the expense of the right of its submission to watch him quite interesting. The game is short, but it is rather benefited - no walk-through moments. Summing up, Zeno Clash - another example of how money does not solve everything in the gaming industry. If people have the talent, they can make a cool game, and without a big budget. I recommend it.


Not bad slasher.

Suppression555 | Aug. 26, 2014 | Review of Blades of Time - PC

The game does not claim to be the masterpiece of its genre. Conversations sound cliche, frankly simple puzzles, storyline is blurred and indistinct. Landscapes locations, though picturesque, but too linear, although this sin all the games of this genre. But however, not all of it is so important in the "slasher", the main thing that the blood flowed like water, and the enemies are not ended. And with that, the game manages to solid top five. Battles reckless, colorful and exciting, while the game does not fly much. Anyway, fans of the genre Hack'n'Slash, I think the game like the same as I do.


The game that penetrating deep into the soul.

Suppression555 | Aug. 18, 2014 | Review of To The Moon Steam - PC

The combination of piano and story - an incredibly moving story. Travel memoirs ... Youth, youth, childhood. First love and childhood dreams, resentment, despair. You poured into the game, you become part of it, you know, that everything depends only on you, that only you will be able to correct the turn of events, arrange all the same meeting of the protagonist with his cherished dream. It seems that the most incredible desires can be fulfilled by magic. Magic game, insanely nice and wonderful. Play it is to each. Understand the essence of life and understand what you need to always believe in your dream. And most importantly - love. After all, she only sent the protagonist to the moon. Where they will meet one day. Must meet. I love you. To the moon and back.


Psychological thriller.

Suppression555 | Aug. 17, 2014 | Review of Alan Wake - PC

In my opinion the best game in its genre, perfectly conveys gloomy atmosphere, sometimes even to become at ease. Sam Lake wrote a great script, with memorable characters, played their roles with enthusiasm. Chief, the hero of all the action, Alan Wake, a writer, by Ilka Willie perfectly conveys a sense of despair and loss, when left to accept, but there is always hope. And here begins the fight for his life in a dark, populated obsessed world. Shelters and shoals is not here, because in this game, no one does not shoot at you, except for some cut-scenes. The best we can do is very impressive to dodge the blow in slow-mo. The battle system is something special, a combination flashlight and a firearm, because the light is the most important in the survival of Alan, the light heal you, but also makes enemies vulnerable, then you can use a regular pistol or rifle. The game itself is presented as a series, the series with gaps between them, during which you can listen to great composition. Speaking of music and sound, are all at the highest level, from the grinding of metal, and to the rustle of leaves, and the soundtrack is matched calm and deep. About the schedule say a few words, in the daytime enjoy the scenery is a pleasure, a great work of artists. On the technical part of the same all okay, developers created its own engine, adequately conveyed everything planned. Nothing to complain about, just ideal! 10/10.


Black and white world.

Suppression555 | Aug. 14, 2014 | Review of Betrayer - PC

... I woke up on the shore of the island to the sound of the ocean, the sound of wind and birds singing. Not far away were seen frigates, bright sun glare played in the waves. Unbeknownst to the island as it first seems quite deserted. What lies ahead? Forward, only forward, and let Providence leads me to the unknown! Followed by a sudden gust of wind that rocked the trunks of ancient fir trees and high thick grass, I went into the depths of the woods along the path as old as the universe itself. Not far flashed archer in red at the idol was a note ... started ... Ghost in the Shell with bows, some with muskets, notes, puzzles. Abandoned fort in the middle of the island, suddenly opened the gates and nobody inside, not a single soul, oppressive silence, heard only noise from waving over the fort the British flag ... bell, grave, chests ... Highly recommend to fans of creativity G.F Lovecraft - the atmosphere of the game is very similar to his works. Minimalism and atmosphere bated danger. Graphics and especially sound - gorgeous. Color is recommended to change from black and white to pale color. On the mechanics of shooting and gameplay are no comments. The game turned out beautiful and addictive. Advise.


Perfect stealth game.

Suppression555 | Aug. 13, 2014 | Review of Deus Ex Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut - PC

"If you want to make enemies, try to change something ..." pros: + The story raises many adult themes, and the final movie definitely force to reflect + Style game allows to immerse your head in the game, everything worked out to the smallest detail around from conventional diaries and room facilities, explore the world of really interesting + Large branched levels, there are always several ways to get to the goal + The game does not dictate the style of passing, we can do whatever you like, it all depends on the preference of the player + Chic atmospheric soundtrack cons: - Outdated graphics part of the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution adult clever game in the style of cyberpunk, with more detailed world, with different possibilities of action, with the dialogue, some of which are similar to the present psychological testing and many, many others. Effect of immersion is so strong that at some point you might think, and that if we are waiting for a future with all these implants and their problems? Who knows ...


It is a masterpiece, it's The Walking Dead!

Suppression555 | Aug. 11, 2014 | Review of The Walking Dead - PC

"I have very little of you know people, but I can definitely tell you, if you all will be the same as now, your little girl will not last long. "© 3 times pass, and I swear not lost interest. The main feature of the universe of "The Walking" have always been emotional, interesting and memorable characters and, of course, fatal changes in the fate of the characters. And all this in the best light is revealed in each of the five episodes. A small section of the criminal's life Lee Everett and restless girl Clementine was so eventful that echoes their long remain in our memory. We sympathized, hoping for a happy ending and all the while holding my breath, walked with heroes together on the fragments of the civilized world. Pleased, sad, horrified, and even cry with virtual people - probably someone does seem strange, but that is how time passes for "walking." The game is a masterpiece - because the drama, because that setting, because the plot, because the dialogue because - movie. The Walking Dead proves that good, intelligent cine story can be written for the interactive art form and at the same time to take the soul of millions of players around the world. 10 out of 10 bites.


Days of zombies is beginning.

Suppression555 | Aug. 11, 2014 | Review of Left 4 Dead - PC

You never know what you will bring a new day. In a "perfect" time, all your everyday life, you are taking, as given can fly to the devil, and you really have to fight for their lives and the lives of their teammates. Good opportunity once again to make sure that any human error or negligence, can really be the end of the World.


I have been waiting it sooo long.

Suppression555 | July 15, 2014 | Review of Kings Bounty Dark Side (1) - PC

King's Bounty returned! It's fifth game in this awesome series. It met all my expectations. I couldnt stop to play this game. I have been playing and playing, from morning till evening. Oh. I got so much satisfaction. Story, humor, music, picture is perfect.I liked new quests and units. New abilities and companions. Thats all I needed in this game since KB WOTN. It's game a masterpiece for me. Everyone has to try it.