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A Solid God Game

Sylvir | Sept. 1, 2013 | Review of Reus - PC

Reus isn't, well, godly, but it does a pretty good job of putting you in the position of the almighty who rules over a planet full of humans and decides their fates. That being said, humans aren't on that planet to begin with. You choose a planet and an "era" which lasts either 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and an unlockable 120 minutes before you go to work and in that time you try and make your little planet as prosperous as possible. That's where I ran into some problems: You've heard it before, but the giants are slow. Not enough to ruin the game flow, but just irritating enough so that you wish there was a skill point system to upgrade movement speed and not just a simplistic one made for unlocking new skills. The planet itself is tiny. It makes more sense to focus on maybe two or three towns so that you can utilize what space you have, but you need all four types so you can unlock all of the giants' skills. That being said, its also a pain to stop other nomads from settling down on land you were hoping your existing village would settle on. Those problems aside, Reus is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon and you'll likely find yourself completing several eras before you know it. The achievements aren't impossible and there are quite a few of them (123, to be exact) so you'll be encouraged to play God for quite some time. It's fun to mix and match resources to get the most out of your towns and even more fun to watch villagers go to war once one or more becomes too powerful. Definitely worth the $10 price tag, so if it goes on sale again, you should invest without hesitation!