Reviews by Swishiest


A truly open world sandbow RPG!

Swishiest | Nov. 7, 2013 | Review of Mount Blade Warband Steam - PC

This game may not have the breathtaking graphics of others and it may be surprisingly limited in it's scope, but the hours you can sink into it, trying to become King of the land or whatever you so choose, are well worth the out of date graphics. You start off as an adventurer, male or female, outside of one of the major cities in Calradia, the world of Mount & Blade. And this world is yours to explore and live in. Perhaps you will become a bandit, raiding caravans and pillaging villages for your profit. Or maybe a merchant travelling to all the cities selling your goods. Or maybe you aspire to become King of your own Empire. All of this is possible though it can take tons of time, the world moves slowly and money isn't always easy to come buy. Truly though, the wealth of this game lies in the mods available. Ranging from fantasy and history to graphics and gameplay, there isn't one aspect that hasn't been touched by the mod community. In one game I can explore the Roman Empire and then effortlessly switch to the 1800's and use muskets. There is also a multiplayer component that can be quite frustrating but quite fun at the same time. There's few things like storming a castle with your friends or fighting to the death in an epic one versus one fight. This is an amazing game.


Lovely little game!

Swishiest | Nov. 7, 2013 | Review of Reus - PC

This game, while seemingly simplistic is quite marvellous. You control 4 giants in charge of taking care of a world. You must give humans a place to settle and then help them thrive through each of your giants unique abilities. Again, seems simple enough. You control food, science, wealth and danger to help your human towns grow and accomplish new feats. Though if you aren't careful the humans will become greedy and fight one another, or even try to kill one of your giants. The art style is really quite pleasant and it fits the mood. The giants themselves feel alive and watching the people gather food or what have you is a fun distraction. Beware though as not paying enough attention can lead to ruin! Overall a very fun little game, it may not change the way you view the world but it may make your world a bit brighter.