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Inventive look at the other side

Sverei | Nov. 11, 2013 | Review of Majesty Gold - PC

Most of us has played lots of games where you are the adventurer who seeks fame and glory, killing monsters and buying new gear with all your loot. In this game however the roles are different, now it is you who rule the kingdom; infested with ravenous beast ready to rip your subjects apart. Now you must build a town that adventurers from far and wide would like to lend their services to and you must make sure that the everything from shops to inns are in perfect order. The adventurers do not take orders from anyone, however by utilising your wealth you can "encourage" would be heroes to fight in your name through bounties and exploration flags. There is a full campaing with increasingly difficult lands to conquer but it is ut to you to unite the lands under your control. Beware though, that this is an older game and as such controls can be difficult to grasp at first and requires some patience before you get rolling.