Reviews by Syco9933


Good season pass for an awesome game

Syco9933 | Jan. 6, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Season Pass - PC

This Season pass gave me 2 DLCs the time I wrote this. I have played both and loved them to my very heart. Again base game had awesome stuff so does this! Characters, Weapons, Loot, Bosses, Storyline. It extends all of it! All Borderlands player should buy this, End of story.


Good game for FPS-fans

Syco9933 | Jan. 6, 2013 | Review of Far Cry 3 - PC

Far cry 3 is an FPS that offers direct assault with guns, Stealthy big knife, and far away longbow, And with all this 3 different skill trees. The gameplay is very fun, you can do main mission, side missions, hunt animals for the best items. One of the best parts is the Open world for me. However, even if I enjoyed this game through the full story. I dont like the story, It always reminds me of crappy drama shows. And the action badass characters is the enemies which was a let down because you didnt see enough of them to hear thier awesome lines. The "Boss fights" are only chain quick time events which I hate. But I got used to it since it werent so many of them. I liked to play the story but only to find out what happend, Except that I didnt like the story and that is a huge deal-breaker for me. So not one of the favorites. If you gonna buy it, Do it for the gameplay and awesome graphics!


Totally an upgrade of the first one!

Syco9933 | Jan. 6, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 post - PC

Borderlands 2 is complete superior to the original Borderlands. By this I mean its freaking amazing, Easy one of the best in 2012 releases. It have alot of varity in playstyle with the options available. They nailed it with the storyline making it all about you, While also have alot of interesting characters to do missions for. It offers 4 classes (5 with DLC) which all have different playstyles for making you feel unique. The game feels smooth with short loading screens and have the BEST pc port ever. If this isn't enough, You can do it in Co-op with your friends! Get your friends, Activate your strategy buttons and go berserk!


Old arena gamestyle, with a twist

Syco9933 | May 14, 2012 | Review of Nexuiz - PC

Nexuiz is the next arena shooter. it could compared to quake but in my opinion, its better. This game got the stuff, beside from just killing each other theres alot of mutations around that can turn the game around. You pick up a mutation-selection and get to chose from 3 different mutation to fit the one you need right now, ex upgrade a weapon for certain time which makes you deadly and can rack up kills fast. This game is awesome because you can play ranked and try be the best show-off, Or you can play custom matches which you can adapt for just your special server by turning stuff on/off. This is fun even if you're not playing with your friends and i would recommend this to any quake player because its a old arena gamestyle, with a twist. I bought this on release and im happy i did.


Great game to play co-op on.

Syco9933 | March 26, 2012 | Review of Borderlands Game of the Year Edition - PC

Borderlands offers RPG elements and FPS shooting to the max. You might not be able to have dialogs with npcs like other RPG games but that is whats so great about it, Take quest, go do it, turn in and go for the next one. It offers lots of guns so you bet you'll find one to fit your playstyle. In single player this is a great experience but for maximum experience i'd recommend to play this multiplayer-style. The world is huge and the gameplay is fast and with the dlc's it makes the game even more great.