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Amazing arcade combat racer!

T0MMY3688 | Aug. 26, 2014 | Review of Gas Guzzlers Extreme

If someone ask whats the best racing game of 2013, it is definitely Gas Guzzlers Extreme to me

The career is filled with 3 game type at the start, power race which is like normal races with no weapons (is boring), battle race which let you use guns (great fun!) and there is knockout race where the last racer gets eliminated every lap or you can blow up your oppenent to get them out of the race (this is pretty challenging). Later in the game has last man standing which is like a demolition derby from FlatOut but with guns! There is a death match mode as well in tier 3 where the first person to score 10 kills wins the match. In both Last Man Standing and Deathmatch mode, the player start with no weapon but they always have a random weapon for you to pick up in front of you. You can pick multiple weapons and swap between them in this game modes. After a few wins in a row, you'll be given a sponsor livery for you to put on your car, having the livery installed on your car will grant you additional cash and when there is a sponsor event you'll be invited to race in it. I only went through 1 sponsor event (I prefer the custom livery than the sponsor livery but it seems like you need sponsor livery to unlock sponsor event), it is a team race. It is simple, keep your team in front and stop/blow up your enemy when they try to take your team's lead. The other event I saw is a team death match, there is a total of 3 teams in the match and the first team to get 30 kills wins the match. Sponsor events brings a lot more cash than the usual races.

For the career mode, there isn't a fixed career structure. You can play the entire tier until the tournament unlocked by playing power race only if you want, the game dont force you to race a specific race mode that you may dislike, the only time it forces you to play through a specific race mode is in the tournament, you have to play each mode once. You progress the game career by climbing a leaderboard, the tournament is unlocked once you reach the first position of the leaderboard, the game dont force you to enter the tournament either, you can continue earning money for your upgrades even after you unlock the tournament. The AIs in the game is challenging, they are fast and it is definitely better than the typical NFS games AI, there are about 6 difficulty setting in the game.

The tracks are great, large wide tracks with a lot of room to run and dodge the bullets and there are some which are tighter and more twisty tracks which is much more challenging. The cars drives pretty well, not the best driving physic since all the cars feels the same but it is still fun. The weapons variety is great, it ranges from shotguns, machine gun, mini gun, rocket launcher, grenade launcher, gauss rifle and homing missles.

I'll recommend anyone to this game if they are looking for a great arcade combat racer.


Average racer and definitely not a proper sequel to GRID 1

T0MMY3688 | June 15, 2014 | Review of GRID 2 Reloaded

GRID 2 is not a great racer back when it first release, the lack of race discipline variety, road car focus, average driving physic and weak track selection really kills the game. The driving physic in the game is more to the arcade side (more than GRID 1), the tail of the car is constantly out even the GT3 cars cant really take a corner steadily. The game modes included in GRID 2 are Live Route, Endurance, Time Attack, Race, Elimination, Touge, Face Off and Drift.

Even with all DLCs, the game still feels empty in comparison to GRID 1. The DLCs adds 2 new tracks which is Spa and Bathurst, the DLCs tracks are great but 2 great tracks cant really save the poor tracks selection from the base game. As for the DLC cars, the AIs wont use them. You will always be the only driver driving it and there are a few weird car classing for the DLC cars. For example the Ford Sierra is class with the modern Volvo S60 for some reason. The drift cars can be used in normal racing mode but those cars lack of top speed. Another example is the Tier 3 cars, the Ariel Atom and Caterham SP300R could easily outrun the typical supercars like Aston Martin Vanquish and Mclaren 12C.

I suggest getting GRID 1 will be a better choice, it may be old but it plays a lot better. GRID 2 will be suitable for you if you dont mind the drifty driving physics.