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Great Addition to the Call of Duty Franchise

THE3DDUNK | Feb. 2, 2013 | Review of Call of Duty Black Ops - PC

Black Ops is a great addition to the Call of Duty franchise, the guns are good, the equipment is good, and the maps are good. The game plays well for PC, and there are also some mods out there that you can spend some of your spare time in when you are not ranking up on multiplayer mode. The singleplayer has a great story, and is what I believe is one of the best campaigns in Call of Duty history. Zombies mode is also returning in World at War and is as better as ever. With a 3 maps to choose from, you will be playing a bunch of zombies trying to top your or your friends high score. The downside to the game though is that the maps are bland, and not very colored, and the story might get a bit boring at times to some players. Overall, the game is great and will not get old in a while for most, so what are you waiting for? Grab you copy and hop into one of the three game modes!


Great game, plus DayZ

THE3DDUNK | Feb. 2, 2013 | Review of ARMA II Combined Operations - PC

Arma 2: Combined Operations is a great game, it comes with Arma 2, and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead. The game has good graphics, but can be a little tricky if you are new to PC gaming because of all the buttons to press. You can also download DayZ with it, which is a amazing zombie mod that is hard to stay away from. Overall, I would say it is a 85.


Another Borderlands 2 DLC, Not to Disappoint!

THE3DDUNK | Jan. 23, 2013 | Review of Borderlands 2 Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt - PC

The new Borderlands 2 DLC, Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt, features you and one of the most beloved characters of Borderlands 2, Sir Hammerlock himself! He invites you with him on a hunting trip in the wild, you gladly accept of course! The 3rd DLC to come to Borderlands 2 has got to be one of the best, if not the best. It includes more missions for you play through, though there is no level cap increase to many's disappointment. It also includes a new vehicle, the fan boat, which includes more skins that you can unlock and use for it! The graphics are the same Borderlands 2 type graphics that we have came to expect, though these are really good looking. With all of the entertainment and extra play time you will receive for 10$, or included with your Borderlands 2 Season Pass. If you have enjoyed the past Borderlands 2 DLCs, this one is sure not to disappoint. So why are you still reading my review? Buy the game and hop on the Co-op with your friends!


A Fun Place to Spend a Little Time

THE3DDUNK | Dec. 17, 2012 | Review of Borderlands 2 Creature Slaughterdome - PC

The creature slaughter dome is a fun place to spend a hour or two, but overall doesn't have much play time in it when there are so many other things you can be doing in the game. But while the fun last it is a fun place to spend a little time and to get Moxxi's Rocket Launcher. Overal it is fun, but if you didn't like the Circle of Slaughter at the Fridge, then you won't be finding too much enjoyment in the Creature Slaughter Dome.



THE3DDUNK | Oct. 28, 2012 | Review of Dishonored - PC

Dishonored is a amazing game that lets you play however you want. You can go the whole game without killing anything, or you can go down the streets of Dunwall reeking havoc on anything that steps in your way. While Dishonored is a great game and does everything well, the campaign can run a little bit short for those expecting a longer story. The game does have great replay ability though, as there are many different paths to take in every level, which can add on to the play time. Even if the campaign does run short, that doesn't stop this game from being one of the best games of the fall that many will enjoy.