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A beautiful game.

THeTominater95 | Aug. 10, 2014 | Review of Bastion Steam - PC

As the above states bastion is a beautiful game with lovely art, backgrounds, character design... Every visual element is sumptuous and gorgeous. Fighting is difficult at times, I played through on normal with a higher and lower difficulty available, not really in the storyline parts but additional challenge-room-esque parts I was unable to progress. But still gameplay is fun and varied. The famous narration! Your actions are narrated by what initially seems an omniscient narrator which is an interesting gimmick that allowed you never to really feel alone and actions to be purposeful. I hope this is one element other games adapt. Story wise this game is weaker. Not that it's a bad one but compared to how excellently characters, background information of the world and the afore-spoken challenge-rooms provide further character details are implemented .... it's just there neither detracting from or augmenting the over-all experience. So an 85 for a wonderful experience. I just feel it simply can't be raised any higher without some impact on the player, through storyline or otherwise.