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2 out of 2 for Telltale Games!

Swesse | Oct. 24, 2013 | Review of The Wolf Among Us - PC

Last year, Telltale Games proved in their episodic adventure "The Walking Dead" that they were something out of the ordinary when it comes to storytelling and immersion. With "The Wolf Among Us", they have yet again proven that they indeed are unprecedented when it comes to pulling us into the world, taking us on an emotional rollencoaster wrapped up in an original and interesting story. In The Wolf Among Us, we start out in a gritty and decadent New York neighbourhood that the inhabitants call Fabletown. The reason for this name is that it acts as a ghetto for fables, protected from the outside world's interest by spells from the witches. Indeed this is the very same fables that we all have read during our childhood - from The Wind in the Willows to Snow White and Humpty Dumpty. While the story of the abovementioned characters were warm and cheerful, The Wolf Among Us takes place after "the exodus" - where the fables were driven from their lands. We play as Wolf Bigby, formerly known as "The Big Bad Wolf", who tries to redeem the infamy gained by his older ways, while working as the sheriff of Fabletown. Along with Snow White, now divorced after Prince Charming cheated on her, Wolf Bigby is put to the test when murder occurs. And the only way to solve the crime is by you, the player, to make the right choices and find the right information in this QTE ridden point-and-click adventure that is sure to captivate you, leaving you yearning for the next episode to come out!