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Hours of fun encountered

TL_ARMY | Nov. 7, 2013 | Review of Space Engineers - PC

This game is just so brilliant! Even trailer made me excited of this game. Those physics and damage systems are just great. I love how those ships blow apart in space and their debris just fly away. And making your very own space station, and you're the commander of it. There are some things to add like generator exploding. Sharing those huge shuttles on Steam Workshop sounds great and if multiplayer support comes, let me know first! I have been wondering how they got multiple astronauts to scenes. Sure there are some bugs but they don't really bother player's thinking. I saw my friend playing this and even he says that this game is great! God I'd like to have this game and just build gigantic ships, so don't waste time reading these reviews, just press that "Buy now" button and you will have hours of fun playing this masterpiece of space games. I see that this game has great future here and on Steam. I wish you luck; On space!